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Puppy Fee: $1,500 This family-raised mantle merle male Great Dane puppy qualifies for Full AKC Registration, included in the purchase price. The amount you pay today covers a 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve your puppy. The second half of payment is due prior to or upon receipt of your beautiful AKC registered Great Dane puppy A merle Great Dane may or may not have a mantle, which is an area of solid white color that rings the neck and chest only. A merle Great Dane with a mantle is called a mantle/merle. A mantle/merle Great Dane may also display white elsewhere, although this doesn't always occur Harlequin, black mantle, merle mantle and merle Great Danes Country and Cinch have produced a beautiful litter of twelve futurity nominated Great Dane pups. For more info on this Great Dane litter of Champion sired puppies from OFA certified parents visit Merle is a color of Great Dane. This color is NOTone of American Kennel Club's recognized 6 SHOW colors of Great Danes. The 6 show colors are Fawn, Brindle, Blue, Black, Harlequin& Mantle Great Dane Puppies — Harlequin, mantle, merle & piebald Great Dane puppies- raised with LOVE! Download a Puppy Application. ALL OF OUR PUPPIES FROM OUR 2020 LITTERS ARE NOW UNDER CONTRACT

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At 5.5 years old, he is a bouncy yet calm and sweet Mantle Great Dane. He is almost human in his quirky personality and ability to communicate what he is thinking and wants. Life with Doolin is a joy. I hope you enjoy this video of our beautiful Great Dane Mantle Great Dane The mantle-colored Great Dane consists of two colors: black and white. Black is the dominant coloration in the coat (i.e. the opposite of the Harlequin coat). With the white color being limited to specific areas of their body Mantle Merles typically have a white base coat, similar to Mantle Great Danes. Mantle Great Danes have black spots. The Mantle Merles, on the other hand, will have silver or grey spots all over. Blue Merles have a light grey base coat This family-raised mantle merle female Great Dane puppy qualifies for Full AKC Registration, included in the purchase price. The amount you pay today covers a 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve your puppy. The second half of payment is due prior to or upon receipt of your beautiful AKC registered Great Dane puppy

Harlequin Great Danes Merle Great Danes Mantle Great Danes (Black is the dominant color) However, these are not the only types of Great Dane as there are also the White and Fawnequin Danes that are deemed undesirable by the breed standards. But first, a bit of an overview. Related posts: The 5 types of Pitbull breeds Mantle Merle Great Dane - they have a warm personality, very amicable and loyal. The only downside is that you can compete in dog shows with them. There are many more possibilities of mixed and mismarked mantle great danes because breeders come up with different breeds every time. You just have to know what you're buying Merle Mantle Great Dane. This is similar to the one above, however it is mixed with the mantle pattern. Mantle adds some white areas of the coat, primarily on the chest, legs, and muzzle. Blue Merle Great Dane. This is the merle pattern on a diluted blue coat. Blue Merle Mantle Great Dane. Combination of the three we have just described Merle Great Danes are produced in many harlequin Great Dane litters. You may find merles for sale or in classified ads being sold as rare colored Danes. Truly, each merle is unique in color but don't be fooled into paying extra for a merle. White on the muzzle, chest, toes, and tip of tail is common on merles as well as harlequin bred blacks There can be variations in the color and spots. Patterns may also include Brindle and Merle. White. This is the rarest of the Great Dane colors, and the most susceptible to genetic defects. White Danes are common in Merle to Merle mating, and are almost completely white; a few markings are possible

AKC Breeder of Merit of Champion Harlequin Mantle and Merle Great Danes. Located in Northern California, Members of The Great Dane Club of America and The Great Dane Club of Northern California, boasting a Hall of Fame Inductee, 4 Versatility Awards ,2020 #1 Novice Agility Dane, Multiple High in Trial (All Breed) and a Honor Roll recipient Harlequin, Mantle & Merle Great Danes WORKING TYPE IN BLACK & WHITE Service & Show Danes, Performance & Companions for 20+ yr Welcome to Magic Kingdoms Great Danes Welcome to Magic Kingdoms Great Danes Welcome to Magic Kingdoms Great Danes. Building a legacy through. selective breeding. Specializing in Harlequin, Mantle, Black and Merle. Contact. (631) 902-7750 Great Danes are one of the world's most recognizable dog breeds, so it only seems appropriate that they have an equally suitable name! Regardless of whether it's your first Great Dane or tenth, finding just the right name is crucial.. This article contains lists of names for Great Danes by sex, color, and many more fun approaches to help give you some ideas

