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The Pentacon Six is a high quality medium format single lens reflex camera taking 120 and 220 film for 12 or 24 exposures that are nominally 6cm x 6cm (2¼ x 2¼ inches) - actually 56mm x 56mm, as is standard for medium format cameras.A TTL metering prism (shown on this camera) is available, as well as an enormous range of lenses and other accessories The Pentacon Six mount (abbreviated to P6, or Б in Cyrillic) is a medium format lens mount probably introduced by KW in cooperation with Carl Zeiss Jena. It is used for a wide variety of cameras, among them the Praktisix, Pentacon Six, Exakta 66, Kiev 6C, Kiev 60, Kiev 88CM * and Arax.Lenses were made by Schneider in West Germany, Carl Zeiss Jena in East Germany and Arsenal factory in. K&F M27321 Pentacon 6 Kiev 60 Lenses to Leica R Lens Mount Adapter. - Allow Pentacon 6 Kiev 60 mount lenses used on Leica R mirrorless camera body. - Compatible with Leica R camera includes: Leica R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, R10 etc. - Made of brass and aluminum. Stable, precise and durable construction. Manually operated. Infinity focus allowed The P6 lens mount: 3rd-party compatibility problems. Medium Format Lenses with the Pentacon Six Mount. by TRA. Lens mount Compatibility. The Pentacon Six lens mount was designed by the company KW in eastern Germany in the mid 1950s. It is, unchanged, the mount that they designed for the Praktisix camera. That mount was based on an upscaled.

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The difference is less than 1mm, but with metal on metal, not even brute force will join the two adapters. To understand if the first adapter is too large or if the second adapter is too small, it would be great if by any chance someone could quote me the expected inner diameter of a Pentacon Six mount 4.6 20 Review (s) SKU:KF06.066 ID: M27171. Price: $28.79 $29.90. Shipping: Free shipping to eligible country. Brand: K&F Concept. K&F M27171 Pentacon 6 Kiev 60 Lenses to Nikon F Lens Mount Adapter Allow Pentacon 6 Kiev 60 mount lenses used on Nikon DSLR camera body. KF06.066 Pentacon Six - Fujifilm GFX Adapter. to be used with all Pentacon Six / Exakta 66 / Kiev-60 lenses on Fujifilm GFX 50S / 50R / 100S cameras with tripod base mount for 3/8'' and 1/4'' threads and original front cap. optional: P6-K88 adapter ring to use Kiev-88 mount lenses. FUJI GFX design Pentacon Six mount. The Pentacon Six mount (abbreviated to P6, or Б in Cyrillic) is a medium format lens mount probably introduced by KW in cooperation with Carl Zeiss Jena. It is used for a wide variety of cameras, among them the Praktisix, Pentacon Six, Exakta 66, Kiev 6C, Kiev 60, Kiev 88CM, Hartblei, and Arax

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The Praktisix & Pentacon six series is a medium format film SLR system camera manufactured by KW later VEB Pentacon and Kombinat VEB Pentacon, Dresden, former East Germany and produced between 1957-90.. Arsenal Kiev 60 is also with Pentacon six mount. But there is no relationship between the Praktisix/Pentacon six and the Kiev 6C/60. They share a common lens mount and film size but they are in. Pentacon Six TL Biometar 80mm f/2.8 Kodak Portra 160. The biggest achilles heel is that the lens is extremely flare prone! You won't have to try very hard to get it to flare outdoors. For landscape and architectural subjects, the lens performs well when stopped down from f/8 to f/16

