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These videoswill walk you through the following folds: Punch Down (push down) Fold, C Fold (U fold), 7 Fold, Double-7 Fold, Labia Fold, Triangle Fold, Origami Fold, and finally the Diamond and Double Diamond Folds One of the most popular menstrual cup folds out there - the C fold. This technique is, quite simply, folding your cup to make it look like the letter C. This fold is great because it is just so simple Menstrual cup folding technique #1: The C fold The C fold is the most common fold and often a favorite with our #PixieFamily. This is a popular fold because you can do it with one hand, and you can do it very quickly. However, this fold can easily pop open before you want it to, so it may not be the best fold for beginners The 4 most popular menstrual cup folds C Fold (also know as the U Fold) This is the most commonly recommended fold by menstrual cup companies, however, when folded, it is also one of the widest at the point of insertion, and can therefore be too wide and difficult for some women to insert

I'll be showing you a few menstrual cup fold techniques starting with the two that you'll likely use most: Punchdown Fold and C-Fold (aka U-Fold.) Then we ca.. The C-fold is a simple fold that you can do with one hand, and that allows the cup to pop open easily. Run a finger around the rim After your cup is fully inserted, run a clean finger around the rim of the cup (the top). As you do, you may feel some folds or indentations The fold keeps the cup tightly rolling until it passes past the pubic bone, where it opens softly, ready to gather your menstrual fluid. Here are three of our favorite folds, shown below. Position I - Half V or Punch Down Fold Position. This may be our favorite fold of menstrual cups Menstrual Cup Folds + Tips for Getting Your Cup to Open. Also known as the Triangle Fold, the 7 fold technique is a favourite among younger women and those with difficulty inserting their cup. This fold makes a smaller insertion area, and releases easily once inside of you. The 7 fold can be achieved by flattening the cup and then taking one.

To make the fold, first pinch the sides of your cup together. Then fold the cup in half so that it looks like a C or U. Punchdown Fold: Use your index finger to push one side of the cup down to the bottom of the cup. Pinch the sides together and insert Just before your period begins, tightly fold the menstrual cup and insert it like a tampon without an applicator. Used correctly, you shouldn't feel it. It's similar to putting a diaphragm or birth..

C Fold This is the most common menstrual cup fold that many women prefer to do. To achieve this technique, you have to push both sides of your up to go to the center until you can form a letter C shape. This fold has the widest point of insertion Need help with how to fold a menstrual cup? This video walks you through nine cup folding techniques, starting from the easiest and first you should try to m.. The 7 Fold: Fold your cup in half so the lips touch (just like the C fold), then pull down one corner so the lips of the cup form a 7 shape. VIEW INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE. If Flex Cup doesn't feel right, reach out to our Flexperts, who will work with you to find the perfect fit The world's first-ever collapsible menstrual cup. We'd like to introduce you to the world's first collapsible cup that folds flat and fits into a small protective case! You can toss it in your backpack, purse or pocket, and you're good to go. Then, when you need it, it can be popped open for up to 8 hours of non-stop protection Use, Care and Folds of a Menstrual Cup - A menstrual cup is eco-friendly and reduces thousands of plastic menstrual waste each year. They can last up to 10 years or more and they are easy to use and care for. 5 ways to fold a period cup include the C fold, S fold, punch down, labia fold, 7 fold. E

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  1. g towards your tailbone, until your hand rests on your body
  2. ine hygiene products. They are small and flexible products, used by women during their period days. Unlike pads and tampons, menstrual cup folds catch and collect your menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it. They are safer and eco-friendly alternatives to tampons
  3. If you feel any dents or folds on the base of your menstrual cup and you're not sure the suction seal has been created, then gently grip the base of the cup (not the stem) and rotate it to make it unfold
  4. ine care products, as well as benefits, brands and how to choose the right menstrual cup for you. Now, it's time to discuss how to actually use menstrual cups
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Wash your hands and clean your Lunette Menstrual Cup with Feelbetter Cup Cleanser. 2. Fold & Hold. Fold the cup in on itself to make it flat and then in half to form a C shape. 3. Insert. Get into a comfortable position and relax. Keep the cup folded and guide it into the vagina, rim first. 4 How to fold a menstrual cup. How to fold a menstrual cup. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Sign Up. Menstrual Cup Folds. My Cup NZ. 31 mins · How to fold a menstrual cup. Related Videos. 0:16. Love Luna SALE - save up to 30% The best cup for you largely depends on your anatomy. After testing 33 different cups and two menstrual discs from 21 manufacturers since 2016, we've found that the Cora cup is the best cup for.. Menstrual Cup Folds. May 28, 2021 - What you need to know to get started. Menstrual Cup Folds. May 28, 2021 - What you need to know to get started. Menstrual Cup Folds. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures

