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Elektrotechnische Groothandel Voor 20:00 besteld, Morgen Geleverd. Voor 20u besteld is morgen ontvangen 50. 5% coupon applied at checkout. Save 5% with coupon. FREE Shipping. (6) Large Flowering Stargazer Lily Bulbs. Pink Oriental Lily, Beautiful Perennial for Any Garden, SeedsBulbsPlants&More. 3.1 out of 5 stars. 53. $25.15 Lilies do best in full sun but they can tolerate some shade. Lilies look very nice when planted in groups of 3-5 bulbs, space them about 12 inches apart so they have room to grow. Small lily bulb varieties should be planted 2- to 4-inches deep, and larger lily bulb varieties should be planted 6-inches deep Stargazer is one of many hybridized from the world-famous species, Lilium speciosum rubrum, the wild red lily of Japan. But this one has become everyone's favorite because it's the lily that has everything. It is incredibly beautiful, very easy to grow, not too tall and has strong stems

#77001 - Bulk Stargazer Lilies (100 bulbs) If there is a gardener out there who doesn't appreciate the beauty of the Stargazer Lily, we haven't found them Stargazer Lily Description. Nothing in the garden looks lovelier or smells sweeter. Exotic-looking Oriental produces colourful, fragrant blooms in abundance. Huge 6-7 flowers face upward. With their breathtaking beauty and sweet perfume, Oriental lilies are the perfect choice for adding showstopping appeal to your garden or landscape Shop Lily Stargazer. One of the most popular lilies of all time, loved by gardeners and florists alike. Stargazer has big, upward-facing flowers on sturdy, 3-foot stems. A long-lasting lily in the garden and in a vase. Blooms mid to late summer Calla Lily Bulbs,A Special Upright Flower is Planted in The Yard/Calla Lily Bulbs blue/yellow-10Bulbs,1 Mixed Calla Lilies Value Pack (5 Bulbs Per Package) - Bright Colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink 4.3 out of 5 stars 12

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'Stargazer' lily (Lilium 'Stargazer') is a prominent member or the oriental lily group.In the classification system used by the American Lily Society and other organizations, 'Stargazer' falls into Division 7, which includes hybrids created from a select group of eastern Asian species, including as L. auratum, L. speciosum, and L. japonicum).Oriental lilies are known for having large bowl. Large White Stargazer Lily Flower, Faux, Artificial, Wedding Flowers - 35 Tall. FlowerFantaSee. 5 out of 5 stars. (729) $13.45. Favorite. Add to. Tango Lily Red & Black JUMBO SIZE BULBS plant now for flowers this spring/summer Different Colors of the Stargazer Lily. Stargazer lilies (Lilium orientalis Stargazer) are large, showy Oriental lilies originally developed in Arcata, California, in the mid-1970s. Named. 1-Pack Stargazer Oriental Lily Bulbs (L2564) Subject to credit approval. Get 5% off your eligible purchase or order charged to your Lowe's Advantage Card. Valid for purchases in US stores and on Lowes.com. 5% discount will be applied after all other applicable discounts. Customer must pay applicable sales tax

Add to. 3 BULBS 'Stargazer' Lily + FREE Gift cutting! Lilium 'Stargazer' Oriental Lily Bulbs Oriental Lily Plant White Lily Bulbs Lily Plant. FromdiVineOrganics. 5 out of 5 stars. (895) $14.99 FREE shipping. Favorite. Add to To grow Stargazer lilies in containers, you will need a pot about 7 (17 cm) in diameter. Choose soil that is slightly acidic to neutral which drains well. Put your oriental lily bulbs about 6 into the soil and water well. The best time to plant Stargazer lily bulbs in pots is in the spring This handsome, upward facing Oriental Lily is ideal for growing in gardens, patio pots, along foundations, walks or driveways. The Stargazer Lily has a fresh, pleasant fragrance and makes long-lasting cut-flower bouquets. Provides a profusion of flowers in June and July. 10-12 cm bulbs. Attracts hummingbirds, good for cutting Q. I planted `Stargazer' lily bulbs in March, and they came up nicely in May and started to bud. However, the foliage on many plants begin to yellow and drop Oriental Lily Bulbs - Stargazer - Fall Planted Lilies One of the most popular Oriental Lilies of all time! Stargazer is a staple of florists and gardeners alike! Bold and beautiful, with a one of a kind scent that can't be beat, if Stargazer Lilies aren't already a part of your perennial garden, they should be

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Even in the colorful, fragrant, enchanted realm of oriental lilies, Stargazer is a stunning standout. Ever popular in the garden, and prized as a cut flower, this gorgeous variety boasts bright crimson blossoms distinctly edged in white and a spangle of pink speckles. This dwarf hybrids large, richly colored 4-5 blossoms impart deep, sensuous. 1. Plant stargazer lily bulbs 4 to 6 inches deep, with 8 to 12 inches of space between each bulb. The plant prefers rich, well-drained soil. If the soil is poor, dig in 3 to 5 inches of decomposed.

