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In cases of homeopathic treatments for cat allergies you can use various remedies like Natrum muriaticum (which is sodium chloride that lowers mucus build up), Allium cepa (which has anti inflammatory properties and can be found in onions) or Euphrasia (a flowering herb which also has an anti inflammatory property) For more stuffy nose and breathing issues, aresicum album is the homeopathic remedy of choice. If your cat is experiencing some sort of swelling as an allergic reaction, many owners swear by ferrum phosphoricum. For coughs and sneezes, try natrum muriaticum Homeopathy is quackery. I was initially allergic to my rag doll cat for about a week, but after a that I became immmuno-tolerant. Regular old cetirizine helped me with the itchy eyes and nose for the first 5 days, but now I can rub my face on the cat's fur with no issues whatsoever A holistic approach that focuses on homeopathy does more than relieve allergy symptoms in dogs and cats. It heals on a deep level and the results are often permanent. People spend thousands of dollars trying to treat skin, dietary or respiratory allergies in their dogs and cats Allium Cepa is a useful homeopathic medicine for pet allergy with marked sneezing. Along with sneezing, watery nasal discharges are present. The nasal discharges are profuse and acrid leading to burning in the nose. A feeling of a lump at the root of the nose is also present

Skin Problems in Cats Arsenicum album is a major skin remedy with itching, redness and flaking or dandruff. This is often allergy related In cats, homeopathic remedies are very successful. History Of Homeopathy. Already in the 4th century BC, the famous Greek physician Hippocrates referenced to the medical principle of like cure like. However, over the centuries, this philosophy got lost. Homeopathic Remedies For Cats With Allergies. Echinacea - stimulates the immune. Cat With Allergies - ABC Homeopathy Forum. Rhus Tox, Belladonna and Urtica Urens are mentioned. 27 replies to 2020-07-22 Homeopathic remedies can be purchased in a 30 C potency at a good health food store. They are given until the patient feels relief, and then as needed when symptoms return. One to three pellets is the usual dose for cats. They should be put directly into the mouth where possible and at least 30 minutes away from food You may not think of your cat as being prone to allergies, but the truth is that cats can suffer from inhalant allergies, environmental allergies, and food allergies just as much as people can. Only about 10% to 15% of allergies in cats are caused by food, but they are more difficult to diagnose and treat because there is no quick and easy.

Quercetin is a bioflavanoid, or plant pigment found in many fruits and vegetables, that has a lot of benefits for cats. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antihistamine properties make it great for fighting allergies. Quercetin is often called nature's Benedryl because it suppresses histamines that cause the symptoms of allergies ALLERGENA PET DANDER. Allergy Relief from Cats & Dogs and Other Animals. • Homeopathic Sublingual Immunotherapy. • Builds a strong immune system to help fight allergies. • Non-Drowsy, no side effects and no drug interactions. • No GMOs and No Gluten. • Alleviates runny nose, sneezing, congestion, sinus pressure, itchy & watery eyes

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  1. e went on to have a significantly reduced sensitivity to cat allergens. There was no reduction in cat sensitivity for those given just the placebo
  2. Homeopathy is an unconventional type of treatment that may be applied in cats with various illnesses ranging from allergic reactions to cancer. The treatment will focus on reducing the cat's symptoms, but will also address additional health issues discovered in the pet, which may be at the root of the actual disease
  3. In this post, Jenny shares her experience of living with allergies for 53 years and how she found rapid relief just months after using Homeopathy. She shares her story here: I first realised I was allergic to animals when we bought a cat when I was seven, i.e. 53 years ago, and then gradually developed hay fever and allergy to dust, etc
  4. Homeopathic medicine for cats and dogs is a holistic method using natural substances to stimulate the body's natural healing process. Just like in humans, homeopathy can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, from allergies to diarrhea
  5. This is especially noteworthy if your cat suffers from feline allergies, pre-existing feline skin conditions or a known flea allergy, as some store-bought medications and treatments can actually make your pet's symptoms worse. Cat Skin Allergies: Knowing The Signs & Symptoms. One of the most common causes of feline skin problems is allergies
  6. Homeopathy is based on the paradoxical theory that like cures like. A substance (such as coffee) that causes a particular set of symptoms (such as insomnia, restlessness, and irritability) in a large dose can relieve those symptoms in an extremely diluted dose. Here are common homeopathic remedies for allergies