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Well, one of the biggest menstrual cup benefits is how it reduces your personal waste from 15,000 tampons (or pads) to 4-5 menstrual cups in a lifetime. Yes girl! Call Greta Thunberg, we're on team mother nature! Preparing a menstrual cup. Step one when dealing with a menstrual cup is always to take a deep breath Hold the body of the cup in one hand. Use the index finger to push down one side of the cup to the bottom and pinch it. Once you have made the fold, insert the cup. Fold 2. The C fold is the simplest method, but the menstrual cup often pops before being fully inserted. The C shape makes a larger insertion angle that makes it harder to position. Push Down Fold. Place a finger on the top rim of the cup. Press that finger down into the center of the inside base to form a triangle. Hold your UltuCup in this position and insert The C-Fold/U-Fold One of the simplest and most popular folds to be used in a menstrual cup. The steps involved are: Hold the cup just under the rim; Push the sides to flatten the mouth of the cup; Fold from either side and make it in the shape of a C/U; The Punch-down Fold; This is a fold where the mouth of the cup is narrowed making it very. Press the sides of the cup between your fingers and fold it in half to create a U. Watch Again Push-down Fold. Hold the top rim of the cup. With your index finger on the top rim, push the rim down into the center of the cup base to create a triangle. including a menstrual cup. When using the DivaCup, it is important to carefully follow the.

Fold your June Cup using one of two recommended folds. Relax your vaginal muscles and insert cup slowly into your vaginal canal. Push cup up toward your cervix but remember your cup will sit lower than a tampon. Release fold and allow cup to pop open. Run your index finger along the base of the cup Using a menstrual cup literally saved my life, and I'm not exaggerating. Being on my period always meant torturous gender dysphoria, enormous mess from a flow too strong for any tampon, and just an overall discomfort and suffering that legitimately made me want to end myself every time it happened

To make sure your cup is fully open, simply run your finger around the body of the cup to check for any folds or bulges, she adds. Step 4: Leave it in for up to 12 hours (or two tampons-worth of. We're charging an extra $1 for every menstrual cup we're selling and will match it with an extra $1 from June. All contributions will go to The Climate Change Fund , an organization dedicated to highly-impactful, evidence-based solutions to the triple challenge of climate change, air pollution and energy poverty After you do your cute little fold and your menstrual cup pops open inside you, some women suggest giving the cup one full rotation to create the seal (and then pull down slightly) if your menstrual cup is leaking. 5. Pull the Cup Down

Best cup i've ever had. I have been using menstrual cups for about 10 years now. Lunette is the first brand that I reorder (I lost my old hot pink cup). It is so comfortable + the colors are so vibrant, it makes me happy looking at it! My menstruation got lighter over the years, so I ordered the smaller cup. It is the perfect size The Suci Cup is a soft and flexible bell-shaped device designed to sit in the vaginal canal and collect menstrual flow. Made out of 100% medical grade silicone, it is antimicrobial and biocompatible, suitable for use for up to 10 hours at a time and is reusable for up to 10 years. Suci Cup is FDA registered and was made in an FDA-observed and. The '7' fold is one of the easiest folds available. Let's investigate the pro's and con's of this fold. Pros. The pros of using the '7' fold include: Good for beginners - if you're just starting out, this fold is one of the easiest ones to do. Folds over for easy insertion - simply fold the cup over to form the number 7 shape

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1st method: crush the cup on itself and fold it in half. 2nd method: you press with a finger on one side of the funnel, it forms a tulip. 3 cup folds: C, 7 or punchdown. Whatever technique you choose, the cup will then unfold inside your vagina . In any case, I advise you to train a little in advance and in peace 4. Get Good At Squats. If you're having a hard time getting your menstrual cup to open fully and suction, Menstrual Cups Australia recommend doing some squats. Get in the habit of doing a couple. Flatten the cup and bring the two ends of the cup together to make a C fold. Rotate the cup horizontally to create a C-fold, with the notch now to the side of the cup. You can also fold your FemmyCycle menstrual cup horizontally at the notch of the rim to form a U shape Lalicup menstrual cup is available in 4 sizes and 5 colors. Innovative design that folds easily into a smaller shape thanks to its 12 vertical lines to ease the cup insertion. Larger suction holes for an easier cleaning and an elastic stem for more comfort