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A mantle Great Dane is a type of Great Dane, which is a dog breed that originated from Germany. Also known as the German Mastiff, a Great Dane is regal-looking with its majestic height, muscled body, and glossy short hair. Mantle Great Danes differ from regular Great Danes with the color combination of its coat Colours and Patterns in the Great Dane. A full case study of a well-known breed with some surprising and unique coat patterns. Blue (dilute) merle mantle: dd/hh/K-/Mm/s i s i - Brindle merle Brindle merle: D-/hh/k br-/Mm/SS - Brindle merle mantle Brindle merle mantle: D-/hh/k br-/Mm/s i s i - Blue brindle merle Mantle Great Danes sport a black blanket over a pure white base coat. Very similar in markings to the Boston Terrier, Mantle Danes were referred to as Boston until the late 1990's. In many countries they are still called Boston Great Danes to this day. Contrast of black and white colors on a mantle's face give it kind of a friendly, calm. Breeding Quality Harlequin, Mantle and Merle Great Danes for Service, Show, Performance and Companion homes for 28 years Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high . intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful

Judging the Merle Great Dane. Submitted by Jason Hoke, President Great Dane Club of America. Effective January 1, 2019 the Merle Great Dane will be permitted to be exhibited in the conformation ring. The Merle has always been an integral part of the Mantle/Harlequin Family . and is a necessary genetic component to produce Harlequin 10wk old Mantle Merle Great Dane littermates, Flare & Nikoma Dobby the Mantle Merle Great Dane. 18 likes. Follow my adventures as a Mantle Merle Dane Double merle dogs are largely produced by unethical backyard breeders who either had no idea this could happen, or didn't care. In the world of show dogs, some old school show breeders intentionally pair two Harlequin Great Danes with exceptional pedigrees because the pairing may produce desirable 'show marked Harlequins' Preservation Breeders of Harlequin, Mantle, and Merle Great Danes Our resident Great Danes. Twinkle and Dazzle. Vinny and Gunner. Puppies. GCH Morocco x GCH Twinkle puppies born July 20, 2021. GCHS Fender x GCH Twinkle puppies born November 14, 2019. Morning puppy antics- December 4, 2019

Specializing in Harlequin, Mantle, and Merle markings. About Us. Experienced Breeders. We have been raising Great Danes for over 20 years and breeding for 8 years. Albert. Albert is our handsome, fun loving male Great Dane. He is the type of dog that is everyone's best friend, but his bold bark at any sign of danger shows he will protect. 02-29-2004, 06:10 PM. RE: Merle Breeding. When people discuss merle breeding throwing all white deafs, this is generally merle x merle breeding. This should not be done. It is safe to breed merles to harles and mantles and they will throw mantle, harles and merles just like a harle x harle breeding or a harle x mantle breeding 7. Mantle Great Dane Meet Egon, a Mantle Great Dane - Image source. This particular color is another version of a black and white Great Dane. This time, black is the dominant gene with white only on specific areas of the body such as a white muzzle, a white neck or collar, chest, forelegs, and hind legs Harlequin,Mantle, Merle: Puppies occasionally. Adults rarely: Not at this time: Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia, Thyroid function, CERF (eyes), Cardiac, Color panel, CHIC: Disclaimer: All of the breeders listed here are members in good standing with Heart of Minnesota Great Dane Club