Pentacon Six mount in Wikipedia. The quality of lenses depends from many points, but mostly from correct assembly and alignment. That was the weak point of Russian lenses. That is why they are not expensive. All medium format lenses already out of manufacturing. The last medium format lens was made in 1992 and now all lenses are second hand or. RARE MC Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Biometar 80mm f/2.8 Medium Format Pentacon Six mount. $126.99. Free shipping. or Best Offer. 40 watching. Pentacon SIX TL 6x6 Film Camera Body with TTL PRISM Finder!PARTIAL TESTED,READ. $300.00. $19.95 shipping. or Best Offer. 23 watching. Pentacon F2.8 29mm wide angle lens M42 screw mount 4parts _4122478 The Pentacon Six Tl 9 16 Share Tweet. The Pentacon Six line were cameras made by VEB Pentacon Dresden in the former East German Democratic Republic from the late 1950's to 1990. A professional camera with many accessories and lenses, the bayonet mount and the design of the camera were copied inside and outside Warsaw pact countries

KIPON Lens Mount Adapter for Pentacon Six-Mount Lens. Press. ‎. ‎. for Accessibility for blind people. who use screen readers Pentacon Six / M42. Product description. Products in category. Adapter for medium format lenses with P6 mount (Pentacon 6, Exakta 66, Kiev 60, Kiev 88CM, HARTBLEI 1006), to use on Zenit, Praktica, Pentax M etc. cameras (M42 universal screw mount). Kiev 88 / Pentacon Six mount or a pentacon six mount on a blad and get the best of both worlds, a reliable hasselblad with sharp inexpensive lenses. Is this doable, my engineering sense says yes, but my intuition says that this idea is too good to be true and that someone would hav

The Pentacon 6 is a medium format system camera, a SLR that takes 6×6 pictures on 120 film. It has been called an SLR on steroids. Its predecessor was KW 's Praktisix with which it shares the bayonet mount. The famed Carl Zeiss Jena plant made lenses for this Pentacon Six mount Limited 1-Year B&H Warranty. KIPON PENTACON6-S/E Specs. Adapter. Camera Mount. Sony E. Lens Mount. Pentacon 6/Kiev 60. Physical. Packaging Info Image Lens Mount Filter Size (mm) Arax 80mm f/ 2.8 MC: Pentacon Six: 62: Arax PCS 55mm f/ 4.5 MC Shift: Pentacon Six: 72: Astro-Berlin Pan-Tachar 125mm f/ 2.

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Shooter: 35mm. I see the Pentacon 6 lens to M42 mount adapter is fairly common - does the opposite exist (M42 lens to P6 mount)? I've searched around and don't see anything. Since I have several M42 lenses and a Kiev 60, I want to play with the smaller lens' effects on 6x6 - light fall-off, vignetting or whatever else occurs Pentacon 6 Kiev 60 Lenses to Leica R Camera Mount Adapter - Allow Pentacon 6 Kiev 60 mount lenses used on Leica R mirrorless camera body. - Compatible with Leica R camera includes: Leica R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, R10 etc i also recently bought a Pentacon 135mm in M42 mount that is the older zebra style. For £45 it's not bad at all, especially with the 15 blade bokeh. Not had much chance to use it for portraits yet. Just playing! Mostly adapt EF lenses. The 35mm f/2 IS is the latest. Andre Our Pentacon Six (P6) to Canon (EF/EF-S) Lens Mount Adapter lets you experiment with new lens combinations by pairing any Pentacon Six (P6) mount lens with any Canon (EF/EF-S) mount camera body. Our P6-EF Lens Mount Adapter is manual so most automatic functions - autofocus, AE metering, image stabilization - must be adjusted manually. Firstly, M42 is the Praktica/Pentax screw mount for 35mm cameras - it is not the Pentacon six mount. Secondly, yes, the Carl Zeiss Jena and Kiev 60 lenses for the Pentacon Six can be mounted with a suitable adapter on any 35mm system and also Mamiya 645 and Pentax 645 cameras