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  1. Which fold is best for inserting a menstrual cup? There isn't one universal best folding method. It's best to experiment, to find which one works best for you. You can try out: 7 fold - Hold the cup with both hands underneath the rim. Push the sides together to flatten the cup. Take the right corner of the cup and fold it down.
  2. How to C-Fold a menstrual cup. The C-Fold, also called the U-Fold, is the simplest and fastest way to fold your menstrual cup. It's good for those who already have a grasp on inserting their cups and just want to get it over with, potentially one-handed
  3. FOLD. There are many ways to insert Flex Cup. Wash your hands and Flex Cup thoroughly then choose a folding method. INSERT. Get in a comfortable position. Then, push Flex Cup into your vagina and back towards your tailbone. REMOVE. Hook your finger through the pull-tab to break the seal for a clean and easy removal

For insertion, fold with a folding method outlined below, insert and make sure your Menstrual Cup is fully opened by slightly twisting, then gently pulling on the Ring to feel the vacuum formed. To empty, slightly pull on the ring until you can grab the base with two fingers and carefully remove The C-Fold is one of the most popular and simple menstrual cup folds for you to get started with. Directions: Hold the cup in both hands, just beneath the rim and push the sides together - flattening the cup. Next, simply fold the cup in half, along the length, creating the 'C' or 'U' shape, depending on how you see it

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This collapsible, small menstrual cup folds flat into its carry-anywhere compact case. It offers up to 8 hours of hassle-free period protection Lily Cup Compact is a female product that doesn't disturb your intimate area's balance since it collects menstrual flow rather than absorbing i Next, fold the menstrual cup—again, the cup you use should provide instructions on how to do this—and gently guide it in until it's just under your cervix. You may then need to twist it or nudge it to pop it fully open and create a suction-based seal that keeps the cup in place and prevents leaks Why use a menstrual cup. When I left Cuba, the first thing I did was buy a cup and a set of washable, reusable cloth pads.I had no idea how I was going to convince myself to use the cup. But I knew that I could no longer bear to use over 15 single-use pads every month, or 180+ pads every year, or 6000+ pads over an average lifetime Reusable Menstrual Cups are changing the way women around the world manage their periods. This simple but revolutionary cup is designed to collect menstrual fluid rather than absorb it. A correctly fitting cup cannot be felt, should not leak, and can be worn for up to 8 hours before needing to be emptied. Not only is a menstrual cup convenient. Having difficulty getting your menstrual cup to open? Maybe the insertion process is too difficult? No problem! Today we have a new fold for you: The 3 or E menstrual cup fold! The 3 or E fold is not as common of a fold as the Punch Down or 7 fold as it can be a bit tricky. Let's investigate the pro's and con's of this fold

A menstrual cup is a product that people can use instead of pads or tampons during their periods. In this article, learn how menstrual cups work and how to use one. Fold the cup in half, so it. When using your menstrual cup, know your folds. Shutterstock. Just like with pads and tampons, the insertion and removal process isn't foolproof. Bustle notes that you'll likely get period blood on your hands at some point, especially as you learn how to use one. Just be prepared for the first time you use your menstrual cup Menstrual Cup Folds + Tips for Getting Your Cup to Open. Menstrual Cup Pain: The Common Causes and Solutions. A Period Emergency Kit: Here's What You Need to Be Prepared. About the Author. Kim Rosas. Kim Rosas is a leading menstrual cup expert and founder of Period Nirvana. Educator and advocate in the reusable menstrual products space, Kim.