Coconut Oil is an excellent home remedy due to the moisturizing effects on the skin when it is directly applied. If you want your cat to have a double dose of coconut oil by applying it to the skin in addition to allowing your cat to ingest a small amount, you will help your cat's allergies inside and out Here are 10 home remedies for allergies in cats. 1. Add Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Cat's Water Apple cider vinegar is an effective treatment for any kind of allergies in cats Many essential oil have natural antihistamine properties making them a safe and effective treatment for pet and other allergies without the risk of drowsiness. The best essential oils for allergies are lavender, lemon and peppermint but many others can also provide excellent relief including eucalyptus, lemongrass and helichrysum

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Cats Suffer From Allergies Too. Just like people, cats can develop allergies to things like pollen, grass, dust, etc. In addition, allergic cats develop many of the same symptoms as humans. Cat Allergy Symptoms. Cats with allergies sneeze, cough, get watery eyes, and runny noses just like people do. If your cat has seasonal allergies, you will. Scroll down to discover how homeopathy can help relieve your allergy symptoms with these 4 simple remedies. Allium cepa (Red onion): If your symptoms include sneezing with a burning, runny nose and burning, tearful, red-rimmed eyes as if you'd just peeled an onion, this remedy is a good starting point Pet Allergy: Natural Homeopathic Relief. bioAllers Pet Allergy is designed using homeopathic principles and may help provide temporary general relief of allergy symptoms due to pet hair and dander. Homeopathic theory is that symptom relief is attained through stimulation of the natural healing response

A homeopath has many tools in their kit to help you walk the path to greater health and wellbeing. One of those tools is Isopathy. Isopathy uses the allergenic substance in homeopathic potency, as your prescription. We can do this with any number of allergenic or poisonous substances Natural Remedies for Cats with Allergies Help! My cat has allergies! Nusentia® natural pet supplements have been helping cats support the symptoms that come with cat allergies. Our products are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients for maximum absorption and efficacy. Summary. Celavin™ Omega-3 Fish Oi

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What Causes Allergies in Cats? Wild cats don't get allergies. You don't see wild cats, of any size, suddenly stopping and having an uncontrollable scratch. You don't see wild cats with mange or bald patches. So what does that tell us? That allergies in cats, in fact allergies in anyone, is a man-made disease, as so many are Before going to the treatment of allergy it is essential to know the basic things how the allergy occur and what is the scope of conventional treatment and homeopathic treatment An allergy is the hyper immune reaction of a person to many substances which are though safe for others but harmful to an allergic people Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs and Cats. (DANDRUFF) which is often ALLERGY based. It is also a remedy for ANXIETY or RESTLESSNESS especially where this is a problem at night with pacing around. 3. BRYONIA (WHITE BRYONY) Bryonia acts chiefly on joints and on the chest. It is used for treating ARTHRITIS where the symptoms are better for rest. Everyone is always talking about the cat's pajamas. And we totally get it. They're adorable. But the real buzzworthy item of discussion should be the cat's allergies. Not nearly as cute, but much more impactful on everyday life than a fuzzy little one-piece. Allergies will make your feline friend itchy and uncomfortab

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Medication is often the first thing people consider when dealing with a cat allergy. Over-the-counter or prescription medication, natural remedies like BioAllers, or a series of allergy shots (immunotherapy) are all worth investigating. Keep in mind you should always check with your physician or allergist before embarking on a new treatment I f you have suffered from an allergy to cat or dog hair, you know how awful the symptoms can be. The symptoms can range from rhinitis to asthma right through to hay fever and skin eruptions. Client's will seek our help to strengthen their body against an allergen. Homeopathy is a fabulous method to enhance your resistance to allergens

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The Homeopathic remedies, on the other hand, are far more dilute than what most prescription drugs and to make things even better, they do cure the conditions effectively. the ingredients of most homeopathic remedies for allergy in dogs include Arum Truph 6 HPUS, Viola Tric 6C HPUS, Comocladia dentata 6C HPUS, Chamomilla 12C HPUS, and Cina 6C HPUS Instead, cats with extreme allergy symptoms typically get referred to a veterinary dermatologist. Determining the root cause of skin allergies requires a process of elimination using a blood test. By including NHV's natural remedies for allergies in cats, you can help promote healthy immune activity and histamine response. Read Holly's Story and how NHV products helped her with her allergies. Cats can also develop an allergic reaction that leads to other health problems such as allergic bronchitis and allergic asthma 1 The Best Hypoallergenic Cat Food For Cats With Allergies Comparison Chart. 2 5 Recommended Foods For Cats With Allergies. 3 #1 Evangers Grain Free Rabbit Cat Food. 4 #2 Natural Balance LID Salmon Dry Cat Food. 5 #3 Blue Buffalo Limited Ingredient Grain Free Dry Cat Food. 6 #4 BLUE Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Wet Cat Food