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About Lilies Lilium is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants growing from bulbs, all with large prominent flowers. Lilies come in a plethora of colours and types, from exotic-looking stargazer lilies with painted petals speckled in both light and dark dots, to elegant white lilies that sparkle with pure white petals and red stamens Lily bulbs look somewhat like other flowering bulbs--they have roots on one end and a point at the other--but are actually grown through a different mechanism than daffodils or tulip bulbs. Lily bulbs are actually non-tunicate tubers, meaning they don't have a protective papery cover. Lilies form bulbils at the base of the leaf axils on the.

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  1. Reviews (1) Stargazer Lilies are the most popular variety of Oriental Lily bulbs! Plant these Stargazer Lily bulbs this fall for blooms the following summer. A strong perennial that will return for years after planting. Highly fragrant large pink star shaped blooms have speckles and spots in mid-summer
  2. Pink Oriental Lily Bulbs - Pink Stargazer Lily - 3 Bulbs Michigan Bulb $ 8.29. CONNEXITY coyote_sc Michigan Bulb Company. Pink Lily Bulbs - Silly Girl Lily - 3 Bulbs Michigan Bulb $ 13.49. Blue Camas Lily Bulbs - 10 Bulbs Michigan Bulb $ 4.79. CONNEXITY coyote_sc Holland Bulb Farms. Mixed Double Oriental Lilies - 3 Bulbs Per Package.
  3. Buy Top Quality Flower bulbs in bulk quantities, direct from Dutch growers! On stock, large variety and quick delivery! Easy ordering in our web shop. B2B and B2C
  4. The lilies have six plain or strikingly marked tepals ('petals') and are often trumpet-shaped, sitting on a tall, erect stem with narrow, long, lance-shaped leaves. They come in many beautiful colours, including pink, blue, red , orange, and white. Bonus Option Includes: 20 x Blue Lily Bulb Seeds. 20 x Bonus Mystery Seeds (Worth $7
  5. 28-36 tall. Oriental Lily 'Stargazer' has large fragrant flowers with a deep pink strips and speckles giving the flower the look of stars in the sky. A classic beauty. Oriental lilies enjoy full to part sun in compost enriched acidic garden soil and are cold hardy in zones 3-9. They often have huge flowers and taller varieties benefit from staking, especially if you live in a windy area.
  6. Stargazer lily bulbs can be planted in either the early spring or the fall. To plant stargazer lily bulbs, choose a spot that gets direct or partial sun and that has soil that is moist but not saturated. If planting in a container, make sure that there is enough room for the roots to grow and that drainage holes are present

Golden Stargazer Oriental Lily Bulbs. Golden Stargazer Fragrant Oriental Lily Bulbs can be placed as focal points. It is the first Oriental lily. Also, a long bloom period in the garden, long life as a cut flower. Moreover exquisite coloring and form. Together with exceptional hardiness. Equally, producing compact perennial plants with 18″ stems Blue-green mold on stored lily bulbs; should I be concerned? This is simply a Penicillin mold, which does not harm bulbs. Lilies are very high in sugar content (their stored food for the next season's growth) and during storage Penicillin growth often appears where there might have been a small harvesting bruise Lily bulbs love acidic soil, similarly preventing lily plant problems or oriental lily problems. And should be at the 6.2 to 6.5 level to prevent lily problems. Likewise, test every year. And adjust, if needed. Like all living things, a healthy vigorous plant is much more resistant to disease or insects Welcome to B&D Lilies® Fall Catalog listing .Orders received during summer are processed by date received and we begin charging cards within our internal system late July to early August. Your credit card charge or canceled check will lock in those bulbs for you. We will begin shipping lily bulbs (Priority Mail) the week of October 11 when the bulbs are mature and can be dug and packaged, in.