NIKON lens to Micro 4/3 or Sony E-mount (NEX). TILT adapter: $73: Pentacon-Six (ARAX) lens to Arri PL adapter: $143: Arri PL lens to Micro 4/3 or Sony E-mount (NEX). TILT adapter: $195: Arri PL lens to Sony F3. TILT adapter: $395: M42 lens to Arri PL camera adapter: $45: T/T2 M42 lens to Arri PL camera adapter: $68: Kiev-88 lens to Pentacon Six. Lenses m42 mount; Lenses m39 mount; Lenses in Nikon AIs mount; Lenses in Nikon/m42 dual mount; Lenses in Pentax-K mount; m39 Zenit Thread Mount; Lenses Pentacon Six mount; Lenses Kiev/Contax RF mount; Lenses C/Y mount; Cameras. LOMO cameras; BeLOMO cameras; SLR cameras; Rangefinders (m39 Leica Thread Mount) Rangefinders(with fixed lens.

this is the adapter to m42 mount (the lens alway go with this m42 adapter) this picture is from others people on the internet. I have just bought a huge and super heavy lens called Pentacon 300mm f4 (19 blades) from my friend in Vietnam, it's cost just 3 million vnđ (arround 130 USD) Lens Mount: Pentacon 6 (Kiev 66) SLR Lens: Body Mount: Nikon F Mount SLR Camera: Product Dimensions: 4.1 (10.5cm) x 3.7 (9.3cm) x 1.7 (4.3cm) @ 0.59 lb (9.5 oz) Shipping Dimensions: 5.1 (13cm) x 4 (10.3cm) x 2.2 (5.6cm) @ 0.875 lb (14 oz) Manufacturer: Fotodiox Inc. Warranty: Limited 24-Month Exakta 66. See also the earlier East German horizontal Exakta 6×6 and vertical Exakta 66. The Exakta 66 is an SLR camera taking 6×6cm pictures on 120 or 220 film. It employs the same lens mount introduced on the Praktisix, one of the last models to do so Adapter Pentacon 6 - Nikon F. SKU: 00002040. $. 39. $. BUY NOW. The adapter is intended for attaching lenses with a Pentacon six mount (Soviet bayonet B, Kiev 6, Kiev 60, P 6, Exakta 66) to Nikon SLR cameras (Nikon F mount). New in packaging, very high quality made / Material - metal Adapters for most popular modern SLR and DSLR cameras with Hasselblad, Canon, Nikon, Arri PL (Red One, Arriflex), Pentacon, Sony, Minolta, Pentax, Zenit

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The most common route taken is to change the mount on a Kiev 88 body, recessing it into the body and converting it to Kiev 60 breech lock mount (as in the Kiev 88CM) or to a Pentacon 6 bayonet twist-and-lock mount (Kiev USA and Hartblei). Without recessing a Kiev 60 or Pentacon 6 lens into the Kiev 88 body or without using a negative element. Pentacon 6 80mm F/2.8 Biometar Jena MC Black/Chrome (Also Exakta 66 Lens) {58} 359703. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. View Details. Out of stock. View Details. Pentacon 500mm f/5.6 Prakticar MC Lens with Tripod Collar {118} with 2x Interchangeable Mounts (M42 Screw Mount, Pentacon Six) 384580. Add to Wish List Add to Compare The lenses were mounted to the camera via a Pentacon 6 - Contax 645 mount adapter. The Hasselblad lenses were attached with a Hasselblad - Contax 645 adapter. There is no known Bronica SQ - Contax 645 adapter, but placing the lenses directly against the Pentacon 6 adapter happened to give perfect infinity focus MIR-38B 65mm f3.5 Medium Format Lens ( Kiev 88 Mount / Pentacon Six Mount )*****I also sell much other films and related productsPlz Click Here For Ou..