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Here are 9 best natural antibiotics for cats. 1. Thyme. With antimicrobial, expectorant and antispasmodic properties, thyme works greatly in dealing with cough-related issues such as bronchitis (chronic and acute versions), and asthma. It is also a remedy for slow digestion and stomach ache Homeopathy for Allergies: Nothing to Sneeze At. This concept of using small doses of what might cause a problem in order to help prevent or heal the person is an ancient observation of healers/physicians all over the world, and it is the basis for homeopathy. By. Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH, Contributor. Evidence Based Homeopath Most often the allergic substance found is cat's dander (dead skin), urine and the saliva. The commonest symptoms of cat allergy in humans are itching and burning in eyes, sneezing, itching and red rash on skin, breathlessness, tickling in throat etc. Avoidance of the allergen is the best treatment mode for any type of allergy The homeopathic medicine reduced the sensitivity reaction of cat allergic adults to cat allergen, according to the SPT. Future studies are warranted to further investigate the effect of Cat saliva and Histaminum and their role as a potential therapeutic option for this condition Description. Help keep your pal in tip-top shape with the Only Natural Pet Eye & Upper Respiratory Homeopathic Remedy. This liquid remedy is specially formulated by a holistic veterinarian to address the needs of cats and dogs with respiratory symptoms like allergies, hay fever, sinus infections, tonsillitis and viral infections

Stomatitis is directly linked to allergies. Stomatitis is also referred to as tooth plaque allergy whereby the cat develops an allergy to its own plaque. Thus, it is essential to reduce the cat's allergic reaction and change the cat's diet to eliminate food allergens Formulated to support natural immune defenses, this supplement is composed of organic extracts to relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies in cats and dogs. The natural herbal blend has a sweet. Cat skin allergies can cause profound itching and pain in cats. Finding the source of the allergy is fundamental to helping your cat's skin heal and relieving their discomfort. And once the source of the allergy is found, it is important to continue to manage your cat's allergy to help prevent the skin disease from returning

Natural Remedies for Pets with Allergies & Atopy Atopy is one of the most common causes of allergies in pets, following flea allergy dermatitis. It is caused by your pet's immune system overreacting to substances in the air such as pollen, tobacco smoke, or dust mites The best medicine for pet allergies I've discovered (particularly allergies to cats and allergies to dogs) is a homeopathic remedy for pet allergies called Biogetica Animal. It is most common a Pet Dander Allergy. It usually prevents and relieves the itchy and watering eyes, sneezing and itchy skin after being near a cat or dog.. Homeopathy can be used along side of allergy shots and other conventional medical treatments and they will not interfere. Instead, conventional methods interfere with the effectiveness of homeopathics. Camphor is used whenever there is any conventional medical method previously used. Homeopathy is used on infants, the elderly, dogs, cats, goats. 4 reviews of Natural Wellness and Allergy Relief I was very surprised with the results for my dog! He had a skin issue with itching and hot spots we suspected was caused from food we were providing. For over 2 years we tried different food and even medications from the vet for dermatitis. But after one treatment on our dog Charlie with Paula he has stopped itching and his hair in the hot spot.

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If cats do sleep in your bedroom, wash bedding in hot water. If it's possible, neuter your cat early as that may decrease production of the protein that causes allergies. If you have itchy skin, try some neem cream. If your response to a pet allergy is itchy, red eyes, try natural moisturizing eye drops to ease irritation Cat Allergies. Between 5 and 10% of the human population has at least some sensitivity to cats. When people come into contact with a cat to which they are sensitive, they may experience a wide range of symptoms, from eye irritation and swelling, or minor sniffling and sneezing, to potentially life-threatening asthma attacks Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to prevent your cat from getting allergies, but feeding them a healthy diet that supports their immune system, keeping their environment clean and dust-free, using natural cat litters, using ceramic or metal feeding bowls, and keeping them away from detergents and perfumes will all help prevent allergies. AllergicPet.com offers the best selection of specialized, all-natural products to treat dog allergies, cat allergies, dog constipation, cat diarrhea, and more. Since our products are natural alternatives to synthetic drug remedies, they have virtually no unpleasant side effects. Aside from pet allergies and pet digestion problems, you can also. The best antihistamines for cat allergies reduce symptoms while leaving you clear-headed and feeling energetic. That's why I've chosen Allegra 24-Hour gel caps as the best antihistamine for cat allergies. The active ingredient relieves allergy symptoms without making you feel sluggish or causing other side effects