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FCAT is a timed 100 yard straight run, where the dogs chase a bunny (plastic bag, tied to a line that zips along the ground). The dogs absolutely love it and it's thrilling to watch them run so fast. Bing's times were in the 24 MPH range, so not his best effort, but still good times. Nash was in the 23 MPH range. Posted on AKC Great Dane puppies - we have 2 females and 4 males available in merle and mantle merle colors. Prices is $1000 to $1100 as pets. On January 30th Charlotte delivered 10 beautiful Dane babies. She is a doing very well with her babies. Charlotte is a very athletic Great Dane with lots of energy Great Dane Puppies For Sale: A Great Dane is truly a great dog breed-large and noble, and so commonly referred to as a gentle giant or as the Apollo of dogs.. Apollo is the Greek god of the sun, the brightest fixture in the sky. Below you will see the puppies available for sale. All our Great Dane Puppies for sale carries a minimum of a.

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Color: Mismarked Mantle (Kimber is a genetic tan point) AKC: Full Registration Purebred Great Dane Status: Intact Color Test Results: Carries Blue, Fawn, Tan Point, Wild Sable (At/Aw), Mantle, Piebald, and Melanistic Mask x In cats this is called 'van' coloration. Often as though the head is mantle (often with the blaze) and the rest of the dog is mostly white. But it's true that if the 'colored' areas are merle, this would be a merlequin, or MM (double merle). Sometimes has skin sensitivities, but not necessarily any worse than a harle or merle

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Merle & Mismarked Mantle Great Dane Puppies available. Send wagreatdanes a message. We have 3 mismarked mantles ($1,000), a mantle merle, a merle, and a harlequin (all $1,200). RTG 7/31/21. Their dad is a mantle and her mom is a merle. Both are Embark health tested and DNA tested. She is family reared, will come pre-socialized, and will have. The Great Dane Breed. A gentle giant, the Great Dane is nothing short of majestic. Sometimes referred to as the king of dogs, this extremely large dog breed is known for being strong yet elegant, with a friendly, energetic personality. Striking in the show ring, this breed is also popular as a family pet

This brings us back to Bellini, who finished quickly with three majors. Dr. Powell, who handled Bellini to all but two wins, says, It is an honor to be the breeder and owner of the first merle Great Dane AKC champion. The only merle puppy in a litter of 14 out of a harlequin dam and mantle sire, Bellini has always been a standout The only mantle Great Danes that can qualify as show dogs are the ones that have a pure black and white coat, with no markings of any other color like fawn, brown, merle, etc. General Appearance Apart from the officially recognized colors, there are some other specifications that the AKC has listed out when it comes to the general appearance of. AKC registered harlequin, mantle and merle Great Danes bred to the GDCA code of ethics and health tested according to OFA and GDCA standards. We actively show in conformation, performance and companion events. We are also members of the GDCA

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  1. Harlequin, mantle, & mantle marked merle Great Dane puppies! ROSE GREAT DANES is home to quality Great Dane puppies, AKC and International champion lines, raised with LOVE in the Colorado Rocky Mountains of Durango, Colorado 81301
  2. Gender. Male. AKC Blue Merle male Great Dane - 62.5% Euro, born June 2nd and available from and ready for his new. View Details. $1,600
  3. Colors Bred: Harlequin, Mantle, & Merle Chic #: #127331. Rose Great Danes. Breeder Information: Rose Great Danes Samuel Rose Location: Durango, Colorado Phone Number: 970 259 1128 Email: rosegreatdanes@gmail.com The Great Dane Club of America Charitable Trust supports Great Dane welfare and rescue efforts, educational programs, Scholarship.
  4. ant (deaf ) White Dane. Expect the litter to be about 1/2 mantle, 1/4 merle & 1/4 harlequins. So in a litter of 8, expect 2-3 harlequins, 1-2 merles & 4 mantles
  5. I have an 8 month Mantle Merle Great Dane. I have received an year long overseas internship and that is why I'm having to sell him. He's is very sweet and gentle. He is potty train and now how to do basic commands. He get along with dog but I would put him with a smaller dog because he can get rough
  6. This is Rose, a Mantled Merle Great Dane. AKC. Limited Registration. Rates will certainly vary from. $1000-$1400 depending upon quality of pups color and. whether offered on animal only contract or full contract. (program & & breeding rights, an extra..