Saalt Cup Small. The Saalt Cup is a reusable menstrual cup made of soft medical-grade silicone. It's biocompatible and chemical-free. It comes in two sizes: Small and Regular. Teenagers are recommended the smaller model. The Saalt Menstrual Cup Small can hold up to 25 ml and is 70 mm in length. Capacity: 25 ml The most important step for preventing menstrual cup leaks is getting your insertion fold down pat. There are many folding techniques - the taco, the punchdown, the 7-fold, etc. - and because every body is different you'll need to experiment to figure out the best one for you The C fold or U fold is one of the most popular and easiest folds that you can do with the Venus Cup. While the fold is the easiest to accomplish, the point that is inserted into the vagina might be a little too large to be comfortable for some people Menstrual cup is a reusable device for menstrual fluid collection. The Hivette is the first Malaysian menstrual cup and was introduced at the beginning of 2019. It is an environmentally-friendly alternative to pads and tampons as it collect the menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it like tampons and pads did

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How to Insert a Menstrual Cup. Inserting a menstrual cup was difficult at first. Over time, I realized that I was inserting the cup way too high and this was causing me all of my trouble. I find the best position to insert and remove a cup is to sit on the toilet. Here's how to insert a menstrual cup: Fold and hold your cup with clean hand A menstrual cup for providing a lot of *relief* if you constantly forget to change your tampons (or just opt to ruin your underwear). You can wear it worry-free for up to 12 hours at a time — it collects as much as three to four tampons, and with the proper care can last up to 10 years To use a menstrual cup, make sure your hands are clean and fold the cup in half to insert into your vagina — if the cup doesn't open, try rotating it. You should boil the cup between cycles, but during your period you should wash it with unscented soap between each use. Menstrual cups are beneficial because they can last up to 10 years and.

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If the cup changes colour, becomes slimy, or alters in appearance, stop all use immediately. How To Insert. After washing your hands and your menstrual cup with non-fragrance soap and water, towel dry the cup. For a shell-fold, fold the cup by placing your index finger on the rim and pushing it down into the centre of the cup U fold—fold the cup in half to create a U shape for easier insertion. How to remove a menstrual cup Depending on your flow, most menstrual cups can be worn for six to 12 hours

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Menstrual cups are great (If you don't believe me check out my article 12 Reasons Why You Should Switch From Panty Liners, Pads, and Tampons to Menstrual Cup). Specially for sport and exercise. For example, unlike with a tampon, because there is no string, you don't have to worry about chafing during a long run, or a long-distance cycling route Benefits of using menstrual cup Benefits of Menstrual Cup. Here are some true benefits of menstrual cup. It's eco- and wallet-friendly: A reusable cup costs up to Rs. 500 can last up to 10 years.This means less waste and less money over time

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It folds!! I do the U fold—it folds so nicely, I can do it with one hand, clean and effectively. The #DivaCup is a space-saver, easy to pack, eco-friendly and helps you save about $100 per year. The #DivaCup is made of 100% medical grade silicone and it has no added chemicals, plastics, BPA, latex or dyes There are dozens of different folds around. The C fold and the punchdown fold are the most well known folds that work for most women. The others are recommended for virgins and teenagers. Featuring.. the Lunette size 1 Aine The C fold The punchdown fold My personal favorite: the origami fold How to do th Fold the cup in half and then fold it halfway diagonally lengthwise down, to make it look like '7'. Origami fold. Push the rim of the cup just halfway down in the middle (shallow punch-down fold). Take one side and fold it all the way diagonally until the tip is the size of a finger, it will look like a rosebud

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The bfree cup has got you covered for up to 10 years of reliable period protection. Try the Earth friendly alternative, that is unlike any other menstrual cup . free of waste. free of leaks. free of added chemicals. No need to keep running to the store every month. The bfree cup has got you covered for up to 10 years of reliable period protection Find your fold. Gupta says that the hardest part about using the menstrual cup, for her, was getting the fold right. She used online tutorials to learn how to insert it properly and discovered that the c-fold is great for beginners but I prefer the tulip fold now because the cup unfolds quicker that way Menstrual cup dangers. 1. Blood is terrifying. You may have read about menstrual cups and thought they sounded great, except this: at some point, you'll probably encounter horror stories of women in public bathrooms, blood covering their hands like a scene straight out of Shakespeare. How embarrassing

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The recommended method is to fold your menstrual cup by punching down the opening of the cup and then open mouth-end facing the vaginal opening. Next, find the vaginal opening to insert the menstrual cup. Step 5: Insertion. Now, push the cup into the pelvic muscle in at about 45-degree angle towards the bone. After it goes in, release the cup. Here to second the coconut oil. Any lubricant will work, really. You only need a little coconut oil- a little goes a long way! For me, it's easier to put on myself and then insert the cup rather than putting it on the cup, because it gets too slippery. Also try going in at a little bit of an angle and then straighten it out when it's in place