Allergy Support Combo for Cats. $ 78.75 $ 66.97. or 4 installments of $ 16.74 by Afterpay. Add to cart Because allergies rarely come individually wrapped, other culprits, such as dust mites and pollen, may be causing reactions, too. An individual rarely has a single allergy, says Zuckerman. A cat owner may be able to tolerate contact with the cat in winter, but when spring arrives, all the allergies together may prove unbearable Food allergy refers to an allergic reaction to a protein found within food. Food allergies can develop at any time during a cat's life, typically causing chronic, year-round itching and skin inflammation. Affected cats may develop recurrent infections of both the skin and ears. Food allergies are diagnosed by performing a food trial and managed through the long-term feeding of a food that does. Ask your veterinarian about natural remedies for cat allergies. Apply bee propolis cream. Bee propolis has anti-viral, antibacterial, and anti-parasitic characteristics, so it may help with skin reactions. Although not specifically recommended for allergies, this treatment is one of the most popular natural remedies for cats

Stinging nettle leaf extract has antihistamines which block the production of histamines in case of pet allergies. The root extract soothes irritated nasal tract due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Capsules and tablets of freeze-dried leaf extract are commercially available. The recommended dosage for allergy relief is 300 mg Cat allergies can cause an acute asthma attack and can be a trigger for chronic asthma. Up to 30 percent of people with asthma can have a severe attack upon coming into contact with a cat. You. ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter is made from natural materials and is free of chemicals and dust - a good choice for people and cats with allergies. It also comes in a variant for long-haired breeds and a super soft option

Cat allergy medication prices. Inexpensive: These cat allergy medications cost between $0.10 and $0.50 per dose. This doesn't mean the medication is less effective, just that it's available in a generic form, which brings the cost down. Mid-range: At the middle of the price spectrum, you can expect to pay between $0.50 and $1 per dose. This. A brief insight Our immune system 'misunderstands' many undesirable compounds as pathogens and attack them, which is popularly referred as allergic reaction. Medical science has been able to identify many types and sub-types of allergies that cause distress and disease. Mostly, anti-histamines and corticosteroids are administered to combat allergy but allergies keep on coming bac Drug allergies are relatively rare in cats, but any individual can have an adverse reaction to a particular drug without warning. Symptoms vary but can include itching, hives, fever, vomiting, hair loss (topical products) and in severe cases anaphylaxis, which may cause difficulty breathing, collapse, seizures and death Symptoms of cat allergies can include: coughing and wheezing. hives or a rash on the chest and face. red, itchy eyes. redness of the skin where a cat has scratched, bitten, or licked you. runny.

An animal with a poor immune system is more likely to have an allergic reaction to flea bites than an animal with a strong immune system. Although there are many vitamins and immunity-boosting products on the market, one of the easiest and most natural ways to boost your pet's immune system is with a high-quality pet food Natural cat litter is a healthier option for your cat because it doesn't contain the artificial chemicals and fragrances that can cause allergic reactions in some cats. Natural cat litter is also better for the environment because it doesn't leech chemicals into the soil, and its biodegradable The single most common cause of allergies in dogs and cats is fleas. 50% of allergic dogs have ear infections, and this may be their only symptom. 66% of all dog food allergies are caused by beef, dairy, and wheat. 90% all cat food allergies are caused by beef, dairy, and fish. Allergies are one of the most common causes of skin disease in dogs.

