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YAMAHA DISKLAVIER PIANOS AVAILABLE: 2011 DGC1 / GC1 / 5'3 Mark IV Disklavier in Polished Ebony Asking $24k 1999 DC5 / C5 / 6'7 Disklavier in Polished Ebony Asking $27,500 + Delivery 2005 DGB-1 / 5' Disklavier in Polished Mahogany (see below) $14,950 Plus Deliver Yamaha MX100 48 Disklavier (Player) Upright Piano Polished Ebony Finish. The famous model U1 (48 piano with Disklavier player system in good playing condition. Very little play. Originally built in 1993 for the U.S. market New list price is $24.000! Piano& Disklavier are set up for professional play

For a number of years, the E3 had been the standard Disklavier version in the U.S. In 2016, it was replaced by the ENSPIRE. The ENSPIRE is available in the larger Yamaha upright models and in nearly all of the grand models, and is offered in three system variations: CL, ST, and PRO Yamaha Disklavier Grand Pianos-Your Orchestra Starts Here. eBay is proud to sell Yamaha Disklavier grand pianos on their site. For a great price, you can purchase this used classic upright instrument that has been well played but is still ready for more musical tunes

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DGB1K ENST ENSPIRE ST. Model: DGB1K ENST Size: 5 feet Finish Shown: Polished Ebony Price: $28,599.00 Visit the store closest to you for best price and to test drive this model; About: More than just a player piano, the Disklavier ENSPIRE ST was built with the listener and the player in mind.Fully integrated record and playback functionality, as well as Yamaha's patented SILENT Piano technolog Yamaha Piano Radio and Disklavier TV let you stream any one of 30 channels of music and hundreds of videos directly to your piano, 24/7/365. And it's the only service that streams live performances from the concert stage directly to your living room

Design Integrated Player Pianos. The original Yamaha Disklavier, which made its debut back in 1986, introduced the world to the wonder of traditional pianos equipped with integrated digital electronics for recording, auto playback and more. Since that time, these computer-age 'player' pianos have evolved into instruments of truly remarkable. Yamaha DU1 48 Disklavier ENSPIRE Upright Piano. Building upon Yamaha's most requested piano - the Yamaha U1 - the DU1 packs all the features of the Disklavier ENSPIRE system into an upright piano cabinet. It can teach you to play hit songs simply by wiggling the key you're supposed to play and waiting for you to play it Yamaha Disklavier Disklavier ENSPIRE The Disklavier ENSPIRE is the 7th generation of Disklavier pianos and offers an immersive new user experience as well as exciting new ways to listen, learn and play the most advanced instrument on the market

MSRP starting from: $27,399.00 This Disklavier™ E3 model is a superb Yamaha U1 Upright Piano, that offers outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured, which ALSO incorporates a highly accurate record-capable reproducing player system for entertainment and educational uses Each Disklavier comes with matching bench, Yamaha's 10-year parts and labor warranty and Piano Solutions' Lifetime Full Trade-up Guarantee. Pianos are fully prepped and tuned prior to delivery by an on-site technician, with a second complimentary onsite tuning within 60 days after delivery

Disklavier Model: Model Years: DKC-800 Remote: PPR-200E (IR type) 48 upright piano separate control unit no silent system: DU1E3 (E3 series) 2012-present: DKC55RCD Remote: PPR-102E (IR type) 48 upright piano separate control unit silent system: DU1A (Mark III series with silent system) 2007-2012: DKC50R Remote: PPR-100 (IR type) 45 or. 2008 Yamaha DU1A Disklavier upright. This Yamaha Disklavier piano (with Silent feature ) will do it all! 2) Enjoy the Disklavier and let the piano play for you! 3) Activate the Silent Feature and enjoy your music through headphones! 4) Record and play back your music. Speed it up, slow it down, change keys, mute and more Yamaha 'Disklavier' upright and grand pianos have an exhaustive array of options which can be commanded by your Ipad including record and silent options. Bosendorfer have their 'Ceus' system which is considered to house the most sophisticated playback technology currently on the market whilst PianoDisc have a huge range of retrofit.