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Lily Bulbs. Grow a variety of lily bulbs to create stunning splashes of bright colour across your garden in summer. Oriental lilies grown in patio pots are firm favourites for their powerful and seductive scent. Giant lilies make a stunning focal point at the back of flower borders, while dwarf varieties, like Lily 'Dazzler', make colourful ground cover Lily bulbs grow in a continuous cycle throughout the year and how you treat the plant after flowering determines how the following season will turn out. Lilies are a popular group of flowers because of the beautiful and sometimes fragrant blooms. There are different types of lilies including Oriental, Trumpet, Asiatic, and Daylilies Find all bulk bulbs and plants for spring shipping here. Pricing is per half bushel and per variety (quantity discounts apply). Display: 6 12 24 48 96. Add All To Cart. Image. Product. Add. Stock Light pleasing fragrance. The LA Hybrid Lily bulbs you buy from us will be 12-14cm in size. Hardy to zones 3 through 10. Orienpet Lilies . An American hybrid lily, Orienpet Lilies combine the stature of the Chinese Trumpet Lily with the exotic beauty of the Oriental Hybrid Lily. The Orienpet Lily bulbs you buy from us are 12-14cm in size

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Check out our blue stargazer lily bouquet selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our bouquets shops ; Low prices on school supplies. 1-48 of 100 results for stargazer lily bulbs Stargazer Oriental Lilies (12 Bulbs) - Freshly Dug Bulbs. 4.0 out of 5 stars 660. $19.79 $ 19. 79 Lily Bulbs for Sale at Van Meuwen. Lily bulbs are easy to grow and their large, showy blooms will lend an exotic feel to your garden. From dwarf ground-cover lilies to giant tree lilies, you're sure to find the perfect lily for your garden in our superb value range. Visit now for great offers HOW TO PLANT LILIES. Lilies look best planted in groups of 3 or more bulbs, spaced 6 to 8 apart on center. Loosen the soil to a depth of 8 to 12 and then dig a 6 deep hole. Put the lily bulb in the bottom of the hole and cover it with soil. Water only if the soil is dry A complete fertilizer, such as Vegetable 5-10-10 or a complete Rose food formula, is first applied when the sprouts begin to emerge, and again just as the flowers are opening.Choose a brand where the first number (nitrogen) is lower because with a high nitrogen content lily bulbs will grow nice leaves but not good flowers - and growing too fast from high nitrogen fertilizers weakens the bulb's.

Welcome to The Lily Nook. New Website: www.thelilynook.com. Mail order Lily Bulbs - Largest selection of lily bulbs available! Asiatic lilies, Martagon lilies, Trumpet lilies, Oriental lilies, Interdivisional hybrids and species lilies! Lilium Specialists: 25 Years in the mail order Lily Business   TOP QUALITY LILY BULBS FROM A GOLD MEDAL WINNER If you are new or experienced to growing lilies, there are so many to choose from and you will find our lily bulbs so easy to grow. Our large selection of lilies range from Orientals to Asiatics to Tree lilies and many more. For helpful tips on growing lily bulbs, please refer to our 'Planting & Growing Instructions' and '.

Bulbs (1305) Bulbs - Autumn Flowering (25) Bulbs - Spring Flowering (656) Bulbs - Summer Flowering (624) Arum Lilies (4) Calla Lilies (59) Dahlias (131) Gladioli (111) Hippeastrum (133) Liliums (137) AOA Liliums (4) Asiatic Liliums (10) Double Liliums (3) LA Hybrid Liliums (20) Lilium Showbags (4) Longiflorum Liliums (1) Oriental Liliums (14. How to Grow Stargazer Lily. The proper planting time is spring or fall. In a sunny garden bed with well-drained soil, plant clusters of three or five bulbs 4 to 6 inches deep, spaced 6 to 8 apart. Plant the root side of the bulb down, pointy side up. Allow at least 12 to 14 between clusters

