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  1. In object mode press W -> clear all restricted render. That will make all objects visible in the render. Also you can select and object and hit Ctrl + Alt + H to unrestrict render on the selected object
  2. Try following :In object mode press W --- clear all restricted render. That will make all objects visible in the render. Also, you can select an object and h..
  3. Render shows nothing? steamiya (steamiya) April 23, 2018, 1:16am #1. I havn't had this problem before: The camera is 'tracked to contraint' on my mesh. but when I render it it shows just the blue background that is the default world background. I havn't changed anything on the settings, i just don't understand what could've happened
  4. I am new to blender and I am following Blender Guru's donut (beginner) tutorial. I am having problem in compositing tab. When I do render and switch to compositing tab, the rendered image is not shown in Render Layers node. I tried searching online for solution but most of them were for blender 2.7
  5. In this case Render Layers and a Composite node. $\endgroup$ - Jachym Michal Dec 29 '20 at 18:04 Blender Composition not showing image. Related. 3. Viewer node in compositing doesn't show anything. 0. I'm trying to use the denoise function, but the nodes aren't showing up on the render layers
  6. Blender Artists is an online creative forum that is dedicated to the growth and education of the 3D software Blender. I'm rendering 2 objects that are parented. 1 of the objects is not showing up in the final render, but it is showing up in the quick preview render

Blender renders black frames If your final render seems to progress correctly as it renders but turns black once it finishes, it is probably because you have compositing nodes that are not connected correctly to the final composite node Look in Scene settings to see which is the active camera. Does you camera or model have any animation keyframes that change its location. Do you have anything loaded in the video editor or compositor window by mistake and still have the 'Sequence' and 'Composite' options ticked in the Render / Post Processing panel It's not like rendered scene is glitching, it will actually show the scene perfectly fine when it's rendering block by block, and it shows the model perfectly fine, but as soon as its done, the entire image is erased and replaced with a zoomed-in piece of the texture png being used by the character. No scene, no 3D model, just a section of. Re: ProRender for blender Rendering not showing anything, [pc, windows 10, all drivers up to date and my machine meets the system requirements] but it is giving error, Check Log for details please help fix this If you go to the Window menu -> Show System Console it should give the error there. Can you copy that here? 0 Kudo

You have movie strip in the video sequence editor and Blender skips the scene and compositor because of that. Both compositing and sequencer are post-processing steps, and you would have to use scene strip in the VSE to get the scene rendered. Similarly, if you don't include render layer node in the compositor, it will skip rendering the scene Hi, I am a pretty new Blender and trying to learn the Compositor. When I switch to the Compositor, click Use Nodes, I am not getting any image to show up from my Render Layers input. I have rendered my image, I have experimented with using different render layers, and several render layer inputs, but still I get nothing. If I start a brand new project with the default cube, render, and switch. I really don't know for sure. I'm a Maya guy. 1. Add a Poly Plane, kinda wide and make it curve up like a ramp. Put 3 Spheres in the center of that view. so you can see them clearly from the FRONT view. 2. Add a Camera. Make sure i'ts pointing to. So where failure is to render one image. Looking on google: I found the problem in own Wiki. Blender is not like other 3D editors, is the only one NO SAVE renders automatically after finishing. According to the WIKI to save images, do rendering with F12, when render is finished press F3 to save the image

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  1. Further investigation shows the problem is not with keyframe animation but with physics not getting baked before rendering. I can't find anything in the new UI that lets me inspect or control that. An updated Animation test file is attached which demonstrated the problem. Animation_test_3.8b.blend 663 KB Download
  2. I don't know whether this helps. Just try it. Steps: Create a light. Make a mesh similar to that light. Parent the light to the mesh. Give some emission to the mesh based on the watts of light. Now the mesh acts as light and in render, you will be able to see it. MartyParty November 19, 2020, 10:41pm #14
  3. Short description of error: If I add one material and/or texture to an object, it'll show up on the object in the viewport and render. Any additional materials/textures applied to faces of that same object will appear as transparent in all views of the viewport, will render transparent in Eevee, but will render out normally in Cycles
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  5. The dropdown in the top middle of the screen has Blender Render and Blender Game but not Cycles Render like in the video. Digging a bit deeper there is a File > User Preferences window that has a tab Addons. If you click on the Categories > Enabled a box shows up for Missing script files cycles. Can someone make a suggestion
  6. This does not occur when using F12 to render, only when in viewport. This occurs when rendering anything, including a basic cube. Blender displays Loading render kernels for a period of time before closing with no error message. Running it via the console shows an LLVM error