Who wouldn't want to save 20k? And that's exactly what will happen when you buy this pre-owned Yamaha MX100 piano! Built in 1994, this 48 professional upright piano not only boasts the same specifications as Yamaha's famous U1, it's also equipped with a Disklavier system, enabling a bevy of features including song recording, editing, and the ability to play disks for your listening enjoyment Yamaha (3) PRICE. PRICE Facet Value. More than $500 (3) More than $500 DU1EN - Disklavier Upright Piano. DU1EN $25,600.00 to $26,300.00 Add To Compare Compare. All prices are in local currency (Singapore Dollars) with GST, exclude delivery and handling charges..

At the heart of every Disklavier is a beautifully crafted Yamaha acoustic piano. The Disklavier's sophisticated key and pedal drive systems allow it to reproduce every detail of the original performance. DSP servo technology makes use of the Disklavier's optical sensors during playback, monitoring and verifying key, hammer and pedal movement in. The Disklavier Enspire DU1ENST is the first upright piano with the Yamaha Disklavier Player Piano System. Only available on new select pianos from Yamaha the Disklavier Player System is the best piano reproducing system on the Market and has been for over 30 years 1990 Yamaha MX100B Upright Piano Disklavier #4908224 - Ebony - Excellent. Yamaha has become one of the most beloved piano markers in music history. The coupling of industry-leading manufacturing techniques with old-world craftsmanship has won them a near-permanent place in the hearts of pianists the world over The Yamaha Disklavier DU1E3 can be regarded as one of the crown jewels in the company's Professional Upright Collection. Designed to be used in music schools, performance halls, or recording studios, the DU1E3 with its upright design is a compact yet sophisticated and powerful instrument with outstanding playback and recording features Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. Simply Sinatra - Yamaha Disklavier Compatible Player Piano Music on 3.5 DD 720k Floppy Disk. 3.9 out of 5 stars 49. $29.99 $ 29. 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Aug 5. $4.57 shipping

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Yamaha makes their non-Japanese manufactured pianos just good enough. Characterized as pianos made for a price point and not for their musicality. Pre-owned Yamaha Pianos With Transferable Warranties. At Hollywood Piano we specialize in Yamaha pianos made in Japan only. These pianos are proven to be the best Yamaha pianos made This system allows you to connect to disklavier radio, record and playback, and even use your piano as a midi controller. This piano utilizes all of the DKC-850 features except smart key . Piano Comes With. -Bench. -DKC-850 Disklavier Control Box. -460 songs from Yamaha. -Yamaha msp3 - powered speaker. -original DKC 500r XG DISKlavier control. One Owner, 1990 Yamaha 48 Upright with Disklavier Player System- For sale at http://www.americanmusicworld.com/yamaha%20mx1 Perfect Working Condition! The M.. Controller for Yamaha Disklavier pianos. Includes mounting bracket. This is a discontinued, hard-to-find item. New cost was $1,595. It is a specialized item but it's the right tool for the job to control Yamaha's acoustic, electronically actuated player pianos. Comes with everything pictured

Pre loved Yamaha MX100 Disklavier self player upright piano.This piano can play by itself, or you can just play it as a normal piano.You can even record your.. The Yamaha DGC1 ENST takes the affordability of the Yamaha GC1 piano and elevates it with empowering Disklavier ENSPIRE ST technology.. Dimensions: 5'3″ L x 59″ W x 40″ H Model: Yamaha DGC1 ENST Cabinet: Polished Ebony, Satin Ebony, American Walnut, Polished Mahogany, Polished Walnut, Polished White The Yamaha DGC1 ENST is available to test out at any Utah Piano Gallery location Piano Size: 52″ Upright Piano. 52″ Upright Piano. Meticulously crafted from the finest materials, the YUS5 offers a refined look in an elegant upright design that delivers expressive control, superb sound and natural touch through Yamaha's own Ivorite keyboard