This is a Pentacon FM 35mm SLR made by VEB Zeiss-Ikon Dresden in East Germany between the years of 1958 and 1961. This camera is part of the Contax S series which debuted in 1949 as the first German built SLR camera with a fixed pentaprism viewfinder. It is identical to the Contax FM with the only difference being Contax models were sold within. Kiev 6C (Киев 6С), Soviet medium format film SLR camera. 6x6 cm (120 film format), #7803678, Б mount (Pentacon Six, Exakta 66) Arsenal plant, Kiev, USSR. Good condition. Shutter works not properly: at any shutter speed chosen, shutter fires at appr. 1/500 sec, B works properly. Frame-counter and depth of field preview work properly Mount: Pentacon Six: Type: Full Frame: Selling a Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar f2.8 80mm Lens. This is the Zebra version. Serial Number: 9004409. This lens is in amazing working condition for its age. The focus runs smoothly throughout, the aperture has been de-clicked and dampened for video use as well

Attention ULF (that's Ultra Large Format, y'all) shooters! If you've got a big one, now is the time to take action We are taking orders for @ilfordphoto and their special campaign with FP4, HP5 Plus and Delta 100 films in virtually any crazy format you can imagine! Deadline for orders is August 20th so order your special 4x10, 12x20, 5x12, 14x17, 8x16 with us now -- write for prices. But, today when I tried using an adapter on an EOS 1n film camera it didn't work correctly. I was able to mount the Pentacon 6 lens on the camera just fine. I put the 1n into Manual mode, focused fine, adjusted the exposure as I do with the 5D bodies. But, when I pressed the shutter button the shutter opened and then never closed

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The P6 lens mount: 3rd-party compatibility problems

Praktica Pentacon 80-200mm f4.5-5.6 MC lens PB mount,Praktica Pentacon 80-200mm f4.5-5.6 MC lens PB mount, BX1, BC1, BCA, BX2, : ALSO CARL ZEISS JENNAFLEX SLRs,PRAKTICA PENTACON 80-200mm f4,5-5,6 MC ZOOM LENS PB MOUNT WITH ORIGINAL PRAKTICA FRONT & REAR CAPS LENS HARDCASE AVAILABLE AS AN OPTION FOR £5 WITH LENS SUITABLE FOR MOUNTING DIRECT ONTO CAMERA BODIES WITH A PB MOUNT E,G : PRACTICA. comprare Carl Zeiss Jena Mc Flektogon 4/50mm #6416 For Pentacon Six, Exakta 66, Kiev 60 a partire da soli €154.95 Cameras & Photography Lenses & Filters Lenses Focal Length: 50mm Brand: Carl Zeiss Jena Maximum Aperture: f/4 Lens Mount: Pentacon Six Type: Wide Angle Mount: Does not appl 1924 pentacon 6 e mount 3D Models. Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. Click to find the best Results for pentacon 6 e mount Models for your 3D Printer Mounts Pentacon 6 (Kiev 66) SLR Lenses to Canon EOS (EF, EF-S) Mount SLR Cameras; infinity focus or beyond assured Enhanced craftsmanship and high-tolerance construction for demanding professionals Precise fit and solid connection; lens has no play, gap or wiggling when mounted on adapter and no adjustments require

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PENTACON SIX Pentacon Six to M42 Lens Mount Adaptor -RARE- pound 24 99 This comes in exc conditon This is a working item This is in exc cosmetic. Telephone: 01202 862886 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm GMT. Shopping Cart items: 0 totals: £0.00. Available medium format system mounts: Hasselblad 500, 200 / 2000 series, Mamiya 645 (manual focus only), Pentacon Six (Zeiss Jena), and Pentax 6X7. T2 adapter rings are available for virtually interchangeable lens cameras: Canon, Nikon, Sony A and E mount, Olympus/Panasonic m43, Pentax K, Leica M, Samsung, and legacy 35mm film mounts Leica R.

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Canon EOS D30, Pentacon 50mm f/1.8 at about f/5.6, accidental polariser. Use on digital cameras Warning #1: Full functionality on some cameras will require that you buy an M42 adapter with a chip attached which will tell the camera that you have a lens present Pentacon Prakticar 70-210 mm f/ 4.0-5.6 MC Lens mounts: M42, Praktica B-System 3.8 0 3 Posted by: sibsolo. Add to compare list. Pentacon AV 80 mm f/ 2.8 Lens mounts: Other mount 3.6 0 5 Posted by: Andreas Lindemann. Add to compare list. Pentacon 100 mm f/ 2.8 auto Lens mounts: M42,. Pentacon 500mm F5.6 M42 Mount lens (Pentacon 6 mount also included) Telephoto | Cameras & Photography, Lenses & Filters, Lenses | eBay The Pentacon 500 mm f/5.6 is a super telephoto prime lens with multilayer coating for Pentacon Six and 35 mm SRL cameras with the M42 screw mount. PDF Files: Pentacon 500 mm - User Guide CZ (views: 608) Posted by: photocorner Date of publication: 22.02.201