Lily Bulbs Planting Guide. One look at these radiant blooms, and you'll quickly understand why they've been a favorite of many for more than 3,000 years. Lilies boast breathtaking flowers in an astounding array of sizes, colors, and forms that are excellent for cutting and exhibit delightful fragrances. Take part in a tradition that extends. Stargazer Lily Bulb. The second picture is of Dark Purple Poppy is also available for sale. The third picture is of Drama Queen Poppy and available for sale. The fourth picture is of China Blue Poppy also available for sales Probably the most popular lily in the world, this versatile bulb is especially easy to grow. So fragrant, the perfume of just one bloom can fill a whole room. Home » Flower Bulbs » Lily Bulbs » Stargazer Lily . Stargazer Lily . Most fragrant lily. Opens a dialog Opens a dialog Opens a dialog Opens a dialog Browse lily bulbs for sale online today! Lily flowers come in a range of unique different types and can bring color, interest and style to your garden. Browse lily bulbs for sale online today! Live Help. 800 552-9996 | X. Enter Item Number or Keywords. Plant Finder. 0 Item(s) $0.00 0 Fall Planting. Available for pre-ordering for fall delivery..

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3. Dig a hole. Lilies like the sun, but their bulbs prefer to stay cool during the summer. Digging a hole about 12 to 15 inches (30 to 38cm) deep, and keep in mind that deeper is better—not only will the bulbs be protected from potentially hot summers, it will also provide good support for the stems Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 50pcs RARE Oriental Lily Blue Stargazer Scented Bulbs Seeds Plants Garden Flower at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products

How to grow lilies in the garden. Plant the bulbs any time from now until March (autumn is preferred), in sun or partial shade, with 15cm (6in) of soil above them in rich, fertile but well-drained conditions. I feed mine every two weeks from flowering until they start to deteriorate. Don't forget to deadhead 53658-38-58-844. $43.70. A favorite Oriental lily for decades, Stargazer's exotic looking with deep pink flowers that are edged in white and have elegantly recurved petals. Butterflies and hummingbirds love them! Stargazer makes a beautiful background for your flower borders and is unsurpassed for cutting Purchase our Lily Tree Mix. Produces wilt-free petals that reach up to 8 across and come in a variety of rich colors. These 4-6' tall beauties reach 3 1/2. The Stargazer Oriental Lily is well known for its delicate scent and rich color. Deep raspberry red flowers with white margins. Size: 14/16 cm Plant: 1 Bulbs Per Sq Ft Bloom Time: Early Summer Planting Depth: 4-6 Height: 30-36 Zone: 2-9 Exposure: Sunny / semi-sunn

Blue Stargazer Lily. Saved by Gregory Jones. 3.2k. Rare Flowers Bulb Flowers Exotic Flowers Beautiful Flowers Lilies Flowers Blue Lilies Blue Orchids Send Flowers Colorful Flowers. More information... More ideas for yo Tree lilies require similar growing conditions as most other lilies in the garden — well-drained soil and full or partial sunlight. The plant grows in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 8, and may tolerate warmer climates in zones 9 and 10. Plant tree lily bulbs in autumn for blooms the following summer. Plant the bulbs 10 to 12 inches (25. They are also very suitable bulbs for naturalization in the flower border. Once planted, Lily bulbs require very little attention. Very popular are 'Lilium Doubleflowering Must See', with orange- white blooms and the 'Lilium Oriental Stargazer', with striking pink white flowers. And of course, the striking white 'Madonna Lily' Planting tips: Plant lilies in a berm or raised bed to ensure proper drainage. Lilies look best when planted in clusters of three or more bulbs. In areas of high rainfall, plant lily bulbs on their side to prevent rotting. If you have naturally acidic soil, add some garden lime to the planting hole

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Lily Stargazer is a real evergreen amongst lilies and it might be one of the most well-known varieties of oriental lilies. The more reasons why it cannot be missing from our product range. This variety steals the show in your garden with its extravagant pink shades and white edges with dark pink spots, which give this flower a playful look Dutch Lily Days . Dutch Lily Day 2021; Dutch Lily Days 2020; Dutch Lily Days 2019; Dutch Lily Days 2018; Dutch Lily Days 2017; Dutch Lily Days 2016; Tulip Trade Event . Tulip Trade Event 2021; Tulip Trade Event 2020; Tulip Trade Event 2019; Tulip Trade Event 2018; Tulip Trade Event 2017; Bot History; Contac Want lily bulbs for blooming next summer in your garden? You can order off this smaller website in a couple of weeks, where all the varieties are shown as one long list (orders will go directly to the B&D Lilies® office) - or click Current Inventory to be be automatically redirected to our main website, with additional information on growing lily bulbs and companion planting under extras Please note: Our spring 2021 shipping season has ended. Orders placed now will be for fall shipping. Thank you! For 42 years 'The Lily Garden' has been specialized in unique garden lilies mainly bred and grown by master hybridizer Judith Freeman.In recent years we added a large selection of unique Crocosmia hybrids and Peonies and exclusive varieties bred by Johan Mak