Cat saliva 9cH and Histaminum 9cH produced a highly statistically significant reduction in the wheal diameter of the cat allergen SPT at the end of week 4. The placebo group showed no statistically significant change. CONCLUSION: The homeopathic medicine reduced the sensitivity reaction of cat allergic adults to cat allergen, according to the SPT Cat Allergies - ABC Homeopathy Forum. 1 reply to 2006-01-11. To post a reply, you must first LOG ON or Register. Important Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only, and those views are not necessarily those of ABC Homeopathy Support your Cat with Natural Allergy Relief Talk to your vet about a healthy anti-inflammatory diet along with natural support for cat allergies. NHV offers a vast array of supplements including Allergy Kit for Cats which contains everything you need to help your feline using pure herbal extracts with no artificial additives, preservatives or.

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Cat dander is one of the most common allergies in people, and natural cat allergy remedies are a good choice for many who do not want to feel the effects of anti histamines. Some allergic reactions to cats include a skin rash, sneezing, congestion and headaches. If you suffer from asthma, a severe allergic reaction can precipitate a severe asthma attack The symptoms of a cat allergy can develop in as little as a couple of minutes, while other people see signs after hours have passed. About 20% to 30% of people with allergic asthma can experience severe flare-ups after coming in contact with a cat [2] Contact allergy is the least common type of cat allergy. It occurs when a feline comes in contact with a material or substance that they are allergic to, such as carpet, bedding (especially wool) or cleaning products (like detergents). The allergens cause skin irritation and itching at the points of contact - usually on the elbows, belly, and. Although not licensed in cats, oclacitinib could represent an option for the treatment of refractory feline allergic patients. A recent open pilot trial in feline allergic dermatitis determined that a dose of 0.4 to .6mg/kg could improve lesions of allergy and pruritus in 5 out of 12 cases (Ortalda et al., 2015)

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Shop Chewy for the best cat allergy medication and immune system supplements! If your cat has skin irritations, hot spots, rashes or you just want to strengthen your cats immune system, we carry cat allergy medications and supplements to help. We offer low prices, *FREE* shipping on orders $49+ and the BEST customer service Cats that are allergic to airborne allergens such as pollen might also show allergy symptoms such as runny eyes, itchy eyes, sneezing, or even coughing and fast breathing. Lastly, cats with allergies to their diet may have some gastrointestinal symptoms as well, such as loose stools, excessive gas, and occasional vomiting Dark cats tend to produce more than light-colored ones (no one knows why) Kittens produce fewer allergens than adults . Ideal cats for allergy sufferers - Top 7 breeds. There are a variety of cats that produce fewer allergens and can make pet parenting a bit easier. This hypoallergenic cat list should not be the only thing you consider. Cat Hair, Dog Hair, Horse Hair 9x, 12x, 30x, 60x, 100x, 500x, 1000x. In a tincture of purified water and non-allergenic USP alcohol. FAQ's. Q. What do all the X's mean? The X is a homeopathic decimal designation showing the remedies potency. (POTENCY = the Strength of a homeopathic remedy.) Potency (X) is shown after the remedy (ingredient.

It is true, natural remedies for cats can be used with great effect for a variety of ailments. They are safe, provided you follow the recommended dosage and far fewer side effect, if any than conventional medication. I have treated my cats with natural remedies for years and they are thriving Luckily, there are many great cat foods for allergies like our recommendations. These foods will support your cat's health without triggering an allergic response. So if your cat has food allergies, don't worry there are plenty of allergy-friendly options available that are healthy, natural, and great for your cat Cat allergy testing is done with either a blood test or skin test. For a blood test, the vet will take a sample of the cat's blood and send it to a lab for evaluation. For a skin test, small injections are given to the cat just under the skin. If your cat is allergic to a particular substance, a hive will often appear on their body Cats and kittens make for some of the most adorable pets. For some of us though, these mischievous little fur babies can be the source of some very uncomfortable allergy symptoms. In fact, about 10% of the population suffers from some level of allergic reaction to our feline companions. This is about twice the rate of people with allergies to dogs Natural eye drops can help a great deal when allergies manifest in the eyes. Nettle-Eyebright Gold for Dogs and Nettle-Eyebright Gold for Cats are commonly recommended natural eye drops for pet allergies. Bach Flower Essences/Remedies for allergies include Walnut, Agrimony, Cherry Plum, Vervain, Olive, Chestnut Bud, and Chicory