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2 Answers2. If you go to the properties menu (Shift-F7), and then click on the materials tab, there you should check the 'shadeless' box. Go to the properties menu (SHIFT + F7) and change the emit value under the shading category to a value in the range 0 and 1. Then gradually change this emit value to get expected shading of the object In that case, it's not limited by png alpha channel, but by eevee that don't include bloom in render, but blender can render png 8bit alpha channel. And the issue is the same with EXR. CaesarBR January 18, 2019, 12:47am #21. A gift for a flower: next page →.

I am new to blender. I am using windows 10 hello & blender 2.82. After opening blender, a popup came & I clicked general then I deleted the cube & add monkey head. then applied quick smoke & playing it but can't see any smoke. I saw in settings it was set gas in domain & it was set to smoke inflow. changed the resolution 64 to 150 then also I can't see any smoke( light is on). Don. This all worked. But on my project, Cycles just sits, appearing that it is rendering a frame. I left it to render overnight and it showed that it was on the second pass but nothing was showing up as rendered. If there are some settings in Eevee that will not render in Cycles, is there some way for Blender to check this before someone starts a.

The first one is that the object could have been disabled for rendering. The second option is that a particle system is attached to the object and that it is set to not render the emitter. To check if an object is disabled for rendering, go to the outliner, and find the filter icon in the header. Check the camera icon https://goo.gl/1nufpL -- Polity by Lakhmikant Englishhttp://amzn.to/2tnnKE9 -- Polity by Lakhmikant Hindihttp://amzn.to/2twxrhZ -- CG SAMANYA GYAN Hindihttp.. Showing results for after update to 20.11.3 Blender does not render objects RX 570 (4GB) ARMOR I have the same problem. After 20.11.3 Blender can't render any objects. They are invisible. Even 20.12.1 update didn't fix anything. I work as a 3D artist and because of this my work suffers! Cycles render. 0 Likes Share. Reply Yes, but it's a fluid material (glass/glossy mix with a volume shader). I double-checked that render Surfaces was checked, and then turned down the Alpha threshold to 0.08, and it's still rendering blank. Both the emitter object and the duplicate object have been made visible to render. 1

Blender Cloud Rendering: Cloud- Based CPU/GPU Rendering for Blender - GPU Nodes: 2/6/12x RTX 3090/3080/2080Ti. iRender CPU/GPU Render Farm: 1000++ CPU Xeon Servers- Rendering wait time becomes your creative time. iRender, Powerful GPU-Acceleration render farm supporting Blender projects with Cycles, Eevee, LuxCoreRender and More Hello, I mad a liquid sim with an inflow and domain. The particles show up in the preview, but when I render it nothing appears accept the cube. Do I have to texture the liquid? What am I missing? Any help would be great. Edit: I'm attempting to bake all and see of that does anything. Someone else said to bake the mesh first, but it was grayed out New to blender. Still figuring out the basics. I know that texture paint mapping requires the internal blender rendering, i followed tutorials and was able to get a decent start to having multiple textures and bump mapping on the same plane that blend instead of creating a bunch of parts that have hard lines

I think I know what you mean, once a upon a time, the render would produce a render view in or around the 3D viewer embedded in the workspace, now it pop's up a new window when you try to render anything. There used to be a toggle you could set to either have it render in the UI or pop up the new window Render Passes that produce Images can be directly viewed in a viewer, or, if they are the only pass that is rendered, saved as the render image. If the pass is enabled, it can be saved in a multi-layer OpenEXR format. If the Render Pass output is not an image but is a map, it needs to be translated into something that we can see Not exactly the same issue (AMD RX 460 2GB, drivers 20.9.2): If the scene is extremely simple, like the default cube, after waiting for loading render kernels (if I do anything* during this message Blender crashes) the scene does render. It's slower than just the CPU, but it renders, and I can move the camera without causing a crash The fix lives in the alpha 2.82 Blender, available as an experimental download (daily build), but not in the recently released 2.81 Blender. Take a look at T71255 and check whether the blender files that are not rendering for you involve resized objects. If so, this issue of yours is probably a recurrance of that bug