8x10 Mantle Merle Great Dane Print christasdesigns 5 out of 5 stars (40) $ 14.00. Add to Favorites Great Dane SVG and Cut Files for Crafters TaraReedDesigns 5 out of 5 stars (3,709) $ 5.00. Add to Favorites More colors Great Dane Shirt / Tank Top / Hoodie / Mine Is Bigger Than Yours / Great Dane Gift / Great Dane Lover / Funny Great Dane Dog. Beehive Great Danes. Mantle, Merle and Harlequin. Home. Nyx. Poseidon. Lilith. Paladin. More. IABCA Honors CH, AKC MBPISS CH Beehives Lord of the Roaring Seas & Storms at PAL Poseidon. Poseidon is our Co-own keeper from our Janeiro x Lilith litter in 2020. He earned his AKC championship very fast at just under 11 months old. He had 4 major wins. In addition, merle is a much older colour than harlequin, and must have existed in the Great Dane for some time before the harlequin mutation occurred, so history is firmly on the side of the merle Great Dane. But I'm sure many Great Dane breeders would disagree strongly with this! Dog Coat Colour Genetics. Dog Coat Colour Genetics. N.p.

Mantle Merle Great Dane One of my favorite colors in the Dane breed, the Mantle Merle can be very flashy and striking. Not yet showable in the AKC conformation ring, the GDCA is voting on whether to allow the color, I hope they do. This is Sadie Mae, created after my very first Great Dane. Mods are ears and height and tail Page 3 of 3 Merle Color: A pale gray to dark gray merle base color with black torn patches within. Patterns/Markings: May be Solid Merle (white on chest and toes is permissible) or Merle with a Mantle Pattern (solid merle blanket extending over the body; merle skull with a white muzzle; white blaze is optional; whole or partial white neck; a white chest; white on whole or part of the forelegs. Colorworks has a Litter Planned: May 2021 Watch for updates. If your interested in our upcoming litter please email us at colorworkdanes@gmail.com Harlequin, Mantle, Merle Great Dane Puppies Great Dane Puppies for Sale in Minneapolis, Minnesota We are a small Great Dane boutique, were infrequently breed litters are available to approved homes The Blue Merle Great Dane. The Great Dane is a popular breed of dog that originated in Germany. They are known for being some of the largest breeds of dogs. Because of that are a large part of pop culture. Both Marmaduke and Scooby-Doo are extremely well known great danes. Also famous is Hagrid's dog Fang from the Harry Potter series Great Dane A.K.A.: Deutsche Dogge, German Mastiff Overview: The Great Dane is a huge dog with a sweet and gentle nature. He needs a lot of space for exercise, though he can be very calm and well-behaved indoors

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We specialize in Harlequin & Mantle Great Danes where they are 'family first!' But don't get me wrong - we also enjoy owner handling our pride & joys. We typically breed when we are looking to add a new member to our own family. When breeding Harlequins sometimes we are blessed with Merle Great Danes too. SIGN Our Guestbook - VIEW Our Guestbook. Welcome to Everheart Great Danes, located in the foothills of Northern California. It is our joy and privilege to breed Harlequin, Mantle and Merle Great Danes. The temperament of our breed is described as loyal, courageous, gentle and dignified. Our belief is that the strength and nobility of the Great Dane, should be equal to its grace. The tail is also set high. The Great Dane's coat is short and thick and comes in multiple colors such including brindle, fawn, black, blue, mantle harlequin, and merle. Discover more about our Great Dane puppies for sale below! Disposition. The Great Dane is gentle and docile yet makes a great watchdog because they are so loyal to their family