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  1. The only premium Yamaha upright piano to offer Yamaha's world-famous Disklavier technology, the DYUS1 Yamaha Disklavier premium upright piano is the perfect combination of premium crafting and cutting-edge technology. It can teach you to play hit songs simply by wiggling the key you're supposed to play and waiting for you to play it
  2. Yamaha Upright MX85 Disklavier Piano Yamaha. $3,499.00 Be the first to leave a review. Current Stock: SKU: CONSOLE3833 Condition: Used Shipping: Calculated at Checkout. Product Is Currently Unavailable. Call For More Information - 844-251-1922 Add to Wishlist Create Wishlist required. Make wishlist public.
  3. A Yamaha model MX-100A in superb condition. It is evident this piano has had very little use, is almost like new. Priced to sell. This model has the specifications of a Yamaha U1 48 upright, with the bonus of a player system added. Can be enjoyed as a professional instrument as well as an autoplayer piano
  4. Yamaha Disklavier: As Yamaha advanced its digital piano and keyboard capabilities in the 1980s, it launched the Disklavier line of acoustic pianos with recording and playback capabilities. Players get the feel of a grand or upright, while electronic sensors and solenoids sense the movement and touch on keys, hammers and pedals
  5. The item Yamaha MX80 PIVWH Disklavier Player Piano White Upright Piano is in sale since Wednesday, May 26, 2021. This item is in the category Musical Instruments & Gear\Pianos, Keyboards & Organs\Pianos\Grand & Baby Grand Pianos
  6. Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. Simply Sinatra - Yamaha Disklavier Compatible Player Piano Music on 3.5 DD 720k Floppy Disk. 3.9 out of 5 stars 49. $29.99 $ 29. 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Aug 5. $4.57 shipping

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this yamaha u1 upright disklavier piano mx300 serial number 4808862 is around 19 years old. it is in stunning as new condition. inside and out and finished in a very rare walnut case. the piano will record and playback what you play. the disklavier control box is built in to the piano and comes full manual Low prices on school supplies. 1-48 of 96 results for yamaha disklavier Isadar - Active Imagination (Yamaha Disklavier PianoSoft Player Piano Music Software compatible) on 3.5 2DD 720kb floppy disk. by Yamaha PianoSoft Disklavier. Diskette. Isadar - The Journey (Yamaha Disklavier PianoSoft Player Piano Music Software compatible) on 3.5. Disklavier ENSPIRE features popular, award-winning and legendary Yamaha artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Bob James, and Jamie Cullum*. These performances are not simply a rendition of the artist's songs, but exclusive performances by the actual artists themselves, recorded specifically for ENSPIRE

Yamaha also produces a hand-made upright piano, the SU7, to compete with the European dominated high end upright piano market. Grand pianos are also offered in various levels of quality. The entry-level 5' GB1K is the only grand piano produced in Indonesia, representing Yamaha's entry-level option The Yamaha DCFX 9 foot Concert Grand Disklavier™ E3 piano is the flagship of the Yamaha concert series instruments. Beautifully made and with an exquisite tone across the entire dynamic range, the DCFX has the power to project its sound to the furthest reaches of any concert hall Including Cable-Nelson. See separate listing for Disklavier in Buying an Electronic Player-Piano System. However, see below for Disklavier models and prices. Yamaha Corporation of America P.O. Box 6600 Buena Park, California 90622 714-522-9011 800-854-156 GB1 Disklavier . OVERVIEW: More than just a player piano, the Disklavier ENSPIRE ST was built with the listener and the player in mind. Fully integrated record and playback functionality, as well as Yamaha's patented SILENT Piano technology make this instrument the perfect space-saving choice for the growing family, the established hobbyist or the avid listener