I tested the blend files on a laptop running Ubuntu Studio and the files render correctly: video and audio. I've tried comparing dependencies on both machines, but decided that wouldn't show me anything as the Blender version from repos on Ubuntu is 2.83, and the 2.92 that's available is a SNAP version Currently, when I try render out an animation with AN (2 node trees), even with the update on Auto, Always, Per Frame change, the update doesn't happen during a Render Animation to file. Each frame comes out with no AN activity, neither in Eevee and Cycles. I'm using Blender 2.8 Beta, and AN 2.1 for 2.8, python Re: after update to 20.11.3 Blender does not render objects. Just installed AMD 21.2.3. I am still using Blender 2.93 Alpha. Blender now renders the objects. Conclusion: AMD made changes to the latest release, NOT the Blender developers. Since I am using an Alpha version I cannot verify that all Blender functions work with the new AMD release Go to the Render tab > Film section > Check 'Transparent. Step 4. Render it. Don't be surprised if you only see one part of your scene like above. It's actually all there, blender is just showing only one finished render layer. In the next step we'll composite them together. Step 5

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The final combination of render passes with everything included. Z. Distance to any visible surfaces. Note. The Z pass only uses one sample. When depth values need to be blended in case of motion blur or Depth of Field, use the mist pass. Mist. Distance to visible surfaces, mapped to the 0.0 - 1.0 range. When enabled, settings are in World tab It actually doesn't matter that much! When you apply a modifier it becomes intregreated with it, so you cannot change it or modify it afterwards. So ultimately when you add a modifier in the modifier stack it can be disabled or enabled in the view..

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Part 1 - Render a Background Image Using Blender 2.8. 1. In the Outliner panel click on the camera object to select it. 2. In the Properties panel click on the camera properties to select it. 3. Select the checkbox for Background Images, then click on the Add Image button. 4 GPU Rendering¶. GPU rendering makes it possible to use your graphics card for rendering, instead of the CPU. This can speed up rendering because modern GPUs are designed to do quite a lot of number crunching. On the other hand, they also have some limitations in rendering complex scenes, due to more limited memory, and issues with interactivity when using the same graphics card for display. Crashes¶. The most common causes of Blender crashes: Running out of memory. Issues with graphics hardware or drivers. Bugs in Blender. Firstly, you may be able to recover your work with File ‣ Recover ‣ Auto Save.. To prevent the problem from happening again, you can check that the graphics drivers are up to date (Graphics Hardware), upgrade your machine's hardware (the RAM or. Cycles does not show the hair at all... Not using a texture as a color source, instead using the color native to the HairBSDF, I find that the hair is wholly desaturated in Cycles, but is present in an F12/viewport render. I did not try a color texture as you did, and did not get a bald head. Switching to Eevee - they hair shows but only in.

Make a simple scene, and render. You may notice something in the rendered image. Look at the nodes. Your image passed through the Render Layers node, through node(s) and into the Composite node. Andrew Price from Blender Guru Describes compositing as a food factory. The rendered image will come from the render layers node, get processed in. Cycles X. April 23rd, 2021. General Development. brecht. Today it's been exactly 10 years since Cycles was announced. In the past decade Cycles has developed into a full-fledged production renderer, used by many artists and studios. We learned a lot in those 10 years, things that worked well, but also things that didn't work well, or became. Note: The plugin only works for Blender versions 2.79 and 2.80. I have tried it myself in version 2.83 but it does not work at the moment. Once we have downloaded all necessary files, we will open Blender and click on Edit > Preferences and locate the button install in the Add-ons option from the menu

Okay guys. So that is how we can fix bevel modifier in Blender. If you want to learn Blender from scratch, and master all of the in-depth 3D skills, in the shortest time possible. Then you should join my Udemy course Blender 3D from zero to hero. The link is in the description below. And as always, subscribe to my channel, share the video Approximate time taken to finish render: < 1 day for a still frame. Although I'm not sure about this as I've only used this once. Pros: Quicker rendering times, fully transparent in that it blends in with Blender as if it was part of its interface. Cons: Too many limitations for free users. I see this being useful for enterprises and. *NEW*Texture cache settings with user-specified folder to cache textures for rendering. Utility for baking to textures Blender® nodes that Radeon™ ProRender does not translate natively. Support for Blender® Mix Node blend modes:overlay, lighten, screen, linear light, and soft light. RPR Layered Texture node for blending up to 8 textures in a single node With the release of Blender 2.93, the 2.X era comes to an end. Considering Blender 2.0 released in August 2000, you could say that this moment is a bit special. It'd be a true understatement to say that the software has come a long way in all of that time, so let's honor the final major 2.X.. Rendered. An accurate representation using the selected Render Engine and lit with the visible scene lights. Except for Rendered, these shading modes are not dependent on light sources in the scene. Instead they use a simple default lighting adjusted by the Solid OpenGL Lights controls on the System tab of the User Preferences editor