6 months old blue great dane puppy fergus deutsche dogge. 100% european great dane puppies for sale in central florida. Source: www.pinterest.com. 79 grey merle great dane puppies in 2020 dane puppies. 2842802 was born on 7/16/2020 here at petland st. Source: www.pinterest.com. A blue merle mantle dane unique beautiful great dane. Akc great. I have a 7 months Great Dane. He is a mantle Merle. He has had all of his shots. He very playful dog, he gets along with kids and other dogs. I would not put him with small dogs because he can get rough

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Fun fact: A harlequin Great Dane is currently the fourth largest dog ever measured (107cm / 42.2 in) and hasn't fallen behind place four since 2004. Merle Great Dane. Merle is a favorite color across many breeds, most prominently Australian Shepherds and the Border Collie. A pale gray to dark gray merle base color with black torn patches within Custom Crochet Mantle Great Dane, Made to Look Like Owner's Dog, Stuffed Dog, Canine, Pet Memorial, Custom Dog, Pet Remembrance, Crochet Dog. KatesCache. 5 out of 5 stars. (726) CA$47.56. Add to Favourites

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Merle & Mismarked Mantle Great Dane Puppies available - $1,000 We have 3 mismarked mantles ($1,000), a mantle merle, a merle, and a harlequin (all $1,200). RTG 7/31/21 Six Great Dane Pups left, one Blue Merle Male, two Harlequin females, one Mantle female, one Black Male (Boston), one male Mantle. Males weigh between 120 and 200 pounds, while females weight between 100 and 130 pounds. Harlequin, merle, mantle, and black great dane puppies for sale in western NY. Ready to go Feb. 26, 2021. $2,500. They are 4 weeks old, and will be ready on 14 january 2016. Owning a great dane is an honor, a privilege and a significant commitment. I encourage individuals hoping to add a great dane to their family to carefully research what that commitment entails and then even more carefully research breeders to find the right puppy or adult great dane for them

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Nov 22, 2016 - Explore PositivelySpangelo's board merle Great Danes, followed by 221 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about dane, great dane puppy, great dane We live and raise our Danes on a small farm in SW Virginia. We have been Dane lovers and parents for over 18 years. As a responsible breeder, we strive for breed standard, conformation, temperament, and strong bloodlines to ensure top quality pets

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Great Dane Puppies - Litterbox. We don't have a litter of puppies planned, but want to assist in your efforts to find a new family member. Below is a list of responsible Great Dane breeders (that generally health test before breeding) to contact to inquire about puppies mantle great dane dad, harlequin brindle great dane dad, merle great dane hound dad, beware of great dane canine dad, sitting great dane cur dad, sitting fawn great dane doggy dad, gorgeous great dane mongrel, sitting harlequin great dane tyke, german shorthaired pointer cartoons, german, shorthair pointer art, german shorthaired pointer. Hamlin Great Danes is not planning a litter in 2020. Please check back with us in Spring 2021 to see updated plans. One harl girl, one harl boy, three mantle girls, two mantle boys and one merle boy. Cade has been an amazing mom to her fat, healthy and happy pups. Puppy Pictures. @2021 Hamlin Great Danes. Created by Crossbones Consulting He is a Great Dane (mantle Merle is the color they call his light grey with the darker grey spotted coat). Kevin and I always wanted a Great Dane, so when we got our own place, we started looking for a good breeder. We found a couple who was very knowledgeable and nice Tags: Great Dane Great Dane mantle merle Great Dane mantle dane mismarked mantle great dane black. Great Dane Litter of Puppies for Sale near Texas, NEW BRAUNFELS, USA. ADN-264715. Grate Dane Puppies. Grate Dane Puppies. $400* 2 Black females, 1 female white with black spots, and 2 males white with black spots. Declaws removed. ready for their.