Yamaha Disklavier DC7X ENSPIRE PRO. OUR PRICE $ 103,995.00. The pinnacle of reproducing technologies, the ENSPIRE PRO offers the highest resolution recording and playback paired with the highest quality acoustic pianos for those who want nothing but the best. DC7X ENPRO consists of a grand piano C7X Yamaha has the best and longest experience in manufacturing high quality player and recording pianos. Using only the latest digital reproducing technology, they are the standard bearer in the industry. Disklavier also offers the broadest selection of players in all sizes and all price ranges - from the 5' baby grand to the 9' concert grand The Disklavier Enspire DC1X ENST is the first CX series baby grand with the Yamaha Disklavier Player Piano System. Only available on select new pianos from Yamaha, the Disklavier Player System is the best piano reproducing system on the Market and has been for over 30 years. Yamaha DC1X ENST Disklavier Piano MSRP Prices DC1X ENST PE Polished Ebony $55,699 DC1X ENST SE Satin Ebony $55,699 DC1X. Yamaha Disklavier Pianos The most technologically advanced piano in the worldFor more than 30 years, the Yamaha Disklavier has rightfully earned its reputation for being the most popular, most reliable and most award-winning reproducing piano in the world.The only fully-integrated and most accurate high-resolution reproducing piano system available, the Yamaha Disklavier eliminates the control. The Las Vegas Pianos team is available for both virtual and private showroom appointments. For individual and family in-person appointments, we are maintaining social distancing and cleaning pianos thoroughly between customers. For virtual appointments, we have a variety of platform options available. SCHEDULE HERE

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WHAT'S INCLUDED: - Piano Bench - Piano Cover - Piano Heater - 2 Piano Tunings - Free Delivery *Piano Tuning Appointment: Yamaha Technical Center will arrange a tuning appointment within 1 week of delivery, tuning appointment is applicable from Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm) *Complimentary Delivery: Applicable for lift-landing level only. Delivery is from Monday to Saturday (9am to 5pm) COUNTRY. Retail Price New: $90,300. Store Closing Sale Price: $26,666. YAMAHA disklavier. Grand Player Piano Yamaha disklavier - Model DC6X. Mint‡ condition 2016 Yamaha disklavier Semi Concert Grand Player Piano, Model DC6X, Length: 6′ 11″ Exclusive Factory installed Yamaha disklavier Enspire Player System with Optional Record and Silent Piano. The Yamaha Disklavier E3 comes in 11 models - 2 that are upright and 9 that are grand pianos. This entry was posted in Piano Reviews and tagged disklavier , e3 , grand piano , piano , review , upright piano , yamaha on August 20, 2012 by admin Yamaha U1 upright pianos have long been a leading choice for educational institution, professional musicians and the family home. Buy a Yamaha U1 piano today from A. Hanna & Sons Pianos and receive: Price Includes: FREE delivery to ground floor (5 miles radius of SW19 1LA) 5 year factory guarantee; FREE first tuning (four weeks after delivery

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  1. The Yamaha M500 is a 44″ tall upright model. Built in Thomaston, Ga., USA. The extra height of this instrument allows for a larger soundboard and longer strings which add a larger tonal dimension and dynamic range from the lowest bass notes to the highest treble. Included are the matching bench with a music storage compartment and one free in.
  2. Orem, Utah. 650 South State Street Orem, UT 84058. Hours: M-F 10am-8pm, Sat 10 am-6pm. 801-224-046
  3. A 1991, Yamaha U30A upright piano with fitted Disk A 1991, i imported these rare cd's from the states for my disklavier piano recently at great cost, but now play everything via bluetooth not disc. currently located in daft eddys restaurant in killinchy but free delivery will be provided withi

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  1. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Yamaha Digital Pianos at Guitar Center. Most orders are eligible for free shipping
  2. UPRIGHT PIANOS. Setting the standard by which uprights are measured. HYBRID. Reimagine the acoustic piano with Yamaha innovations. Disklavier. The world's most advanced piano. SILENT Piano. Silence without sacrifice. TransAcoustic. Transform how you play and practice. Bringing freedom to acoustic performance
  3. In 2004, Yamaha introduced the Mark IV. This system was a high quality consumer model was available on grands and smaller pianos. In 2006, Yamaha introduced the first generation E3 Disklavier in a single upright model (U1) and in the C2 and smaller grand pianos. In 2012, Yamaha replaced the Mark IV series with standard and PRO versions of the E3