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Pose Library v2.0. May 21st, 2021. Animation/Rigging. dr. Sybren. Blender 3.0 will ship with a new Pose Library system. It is the first practical extension of the Asset Browser, also introduced in Blender 3.0. This blog post will show off the new system, and compare it with the existing pose library I've searched endlessly for an answer to this question. However, I have created a model in Blender and export it as a .FBX directly into Unity. But the textures I have applied in Blender do not render in Unity (Even in the preview screen). I have UV Unwrapped the model, and created a custom texture pattern to suit Render from external blend files (and add them in bulk too) Setup a different GPU for each job, the CPU or all devices. Run a shell command before and after rendering (for both the batch and each render job) But you are not limited to the options in the GUI. The Custom Overrides tab lets you modify anything in the blendfile for each render job But we also use a lot more calculations and rendering of a frame takes much longer than in Eevee. In Eevee it is not uncommon to use additional lamp objects to fake the indirect light instead of baking the indirect light with an irradiance volume. Lighting with lamp objects. The most common way of lighting in Blender is through using light objects Blender tutorial for beginners! The long awaited reboot of the popular donut tutorial, completely remade for Blender 2.8x. New videos will be uploaded every.

This Blender Liquid and Glass Materials Tutorial covers all kind of techniques how to create unique materials and render them inside Blender. Blender is a huge and very diverse software. It allows for creating most different objects, characters and scenes. One of the most common things that people want to create in Blender is translucent materials. . There is no clear way to create one and it. I had a blender freelancer create 4 3d models in blender and when I use the sneakPeak I don't get anything but a partial shape. If I export it using verge3d Gltf or std gltf I get a weird white image with the model showing about 1/4 of it but not all the parts are there. If I export it as a fbx file same issues Fitting Blender into a compositing pipeline (Nuke, EXR workflow) is surprisingly easy. Layer render rendering, and the ease of setting up Blender have made it pretty fast for passing around assets between artists and vendors. We also have a custom procedure and PBR shader setup for working with materials out of Substance Painter in Blender I've this small quick project with big complex model, it's a steam train with lots of mechanical parts, close to the real thing as best as I can make just by looking at references photo. I need to render it for a few moving shots in cel shade+outlines. I have made sure the meshes are without subdivs or bevels (locking edges). I didn't do anything fancy other than 'mark sharp'

Not to mention blender internal did what Eevee does but on a much slower level. It just made sense to dump the internal, it is a big chunk of code to keep updated. I have never seen blender internal render that looked realistic, Cycles takes care of that part. The game engine is returning to Blender, with nodes and mostly rewritten from the. When the 3990X dropped in February of this year, it certainly landed with a thud. But is it a good purchase for rendering? Is that even a sane question when its clear its faster than anything else out there CPU-wise right now? Assuming you're thinking about purchasing either a new workstation, or perhaps even building a render farm. After crunching numbers, I have some insights I'd love to.

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Myth 2: You can't do professional interior renderings in Blender. The truth: That's one of the biggest lies of the 3D industry. Just look at the images from the Chocofur User Gallery, created by other Artists. Blender is not only more than capable when it comes to photorealistic renderings Nowadays, there are so many products of blender render not showing anything in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one.You have searched for blender render not showing anything in many merchants, compared about products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them. You are in RIGHT PLACE. Here are some of [

Now, I can get the model into blender, I can get the correct wheels and the parts correct, but the materials... dear god the materials... It's bad enough that it took me over 2 hours just to get the glass to be transparent instead of it completely not showing anything on the other side of the glass (i had to parent the glass to the body mesh to. To render a file awesome-animation.blend, use the following steps. We assume you have already installed, enabled, and set up the Blender Cloud add-on (if not, see above). Open awesome-animation.blend in Blender. Set the render options to render individual images, and not video files. Set the Flamenco options (details are described below)