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Merle, Harlequin, Mantle Great Dane puppies. SNOW is second from the left. She is from a litter of 10 Great Dane puppies born Earth Day April 22, 2017. Pups have all reached the milestone of two years old! Two beautiful mantle female Great Dane puppies each need their forever homes! Both have show potential. Their dad is a Grand Champion. The Mismarks: This great Dane is a merle mismark, one of the most common seen in the breed. Bolded are standard colors and green are non-standard colors produced ONLY from genes that go into the standard colors. I've omitted Harlequin + mantle and similar as they can be visually indistinguishable from dogs without Amazing MIRACLE the merle Great Dane is a mom!! Miracle Rosedane's The Divine Secret. AKC#: WS51605201 . MIRACLE is now the proud and happy MOOSE, the mantle Great Dane, celebrates his first birthday (August 13, 2020) as he welcomes a new baby into the family. Happy birthday MOOSE and brothers, IKE and JAKE (Sugar and Cinch's sons.

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Great Dane breeders from Sydney (NSW Australia), boasting a number of Australian Champions including our American Import Stordansk G'Stone Webe Awesum. We breed and show quality harlequin, black, merle and mantle Great Danes Capone the Merle Mantle Great Dane. 44 likes. This is a page for my Great Dane puppy, Capone. He is a merle mantle dane. He was born May 14, 2012. He is my first dane, but he wont be my last. The.. Color Examples. Black. Blue. Blue (dilute) merle. Blue (dilute) merle mantle. Blue brindle. Blue brindle harlequin. Blue brindle harlequin mantle. Blue brindle mantle - Fawn, which is clear sable (Ay) with a mask - Black - Blue, which is dilute black (dd) - Brindle, with a mask - Harlequin, which is modified merle - Harlequin mantle, which is as above but with irish spotting - Mantle, which is black with irish spotting (sisi) That means that Great Danes carry the following genes: - A locus: Ay (sable) - B locus: B (non-liver blue mantle, fawn harlequin, Blue fawn harlequin, blue harlequin, black mismarked mantle, blanketed merle mantle tan point. Please Text or call me at 3862051731 for inquires for individual pics until then. or email at Collinsranchgreatdanes@gmail.com Thank you Jessica Collin

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Fawn Great Dane, Brindle Great Dane, Harlequin Great Dane, Black Great Dane, Blue Great Dane , Merle Great Dane , Mantle Great Dane . We occasionally have what people refer to as ' Great dane Heaven . We do not breed as business , We do it as a result of too much love we have for the puppies that's why you will never see our price with other breeders We share much of the same ideals and goals for improving the Great Dane breed by careful and conscientious breeding while only considering the best candidates through strict health standards and testing. We are proud members of : The Great Dane Club of America. The Great Dane Club of Northern California. The Great Dane Club of Monterey Ba Parkyr is a sweet 1 year old mantle merle Great Dane. She was sold to her previous owner's as a full blooded Dane... but, I do think she is mixed. Her ears are uncropped and she is a shy girl but very sweet and loving once she warms up to you. She do... see more at Petfinder Antry Danes, Breeders of Top Quality European Great Dane Puppies. JOIN OUR WAITING LIST . If you are interested in a puppy and we don't have one like you want available, please visit our Waiting List page and fill out our form at the bottom. LEARN MORE. CALL or TEXT: 918-760-3104 Spectrum Great Danes * Black * Blue * Fawn * Brindle * Blue Fawn * Blue Brindle * Harlequin * Black Mantle * Merle * Merle Mantle * Piebald * 6555 N. Bethel Av

These colours include white, fawnequin, Merle, harlequin, fawn mantle, and others. Some breeders may attempt to charge more for puppies of these rare colours. However, the breeding of white and merle Danes is particularly controversial, as these colours may be associated with genes that produce deafness. Although they cannot be shown, white. The standard colors for a Great Dane include black, black and white, blue, brindle, fawn, harlequin, mantle, merle, and white. Other possible colors for a Great Dane include blue and white, blue brindle, chocolate, chocolate and white, chocolate brindle, mantle merle, merlequin, and silver. It is also common for Great Danes to have markings Harlequin/Mantle/Merle. Autumn Royal Great Danes CoKie Great Danes *Breeder/Member is now located in Kentucky Debeau Danes Sundown Danes. Blue/Black. Blueprint Danes Sundown Danes Timeless Danes. The Great Dane • The Standard • Health • General Info • Breeder Referral. Events • GDCWNY Specialt