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Yamaha DC1 E3 161cm (5'3) size baby grand. Suitability : Advanced to professional level Yamaha Disklavier Pianos combine technology with tradition to open up a whole new world of musical possibilities to explore. And, they are for immediate delivery UK wide from Hanna Pianos in Wimbledon, London. The Disklavier range's new updated range is the ENSPIRE models. This is divided up between the ENSPIRE PRO and the ENSPIRE ST For Priority selection and special pricing, call 614-681-1848. New and used quality pianos from Yamaha, Disklavier, Baldwin, Bösendorfer, and others New Yamaha DU1 Disklavier Enspire Upright Piano This new Yamaha DU1 Disklavier Enspire Upright Piano makes the popular U1 model a full home entertainment system. Available in a range of colours, this compact piano in a traditional style cabinet will suit any home

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  1. The best pianos to get in this price range are Yamaha and Kawai 48 in. to 52 in. upright pianos. These are the instruments that you find in the practice rooms of universities and music schools. At the low end of the price range you find older pianos. I can't recommend any piano older than 1975. There is also a nice subcategory in this price.
  2. For the Yamaha U3 and Yamaha U1 used pianos, produced between 1960 and 2000, the price does not differ significantly. Both models are in the price range between €3,500 - €6,000. For a new instrument we will pay two or three times more - €8,000 - €12,000 for the Yamaha U1 price and €9,000 to €13,000 for a Yamaha U3 piano
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  4. 128554 Yamaha Upright Piano (46.4% similar) It has a missing piece of veneer in the lower right corner, and few scratches dents. It plays beautifully. It was the choir room piano at a local middle school. Yamaha upright piano in oak finish made USA. model it was tuned recently. Contact seller for delivery rate to your location. W
  5. High-quality Yamaha Grand & Upright Pianos for sale at the Chupp's Piano Service Showroom in Goshen, Indiana - Featuring used Yamaha and much more. Give us a call today at 574-831-5820 for all of your piano sales and service needs. Proudly serving Michiana since 1975
  6. Price Reduced! C-1 Disklavier w/Silent Feature - Pristine! $15,000 USD . Steinway M Baby Grand Piano Clear, bright tone, beautiful Yamaha upright . $3,475 USD . piano . $5,000 USD . Kawai K20 Upright Piano.
  7. Only available on select new pianos from Yamaha, the Disklavier Player System is the best piano reproducing system on the Market and has been for over 30 years. Yamaha DGC1 ENST Disklavier Piano MSRP Prices. DGC1 ENST PE Polished Ebony. $41,699. DGC1 ENST SE Satin Ebony

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  1. Home Piano Rentals. Falcetti Pianos offers attractive pricing on a wide-range of pianos, from $59.00 - $179.00 per month for Clavinova, Hybrid and Acoustic models. Rental fees can be applied toward purchase. Read more
  2. In 1900, Yamaha changed the way the world thought about uprights. More than a century later, the company continues to redefine what an upright can be, thrilling players of all levels with rich, resonant tone, reliable action, and incredible value. Yamaha innovations make these pianos better than ever, year after year
  3. price ↑ price ↓ showing Yamaha disklavier Upright piano ( U1 base) $4,995 (lilburn) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $2,150. favorite this post Jul 24 Beautiful Yamaha M500 Console Piano $2,150 (LILBURN) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $2,995
  4. Buy from Yamaha's UK store. Free mainland UK delivery. Yamaha's incredible DGT2A combines full Disklavier III capability, a Yamaha grand piano keyboard assembly and Yamaha's stunning digital piano sound technologies in a compact grand piano-esque cabinet. An extraordinary integration of musical technologies Combining a century of Yamaha acoustic piano expertise with state-of-the-art Yamaha.
  5. Yamaha GB1K Disklavier Enspire Classic - Polished Ebony. sku# PDGB1KENCLPE. Details. IRP. Video. Specifications. The ENSPIRE CL is the perfect experiential centerpiece for any environment. Add a sophisticated, fun or soulful musical ambiance to entertain and enjoy. DGB1K ENCL consists of a grand piano GB1K
  6. How To Use A Yamaha Enspire Disklavier. The Yamaha Enspire Disklavier is the world's most popular reproducing and recording piano. In this video, I'm going to go over setting up your Enspire Disklavier to enjoy listening to your piano play by itself and some of the basic control functions with the free Enspire controller app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