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Have to ask: - Different how? In theory, the rendered export will be higher quality and smoother than the editing preview. There will always be a trade-off in quality during editing. If your computer is really powerful and capable of smoothly runn.. In Blender you need to turn-on the face-normal overlay. You'll see that each polygon will have a blue line coming out of one side or the other (That's the face normal). The side of the polygon that has the blue line is the side that Unity will render. So if it's on the wrong side, select the quad and flip the normal A little known feature is Blender is the ability to render in 360 degrees. Recently I tried to find a tutorial on doing this and only found one short article on doing so. So I decided I would give. The Radeon Pro Render is the same Render-Engines as the Pro Render which comes with Cinema 4D. It is a Ray tracing Engine Developed by AMD. The only reason for its existence is, that it is the only GPU Render-Engines that work on Mac. This is also the reason the new Mac Pro gets advertised by rendering 6.8 times fast AMDs Pro Render I can no longer bake textures in Blender. First I discovered that when I tried to bake a brick texture to a mesh, as I had done many times before, including to this same mesh, the brick texture disappeared and was replaced by some AO texture, Now I am trying to bake the eaves of a roof, but it is..

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Congratulations to our FGT Art May Winner - Anahad Kashyap, a young freelance artist who is proficient in Blender regarding modelling, animating, and rendering.Anahad's award-winning artwork Ignore, made by Blender and Mixamo, is interesting and lovely, showing a cute story about a little bulb EMMYS 2018 Live. The opening house look, created with artist Nacho Cruje, combined both Cycles and EEVEE: The primary look of the text and its shading came from Cycles and the introduction shadow animation was rendered in EEVEE. Later, the gleams and moving slanted glass piece were added in After Effects. Most of the trophy looks (many created.

Joel Adams (Iridesium) runs through another effects-laden tutorial, showing how you can destroy anything in Blender using particles. When making an action sequence, you might need to destroy a whole bunch of things quickly.. Adams says. In this tutorial, Adams looks at one of the fastest ways to break an object Blender for Architectural Visualization. There are few valid arguments against giving Blender a try. The free, open-source 3D modeling, rendering, and visualization powerhouse has proven time and time again it is every bit as competent a piece of software as the likes of vRay, 3DS Max, Maxwell, and others. It continues to show the world what. One thing Blender also -really- needs is a workflow redesign that allows multiple rendering AS a node, which could be multiple passes (I.e. Portal effect with two cams rendering out then composited)or integrating different renderes. also, being able to pull a video file into the locked camera/matte like most of the big budget apps could give. At the beginning of this week, we shared an impressive scene made in the upcoming Blender 2.8, showing a toilet scene in Eevee. The real-time render engine of Blender 2.8 is one of the highlights of the new version. Based on that scene, some readers went to the Blender Builder page to get an experimental

To expand on that: you can actually render an image at lets say 100 samples and get a result. If u render the same image with a different seed at another 100 samples u will get a somewhat similar (not identical) result. Mixing these images 50-50 you wil get an image that has the precision of a 200 sample image. They actually stack 900x400mm Deskmat. First up, let me preface this by saying... I am a total novice at anything 3D let alone rendering. At this point i've been using Fusion for maybe 2 weeks and Blender for just over a month so don't take anything i'm saying as being the correct way Applying Realism Through High Dynamic Range Images. Quick Steps To Lighting Your Blender Scene with HDRI. Step 1: Using Cycles Render Engine On Blender. Step 2: Using Nodes To Apply 360° HDRI Map As Background. Setting up background image using Blender nodes. Step 3: Adding Materials To Object The world's fastest and most feature-rich unbiased Octane render engine 2020.1.5 that integrates completely with Blender 2.83. This is the first release of OctaneRender™ for Blender® 2020 for Blender® 2.83 is available for the first time on Octane's new free tier! As with all experimental builds, please do not use this for production purposes Stomp just doesn't show up in my renders, only the background shows up. I tried EEVEE, workbench, and cycles. Nothing seems to work. I also double-checked restriction toggles and they are enabled for renders (for Stomp). The weird thing is, that I can see Stomp in a 3D viewport in viewport shading as render preview as you can see below