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  1. Van Zyverden | Darkest Blue Anemones Wind Flower Bulb - Set of 25 . shop now. Michigan Bulb Company | Fragrant Oriental Lily Mixed Bulb - Set of 10 . shop now. Touch Of ECO | Giant Stargazer Oriental Flower Lily Bulb - Set of 12 . shop now. Van Zyverden | Dormant 'Paperwhite' Narcissus Bulb Ki
  2. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 50pcs Oriental Lily Blue Stargazer Scented Flower Bulbs Seeds Garden Plants at the best online prices at ebay
  3. Lilies are one of the truly great garden plants for their flower forms, diversity, extended season of bloom, graceful stature, and reliable disposition. Their bulbs can be planted in spring for bloom the same year, or in fall for bloom the following year. The sequence of bloom begins in early summer with the colorful Asiatics, Martagon Lilies.
  4. g in midsummer, a few weeks after the Asiatics. Their flowers have thick, waxy petals and deep trumpets, and come in colors including white, cream, yellow, peach and pink. Most trumpet lilies grow 5 to 6 feet tall and are best planted near the back of perennial borders
  5. The Citronella (Asiatic Lily) is a golden flower with speckled recurved petals. These lilies do not face up towards the sun as they are pendent. Mature bulbs can produce up to 20 blossoms per stem and will multiply to form clumps over the years. Blooms in early to mid-summer; Grows 3-5 feet tall; Grows best in full sun or partial shad

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Farm-fresh bouquets sustainably grown on our Rainforest Alliance Certified farm in Northern California and are cut to order! Our bouquets are perfect to send for a Birthday, Holiday, or just to treat yourself or a loved one. We ship directly from our farm to your door to ensure the you are getting the freshest bloom Oriental Lily Golden Stargazer Bulbs (3-Pack) Golden Stargazer Oriental Lilies are gorgeous Golden Stargazer Oriental Lilies are gorgeous golden flowers that add fragrance to the mid to late summer garden. Known as the first yellow Oriental lily, its large fragrant flowers are prized by florists and loved by butterflies Stargazer Lily features bold fragrant crimson trumpet-shaped flowers with pink overtones, white throats and white edges at the ends of the stems in late summer. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Its narrow leaves remain green in color throughout the season. The fruit is not ornamentally significant. Stargazer Lily is an herbaceous. Lilium 'Star Gazer' (Oriental Lily) Heavily fragrant, spectacular with its flamboyant, crimson-pink flowers adorned with dark spots and white edges, Lilium 'Star Gazer' (sometimes spelt 'Stargazer') is one of the most popular Oriental Lilies. Just look at it and you will understand why! Its abundant and large, bowl-shaped flowers, up to 8 per. The most famous lily, the stargazer is fragrant, has beautiful upright Bloomsz, easy to grow. Has strong stems that makes it perfect for a cut flower arrangement. Their brilliant pink petals are abundantly freckled with dark pink and feature snowy-white edging. Easy to grow. Attract butterflies, fragrant, cut flowers, containers

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This is her original lily, before bees mixed pollen from a near by stargazer lily into the parent plant. Notice how the colors are subdued and very creamy overall. The next photo shows the dramatic change. It is the same lily but a new bulb and shows the flower that has changed color. Look at the difference in color Lilium 'Stargazer' (the 'Stargazer lily') is a hybrid lily of the 'Oriental group'. Oriental lilies are known for their fragrant perfume, blooming mid-to-late summer. Stargazers are easy to grow and do best in full sunlight. They have a fast growth rate and should be planted in full sun in well-drained loamy or sandy soil The Stargazer lily is an Oriental hybrid lily. It offers everything a gardener could ask for from a flower: it is a hardy perennial, very easy to grow and sweetly fragrant. Hybridized by Dr. Leslie Woodriff in 1974, the Stargazer will grow to 30 inches in height and, unlike some lilies, does not require staking. The. so after my stargazer died back to the ground i dug the bulb, now this is the tricky part, since stargazer is an oriental bulb it needs freezing time searching online i found two contradicting guideline in storing bulbs in refrigerator. option 1. > put the bulbs with moist mulch or peat moss in a container with holes