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I have no connection with any camera Co. On-line camera manual library. Back to main on-line manual page. If you find this manual useful, how about a donation of $3 to: M. Butkus, 29 Lake Ave., High Bridge, NJ 08829-1701. PENTACON six TL. PDF manual. Important parts of the camera. 1 Pentacon had a shorter history then most camera manufactures, but one full of some very interesting cameras. One such camera was the Pentacon Pentina line of leaf shutter SLR cameras produced from 1961 to 1965. Consisting of six to seven models, depending on who you talk to, the Pentina was a short lived camera for Pentacon that saw moderate. #6 I haven't used that adapter, but Mamiya 645 to XF works just fine and the lenses are very high quality, so I expect you should get quality as good as those lenses can produce. Would be nicer if it was a shift adapter, there is a lot of room in the image circle to shift a lens like that since they are made to cover at least 6x6cm

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  1. Home > 35mm > Lenses > Pentacon 300mm f4 manual focus lens for Praktisix/Pentacon Six + Praktisix/M42 mount adapter, rear cap, screw-in lens hood & makers box Pentacon 300mm f4 manual focus lens for Praktisix/Pentacon Six + Praktisix/M42 mount adapter, rear cap, screw-in lens hood & makers box £ 99.0
  2. The Pentacon Six mount is a breech-lock bayonet lens mount originally used by several medium format single-lens reflex cameras from East Germany. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Pentacon Six mount
  3. Medium Format Video Pentacon Six Kipon A7S. A quick test of my set of Zeiss Jena Pentacon Six lenses on the Kipon Baveyes Ultra 0.7x Adapter. The Kipon is Pentax 645 to Leica M. It comes in E mount as well. I'm working on getting these onto the RED next with the DMSC Leica M mount, which will require either a modified Leica M mount or machining.

Pentacon Six to Pentax PK Mount Adapter £ 39.99. 4 in stock. Add to cart. Category: Lens Adapters, Mounts & Tubes. Description; Additional information; Description. Pentacon Six lenses. Pentax PK cameras Pentacon tele lenses 500mm F5,6 and Meyer Orestegor 300mm F4. Originally built by Carl-Zeiss in Jena, this Pentacon 500 lens is very heavy, but optically very good too! Meyer-Optik, another great vintage name for optics was responsible for the Orestegor! As with most East-european tech, the mechanics are strong but not very sophisticated.. Excellent way to add Pentacon 6/Kiev 60 lenses to a Nikon F mount. Build quality feels sturdy & the ring function is smooth. I use this with a Red Scarlet & DSMC Canon EF mount, using a Nikon F to Canon EOS adapter ring. 18/03/2016. Peter Liebchen. 5. Five Stars. Well-made. Allows infinity focus without a supplementary lens in the adapter

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How to Mount Pentacon AV 80/2.8 on Canon DSLR: Story time.. For a while, I've been in love with manual lenses, I actually own some of them, but when I saw the article on Hispan's photoblog (hispan.hu) about mounting an RO-109-1A projector lens to his camera, my first thought was... I NEED THIS! David, A lot of the pre-owned P6 (Praktisix/Pentacon six) cameras can be troublesome due to abuse in the hands of previous owners, but one which has been properly serviced and adjusted can be a very satisfactory indeed without film advance (in other words, frame spacing) issues Shop Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter, Pentacon 6/Kiev 66 to Nikon Camera Adapter, for Nikon D1, D2, D3, D3x, D3s, D100, D200, D300, D300s, D700, D40, D40x, D50, D60, D70. Pentacon Six to Nikon AI Mount Adapter £ 39.99. 4 in stock. Add to cart. Category: Lens Adapters, Mounts & Tubes. Description; Additional information; Description. Pentacon Six lenses. Nikon AI cameras