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A few notes, as others said it should not hurt the computer as long as the computer does not get too hot. I would also note: * Make sure the screen is blanked. You don't want to burn a static image into your monitor for 5 days. Also, for some syst.. Rendering with Blender from the Command Line July 10, 2019 May 11, which is a utility that groups related files together. Anything with a .app ending is a Package. We can peek inside it by right-clicking on it, and selecting Show Package Contents. This will open a new Finder window with yet another folder called Contents I'm trying to make a custom game engine in Blender using Python. I got it in and everything but I want to set the render settings so that I can set it as a game engine and not a render engine. In the documentation, I found the RenderSettings struct class and I have no idea how to use it in anything Phoronix: Blender's Cycles X Showing Nice Performance But Dropping OpenCL Support Blender's Cycles engine is celebrating its tenth birthday today and in marking the occasion, the Blender project has announced the ongoing work on Cycles X as what started as a research project in preparing this engine fo

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Rendering Smoke and Fire in Cycles. The upcoming Blender 2.71 will add smoke and fire rendering to Cycles. In this tutorial Jonathan Lampel shows us how to use the new features. Remember that you'll need to download a development build of Blender and that implementation details of these functions may change in the final 2.71 release A render engine such as Blenders Eevee renderer has a huge amount of settings and it can sometimes be hard to know what settings are significant for any given project. In this article we will therefore take a look at most Eevee render settings and learn in what scenario we may need what setting. Blender [

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2) In blender set cycles as render engine before importing. That's because the plugin acts differently depending on the engine selected, and it works best with cycles. 3) In the plugin material options select auto material with bsdf for solid and guess for refractive. These are the best methods to match iray NOTE: I am not familiar enough with dealing with textures in Blender Render to provide you instructions. I am not even sure this add-on was meant for use with Blender Render. I do know on experimentation, the image does import and is available the Blender temporary library so, I am assuming you can assign it to a new texture and apply to a plane Attendees Brecht Van Lommel (Blender) Kévin Dietrich (Blender) Patrick Mours (NVIDIA) Brian Savery (AMD) Juan Gea Rodriguez) Notes Schedule The meeting agreed to move to a biweekly schedule, since there is not enough to discuss every week. Most communication happens on developer.blender.org and blender.chat in between meetings, this meeting is mainly for overall coordination and decision.

Attempting to render scene when this happens will successfully complete a render. The rendered image will be of black, white or noisy squares (attached). I have not been able to ascertain what causes either of these failure modes. I'm using Blender 2.90.1 (hash 3e85bb34d0d7), and have tried 2.91.0 Blender 2.9: The beginner's guide; Blender 2.8 for technical drawing; Blender Eevee: The guide to real-time rendering with Blender 2.8; You can get them in both digital and paperback formats. By ordering those books, you will not only improve your skills with Blender for architecture but also support Blender 3D Architect

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Generate their own 3D Animation Project from Scratch. Utilize all the Simulation and Particle systems of Blender in a comprehensive way. Utilize BOTH Blender render Engines (CYCLES & EEVEE) to their fullest potential. Properly Generate UV maps on top of geometry to apply textures Blender is one such tool. It is a free, open-source 3D software that can do everything from 3D modeling, animation, rendering and game development. The tool continues to grow with newer and more awesome features being added every so often. Their current feature set is packed and rivals the most expensive 3D software today By default the Blender Render engine is selected. This engine is fairly old and does not take a physically realistic approach to rendering. This makes it less accurate, but also a lot faster than the newer Cycles Render engine. The Cycles Render engine has been developed in 2011 and is a very powerful, ray-trace based render engine that takes a. The good news is that you still can import DXF files to Blender 2.8x! If you open Blender 2.8 to check all options related to importing files, you won't see any item to handle DXF. To import DXF files in Blender 2.8, you have to open the Add-on options in the Edit → Preferences menu To accurately measure in Blender, while in edit mode go to the overlay menu in the top right corner. There you will find a section called Measurement. Check the edge length checkbox to get the length of any selected edge in edit mode. That is a good start and I use the edge length setting in almost every project

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DESIGN MAGIC is the Speed Modeling workflow crafted for designers. It uses Boolean modeling, just like high end CAD systems to model in Blender faster than ever Blender for 3D Artists. Spring and Autumn by Andy Goralczyk, Nacho Conesa, and the rest of the Team at Blender. Blender's most known feature is the Eevee render engine. Eevee is a rasterized real-time render engine built right into Blender. Eevee works seamlessly with Cycles, meaning that you can switch between render engines at any time Blender is a fantastic platform that enables you to make quality models that can be exported to any game engine, 3D printer, or other software. Blender is a free and open-source 3D modeling and animation software. Light and powerful, it caters to every step of the production process of 3D modeling and animation