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3 The 6 Best Medications For Cat Allergies Reviewed. 4 #1 Claritin 24 Hour Non-Drowsy Allergy RediTabs. 5 #2 Boiron Rhinallergy Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy Relief. 6 #3 Kirkland Signature Non Drowsy Allerclear Loratadine Tablets. 7 #4 Zyrtec 24 Hour Allergy Relief Tablets. 8 #5 Flonase Allergy Relief Nasal Spray Experts say homeopathy as a feline treatment doesn't work but I strongly disagree. It seems to me that very few people believe in homeopathy as a treatment for cats, companion animals and their human owners. Dr. Bruce Fogle in one of his books, Natural Health Care, refers to homeopathy. He says an extensive review has been published in the. Nettle-Eyebright Gold is a combination of herbal ingredients designed by our holistic veterinarian for feline allergies (allergic rhinitis or hay fever). The herbs, Nettle and Eyebright are two of the main ingredients and have been used extensively for natural support of seasonal allergies CBD: All-Natural Relief From Allergies, Dermatitis, and More. If your cat suffers from allergies, I highly recommend trying CBD. Made from cannabis and hemp, CBD has taken the health industry by storm lately thanks to its numerous health benefits. One of these health benefits is allergy relief

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Other ways to get rid of cat allergies naturally: Remove your shoes as before you walk into the house: This will help prevent tracking in other allergens such as dust, and pollen, which could make existing dander sensitivity worse. Wash and brush your pets weekly: regular grooming will prevent a buildup of dead skin and fur, and lowers the amount of dander in the air Hypoallergenic cat breeds are sought by many in the United States as up to 30 percent of people have allergic reactions to cats and dogs. Unfortunately for cat lovers, feline allergies are about. Cat allergies in humans are common, especially among people who have other allergies or asthma. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, as many as three in 10 Americans with allergies have allergic reactions to cats and dogs.Cat allergies are about twice as common as dog allergies, affecting about 10% of humans

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Allergies among felines are far more common than you might think. Cats, just like people, can experience many different symptoms of allergies, such as itchy skin, sneezing, coughing, difficulty. An allergy occurs when the body identifies a substance in the environment as an enemy, thus triggering an immune response against it. Like humans, cats can be allergic to a variety of substances, both natural and man-made. Common organic cat allergens include foods, grasses, pollens, parasites, mold, and dust. Inorganic materials that can.

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Miliary dermatitis is sometimes called scabby cat disease and while this is not a pleasant name, it's one of the most common skin issues in cats. There are some easy home remedies for cat scabs but treatment depends on what the cause of the allergic reaction is. Typically it's caused by fleas If things are not working in natural ways, you can take proper medication and consult a Doctor to find medicines for your cat allergies. -Medication: Mild allergic symptoms can only be treated with counter medications to relieve symptoms like sneezing, nasal congestion, itchy and red eyes

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One of the most common medical conditions affecting cats is allergy. Flea allergy, food allergies, atopy, and contact allergies are examples of allergies in cats, with flea allergy being the most common cause. Flea allergy is a response to proteins or antigens present in the flea's saliva, and just one fleabite may cause such intense itching that the cat may severely scratch or chew itself. The discovery of one being allergic to cats and/or dogs can be a sad one. Pet owners may have to make tough decisions, like whether they should suffer through and keep the pet, or let them go. But before you start making tough decisions, you might be happy to find out there are quite a few natural solutions to help ease symptoms of allergies.

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Eliminate cat allergy, food, & nasal allergies? Yes! You can control and eliminate symptoms of cat allergy, food, skin, nasal allergies, and other common sensitivities.Within our site, choose the latest allergy medication, excellent natural remedies, learn to control (and eliminate) your stubborn pet allergy symptoms, check the latest allergy news, or learn about a natural allergy treatment. Cats are prone to ear issues that include ear mites, hematoma of blood vessels in the ear tissue, yeast and fungal infection, ear infections, bacterial infection, and even allergies. Fortunately, some natural pet remedies can clean up your cat's ear problems safely and naturally A cat allergy can cause symptoms such as red eyes and sneezing. These allergies can be triggered by direct exposure to cats or by indirect exposure through fabric or air. You may notice a cat allergy based on the timing of your symptoms. Sometimes, getting medical anti-allergy treatment can help The best natural remedy for allergies is, when possible, avoidance. Both doctors and natural healers will suggest that you limit or avoid allergens, which are what causes your allergic reaction The homeopath said that particularly in allergies, homeopathy is the missing link between nutrition and inherited weakness. Further, illness is the result of a violation of nature and its laws. He sited allergy desensitization therapy (or allergy shots) as an example. Lucy certainly knew this first hand