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For owners of older Disklaviers looking for an easy way to upgrade and get the latest technology for their pianos, the wait is over. The DKC-850 Disklavier Control Unit, which we reported on back in January after its unveiling during the NAMM show, is now on sale and ready to give you many of the features of the latest E3 Disklavier models. With the DKC-850, owners of Disklaviers in the Mark. The Yamaha YUS3 is a 52″ upright piano that plays and sounds like a grand piano in every sense. Yamaha's premier 52 upright piano with the sound, touch, and action of a grand piano. The Yamaha U3 is an improved version of their U1 upright piano, with a larger cabinet, soundboard, and better action Used, Yamaha U1 Disklavier Upright Piano . THIS YAMAHA U1 SX101RB1 UPRIGHT DISKLAVIER PIANO this disklavier/silent piano has been well looked after and has been kept in a warm and dry room. - This Yamaha U1 Disklavier Upright are available for collection from Stafford . Can offer local delivery within a 40 mile radius

YAMAHA U1. Designed for the experienced pianist and professional musician, Yamaha U1 upright pianos are made in Japan and feature outstanding tone, touch and durability. A perennial favorite among discerning pianists, U1 upright pianos offer outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which other upright pianos are measured Piano Name: Yamaha Website: Yamaha Model: C1X Made in: Japan Parent Company: Yamaha Corporation Company Location: Japan Length: 5′ 3″ History: In 1887 a watchmaker by the name of Torakusu Yamaha founded Japan's first reed organ company. By 1899 he traveled to the USA to learn how to build pianos and started making grand and upright pianos under the name Nippon Gakki meaning Japanese.

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Disklavier Control Unit DKC-850 Connection Guide DisklavierTV service is available for U.S. customers only. The DKC-850 Disklavier control unit can be connected to several models of Yamaha Disklavier pianos, however, connections and setup procedures vary depending on the piano model. Check the model numbe DGC1MENST Superior Grand piano tone and performance from a baby Grand piano made in Japan.Ideal for any player it suits an area where space is limited and provides real value for money. DISKLAVIER Realise the unlimited potential of a piano with a full recording and playback system and a silent function available for headphone play.Simple panel operation or control from your device via the. Yamaha Pianos For Sale - Free UK Delivery. Order one of our 22 Yamaha pianos for sale and get free UK delivery 19th - 23rd Jul. Call 0161 213 9402, 020 7060 5889, or mgpianos@gmail.com. Mark & Julie Goodwin :) 100-Day Trial with 100% Moneyback Guarantee. 0% Finance up to £4500 available over 18 Months

1728 SAN PABLO AVENUE, OAKLAND CA | (510) 547-8188. SF OPERA SALE. YAMAHA HOLIDAY SALE. THE WORLD'S LEADING PIANO MANUFACTURER. As an authorized dealer, Piedmont Piano stocks Northern California's largest selection of Yamaha grand, baby grand, upright and console models, as well as all Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos and Disklavier digital. Yamaha YPG535 Portable Grand Piano Package. Your purchase includes One Yamaha Portable Grand Piano, YPG535 model | Music Rest, Power Supply (PA-150), Sustain Pedal (FC5), Owner's Manual and CD-ROM. Piano dimensions (with stand) - 53-1/3 W x 30-1/2 H x 19-1/8 | Weight (with stand) - 37 lbs. | Display Size - 320 x 240 dots Yamaha and Steinway Piano Store. Buy New & Used Upright or Grand Pianos. Acoustic and Digital Piano Prices | New York New Jersey Connecticut