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100% Medical-grade Silicone Menstrual Cups, Safe & Easy to use. Each cup lasts up to 5 years. Free cotton bag included. Shop period cups, reusable liners sets and save up to 30% IN THIS ARTICLE. 01 / 4 reasons your menstrual cup is leaking. 02 / Your menstrual cup isn't inserted properly. 03 / Your cup isn't popping open. 04 / You have a low cervix. 05 / Your cup is the wrong size. 06 / The bottom line on menstrual cup leaks Tightly fold the menstrual cup in half. Hold it with the rim facing up. Insert the cup, with its rim facing upwards into your vagina. Do it like how you would with a tampon. The cup should be sitting a couple of inches below your cervix. Once the cup is in the vagina, rotate it. This is to spring open the cup to create an airtight seal that. Menstrual Cup Hygienic Handling and Insertion Guide Fold the cup using one of the following methods that works best for you: The C-Fold. This fold is the basic technique that most women use. 1. Start with an open cup. 2. Press it down into the center. 3. Pinch the cup closed. Fold in half to form a C-shape.. The two best folds for menstrual cups (most common ones) are: C-Fold (also know as the U-Fold) Punchdown Fold (also known as the Shell Fold) Can you offer some tips to remove the cup easily? Just pinch the cup at the base with two fingers and twist the stem a bit. The moment the vacuum is released, the cup will come out

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How to fold a menstrual cup. There are different ways you can get your folding groove on but all result in getting your cup snug and secure in the lower vaginal area and beyond the public bone (the sweet spot) where it can do its thing without you feeling it at all. Once in place, the cup unfolds and gently springs into position where a seal is. Traditional menstrual cups require you to fold them (see photo above), insert and twist allowing them to pop into place; creating a seal that prevents you from leaking. This is why I categorize the Nixit as a menstrual disc. Nixit, as well as other discs, have a less tricky insertion process. You simply fold the ultra-soft disc like a hot dog. OrganiCup is the award-winning menstrual cup that replaces pads and tampons. Easier, healthier, greener. Period Cups Malaysia is a reseller of OrganiCup in Malaysia. Shop Now. How it works. Step 1: Fold & insert. The soft OrganiCup unfolds to form a light suction seal, keeping it securely in place. Step 2: Wear up to 12 hours There are many indisputable benefits to using a menstrual cup. Unlike tampons and pads, a menstrual cup can be worn for up to 12 hours. Also a menstrual cup last years, not just hours. Did you know that an individual goes through approximately 11,000 disposable pads and/or tampons in a lifetime

This is where the menstrual cup comes into play. Menstrual cups have been around since the 1930s, and on the market in the United States since the late 1980s. However, at that time, the cup was not popular among women because it was too different and wasn't deemed acceptable to the masses. But in today's era, menstrual cups are making a. To insert it, you have to get into a bit of menstrual cup origami and learn how to fold. There are two basic methods: the C-fold and the punch-down fold. The C-Fold is where you simply fold the cup flat into a straight-face mouth and then fold it into a C or U. Simplest way. However, if you find this too large or too detailed to slide into your. Find the right fold that suits you (there are different folds to try!). When inserted, try to find the stem of the menstrual cup and push it up a bit. You can also try to slightly pull the cup down then push it back into place. Clench your pelvic floor muscles. Gently squeeze the bottom of your cup. Carefully rotate the menstrual cup 360⁰ How to Insert a Menstrual Cup. Learning how to use a menstrual cup is easy with advice from a pro. To insert the menstrual cup, fold it to keep it closed before inserting it into the vagina, where it will open, says Dr. Feller. There are videos online to teach different techniques Try different folds that accentuate the insertion point: Most people use the typical C-fold. However, there are many ways to fold a Lunette Cup. The video here will show you nine different folds. Proper insertion direction: Be aware that the direction of insertion needs to be aimed towards the small of your back -- not straight up Benefits: No menstrual odor, irritation, dryness, discomfort, itching, or rashes (caused by sanitary napkin pads). Covers heaviest to lightest flow. Spill and Leak-Proof: Made with 100% medical-grade silicone, the cups are highly flexible to fit perfectly and collect blood without spillage. The rim of the cup creates a seal around your vaginal walls ensuring leak-free protection