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Hartblei Pentacon 6 to Pentax K Tilt adapter (sold) Adaptall 2 - PK adapter (sold) Pentacon Six macro bellows (sold) Rollei QBM-Canon EF mount adapter (sold) Compact and other cameras. Canon PowerShot A620 w/CHDK firmware. Bell & Howell Genie III x 2 (one hacked for macro photos) iPhone 3GS. Vistaquest VQ1005 (sold) Telescopes. Celestron. Pentacon Six TL 6x6 camera in good condition. Completely overhauled in 2017, including the complete shutter, including cloth, has been replaced. Lens Zeiss Biometar Aus Jena 1: 2.8 f = 80 Zebra design. Glass in good condition, no fungus, haze or scratches. Extra lens USSR Vega 12 B, 2.8/90 In good condition Pentacon makes an adapter that allows the use of M42x1 lenses in PB cameras. It has electric contacts, so the camera can be used in stepped-down metering. T mount lenses. There are no T Mount adapters for PB cameras. In theory one can use T mount lenses via two adapters (PB to M42 plus M42 to T mount). T2 mount lense Grażyna Rutowska autoportret.jpg 400 × 398; 15 KB. Pentacon Six (7858034714).jpg. Pentacon six lens and adapter showing Pentacon six lens mount.JPG. Pentacon six lens mount.JPG. Pentacon six TL camera.jpg. Pentacon Six TL Medium Format SLR Camera with Arsat C 80mm F2.8 Lens - (1).

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Pentacon Eyepiece hinging magnifier for Pentacon 6/Praktisix. Home > Medium & Large Format > Medium Format > Pentacon Eyepiece hinging magnifier for Pentacon 6/Praktisix Pentacon Eyepiece hinging magnifier for Pentacon 6/Praktisix Clear rim & glass but slightly loose in its mount Verkäufer: xsergeix077 ️ (181) 99.3%, Artikelstandort: Rudny, Versand nach: Worldwide, Artikelnummer: 313604072377 Zeiss Lens - Biometar f2.8 80mm Carl Zeiss Jena - Pentacon Six mount. ТТХ Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar 2.8/80 (Made in DDR)Focal length: 80 mm Aperture: F / 2.8-F / 22.0 with intermediate values of 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16 Number of aperture blades : 8 pieces Optical design: 5 lenses. K&F Concept Pentacon 6 Kiev 60 Lens to Nikon AI F Mount Adapter D90 D300 D700 D7100 D7000: Amazon.ca: Camera & Phot

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Venes has All Kinds of Pixco for Kiev 60-FX Lens Adapter siut for Pentacon 6 Kiev 60 mount lens To Fujifilm FX mount Camera X-Pro1 X-E1 X-E2 X-M1 X-A1,Venes EF-FX, Dollice Lens Adapter Suit For Canon For EOS EF Lens to FX Camera X-Pro2 X-E2S X-T10 X-T1IR X-A2 X-T1 X-A1 X-E2,Venes Adapter ring for Nikon-M42, Macro Lens Adapter Suit For Nikon F Mount Lens to M42 Camera and more On Sale, Find the. ADPLO has All Kinds of Pixco Lens Adapter Ring Suit For Contax G to Sony NEX For 5T 3N NEX-6 5R F3 NEX-7 VG900 VG30 EA50 FS700 A7 A7s A7R A7II A5100,ON SALE! ADPLO 011203, for 60-M42, LENS ADAPTER RING suit for Kiev 60 for Pentacon 6 to M42 Screw Mount camera,LCD Display Screen Replacement Part suit for Sony RX100 I II III RX10 M2 M3 Digital Camera Repair and more On Sale, Find the Best China.

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