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YAMAHA U1E PE Piano Black UPRIGHT PIANO REFURBISHED PIANO. Size:127 (H) x 152 (W) x 61 (D)cm. Weight: ~220kg. Keys: 88. Pedals: 3. Finishing: Black Polished. Warranty: 5 years (on parts) RM8,900.00. YAMAHA U1E WH Piano White UPRIGHT PIANO REFURBISHED PIANO Yamaha U1 Specifications. 48/121cm Height. 88 keys made from acrylic resin. 3 pedals (damper, muffler, soft) Soft-close fallboard. 228kg Weight. RRP; around $8,000. As you can see, a fairly standard set of specifications for an upright piano. However, this is anything but a standard piano Yamaha has over 100 years of experience manufacturing acoustic pianos and at its height, produced about 250 thousand pianos annually. With high production comes high visibility so it's no surprise Yamaha is a well-recognized brand. If a Yamaha piano is what you're looking for, save money and purchase a used Yamaha piano

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YAMAHA GB1K - NOW $14,495 The Most Affordable Yamaha Grand Piano Ever! We Price Match! Yamaha's uncompromising insistence on superb sound and resonance, available at a price suitable for smaller budgets. Incorporating the exceptional design concept of Yamaha's coveted C Series, the beautiful GB1 produces a broad dynamic range with superb sound The DKC-900 lets your Disklavier do more than simply play back piano songs. It also lets it recreate performances by top artists—many recorded exclusively for Yamaha. Whether it's an ensemble, orchestra, or vocal performance, you'll be immersed in pure musicality What are Yamaha Disklavier and Clavinova Digital Pianos? The Disklavier is a real acoustic piano that has electromechanical solenoids for playback and electronic sensors for recording. The sensors record the movements of the keys, pedals, and hammers and save the recording to a file Description. Another like-new Yamaha Disklavier Player Grand Piano! Plays floppies of which many are included including Jazz, Frank Sinatra, Ragtime, Popular Songs, Love tracks and more.. and many are on eBay for cheap! Awesome choice as new Disklaviers sell in the $30K's and up! Video of the piano in action is below, playing part of Gershwin. Disklavier DU1E3 Upright Piano - Pianos at West Music An intelligent alternative for those who want an unprecedented range of playback and recording features in an easy to use E3 Disklavier system. The original Yamaha Disklavier, which made its debut back in 1986, introduced the world to the wonder of traditional pianos equipped with integrated.

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Yamaha U1 1976 Studio Upright Piano. This Yamaha U1 1976 Studio Upright Piano is an excellent choice for a home or studio. The Yamaha U1 Model Piano is one of the most popular pianos built in the world, heralded for its quality, consistency, and durability. Come try this Piano out today With Yamaha's uncompromising insistence on superb sound and resonance, the GB1K is available at a price suitable for smaller budgets. The compact size of the GB1K makes it perfect for any room. Incorporating the exceptional design concept of Yamaha's coveted C Series, the beautiful GB1 produces a broad dynamic range with superb sound It can be confusing shopping for Yamaha pianos because there are so many models. This piano has a cousin that made in Japan which is GA1 and a long distance cousin made in Indonesia, the GB1K, which is a smaller piano that is designed as a cheaper price point, promotional instrument Yamaha Clavinova CVP-809 Grand Piano with bench - (Polished Ebony) 88-key Digital Grand Piano with Wooden Keys, Linear Graded Hammer Action, Onboard Digital Effects, Color Touch Panel, Accompaniment Styles, Follow Lights Library, and Stereo Speaker System - Polished Ebony. $15,999.99. Or $2,667/month§. for 6 months‡ i The Yamaha SH Silent system is the first and only silent system in the industry to be equipped with an incredible sound sampled from the Yamaha CFX full-size concert grand piano. GB1K Yamaha's uncompromising insistence on superb sound and resonance, available at a price suitable for smaller budgets



1) Yamaha has made the U1 for half of a century worldwide without changing the model. Very few manufacturers have models that have been available even a fraction of the time. 2) The Yamaha U1 does have an excellent reputation for being a terrific, durable, professional upright piano so it stands to reason that it is highly requested

Yamaha GB1K SC2 | Miller Piano Specialists - Nashville'sNew / Used Yamaha MX-80 PE | Upright Pianos, Used PianosSchubert piano - pre- owned - priced to sell - russian oak