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  1. Rare Lilium Oriental Royal Blue Lily Bulbs Flowers Perennial Fragrance Stargazer. C $16.79 to C $44.82. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. From China. Free shipping. 43+ sold
  2. dful when choosing a spot. If you notice water puddles 5-6 hours after a hard rain, you'll want to find another site or amend the soil with the addition of organic materi
  3. Also, deep planting keeps lily bulbs cool when temperatures soar. Enrich the soil with leaf mold or well-rotted organic matter to encourage good drainage. Learn more about soil amendments and preparing soil for planting. How to Plant Lilies. Plant the bulbs 3 times as deep as the height of the bulb and set the bulb in the hole pointy side up

Trumpet Lilies with large bulbs such as Lilium regale or Lilium 'Pink Perfection' need to be planted more deeply, 6-8 in. (15-20 cm). To accommodate their huge flowers, you need to provide plenty of space and plant them at least 15 in. apart (37 cm). Lily Planting recommendations. Plant your Lily bulbs in spring or fall 2Pcs Lily Bulbs Rare Oriental Blue Heart Lily Flower Light Fragrance, Easy to Plant, Asiatic Lily Exotic Flower Bulbs Hardy Perennial 4.0 out of 5 stars 6 £7.69 £ 7 . 6 Lily Bulbs (20-Count) Add a Colorful Touch to Your Yard. Whether placed in your garden, a planter on the front porch, or a hanging box off the deck railing, these two varieties of perennial lily bulbs eventually bloom to bring lovely pinks and purples to your home, as well as an inviting fragrance These amazing Oriental Lilies are highly fragrant and colourful varieties, flowering in summer (August-September). The colour and markings of Oriental Lilies are very unusual and unique, but still with an abundance of flowers per bulb. Fragrant Oriental Lily bulbs can be planted in late autumn through to spring. We have found 12 Items

Lily bulbs can be grown in borders, between shrubs or in patio containers. Plant a few different lily varieties for fresh cut flowers all summer long, Asiatic Lilies are the first Lilies of the season to flower followed by Turks Cap Lilies, Aurelian Lilies and Tiger Lilies flowering mid summer and Oriental Lilies flower at the end of summer Stargazer lilies are a variety of Oriental Lily, or Lilium. The flowers are large and showy. Each ruffled petal is deep fuschia in the middle and fades to a lighter pink. Stargazer lilies make excellent cut flowers, with their large, bright flowers and sweet scent Mar 25, 2014 - Aqua | teal | blue | stargazer lily | flowe Lilies. Known for their vibrance, fragrance, and versatility, lilies are a popular choice for flower arrangements, no matter the occasion. We carry a variety of lilies including stargazer and Peruvian lily bouquets, so you can find an arrangement that best suits the recipient's style and your special message

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High quality Stargazer Lily-inspired gifts and merchandise. T-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more, designed and sold by independent artists around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Enjoy great deals on Blue Jacket Fragrant Giant Hyacinth - 5 Per Package | Blue | Hyacinthus Orientalis 'Blue Jacket' | Zone 4-8 | Fall Planting | Spring Bulbs at Bing Shopping! Find what you're looking for at a great price today. Stargazer Lilies Super Pack (15 Bulbs) $14.77. HollandBulbFarms. Oriental Lily Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - Stargazer. High quality Stargazer Lilies inspired Art Prints by independent artists and designers from around the world. Break out your top hats and monocles; it's about to classy in here. Printed on 100% cotton watercolour textured paper, Art Prints would be at home in any gallery. But your walls are better. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Lily Bulbs Lily Asiatic Mixed Colour Lilium Bulbs Mixed Lilies,Lily Bulbs for Planting Now Colourful Collection Summer Flowering Bulbs.(Diameter: 12cm.one Bulbs) (Yellow) 1. Lily has an elegant appearance, emerald green leaves and long slender stems. This is a rookie of cut flowers

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Lilies are known to be one of the more fragrant species and if you specifically adore the strong and powerful scent of fresh lilies, choose our stunning stargazer lily bouquet. Our asiatic lily variety or better known as oriental lilies look similar but to compensate for their lack of smell they are said to have stronger stems with thicker yet. For instance, the Peruvian lily developed the meaning of friendship, while white stargazer lilies communicate sympathy. Pink stargazer lilies are associated prosperity and wealth. In addition, lilies of the valley have become a customary gift on the second wedding anniversary of a newlywed couple in order to convey devotion and humility to each.

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