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  1. sphinx-plotly-directive. A directive for including a Plotly figure in a Sphinx document. This package is based on matplotlib's plot directive. Install Download files. Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages
  2. To use these directives you will need to enable the autodoc extension in your Sphinx project's conf.py: For Python, all directives have an autodoc equivalent and accept the same options. The following directives are available: Equivalent to automodule, autoclass , and autoexception respectively. autodoc_inherit_docstrings does not currently work
  3. When using the :download: directive sphinx copies the files to the _build/html directory under _downloads and links to them there. So if you were to build the sphinx doc locally and it can't find the correct file to copy and link during the build then it wont create links, same if the path is wrong. Anyways, since you are linking to files under.
  4. Sphinx directive to support embedded IPython code. IPython provides an extension for Sphinx to highlight and run code. This directive allows pasting of entire interactive IPython sessions, prompts and all, and their code will actually get re-executed at doc build time, with all prompts renumbered sequentially
  5. details directive for Sphinx. It enables details directive as an element to represent <details> element in HTML output. It will be converted into mere paragraphs in other output formats. ## Install. Install the package via pip ` $ pip install sphinxcontrib-details-directive ` And append sphinxcontrib.details.directive to extensions list in your conf.py. ` extensions = ['sphinxcontrib.details.
  6. Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation, written by Georg Brandl and licensed under the BSD license. It was originally created for the Python documentation , and it has excellent facilities for the documentation of software projects in a range of languages

A directive for including a Plotly figure in a Sphinx document. - GitHub - harupy/sphinx-plotly-directive: A directive for including a Plotly figure in a Sphinx document Directives added by Sphinx are described in Directives. Basically, a directive consists of a name, arguments, options and content. (Keep this terminology in mind, it is used in the next chapter describing custom directives.) Looking at this example See Domains for roles added by domains.. Cross-referencing syntax¶. Cross-references are generated by many semantic interpreted text roles. Basically, you only need to write :role:`target`, and a link will be created to the item named target of the type indicated by role.The link's text will be the same as target.. There are some additional facilities, however, that make cross-referencing. sphinx-panels¶. A sphinx extension for creating panels in a grid layout or as drop-downs. The panels directive creates panels of content in a grid layout, utilising both the bootstrap 4 grid system, and cards layout.. The link-button directive creates a click-able button, linking to a URL or reference, and can also be used to make an entire panel click-able Download files Project description. Sphinx awesome sampdirective. This Sphinx extension provides a new directive samp which works much like the interpreted text role samp. This extension can be used to markup placeholder variables in code blocks. Installation. Install the extension:.

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Math support for HTML outputs in Sphinx. New in version 0.5. Changed in version 1.8: Math support for non-HTML builders is integrated to sphinx-core. So mathbase extension is no longer needed. Since mathematical notation isn't natively supported by HTML in any way, Sphinx gives a math support to HTML document with several extensions sphinx-apidoc command line option. -d path. sphinx-build command line option. -D setting=value. sphinx-build command line option. -E. sphinx-build command line option. -f, --force. sphinx-apidoc command line option sphinx-revealjs is Sphinx extension to generate Reveal.js presentation documents from standard reStructuredText. Basic Features¶ Nested sections. Speaker note. Syntax highlight for Reveal.js (not used pygments) Customize slides and sections by conf.py or source reST. Important changes¶ 1.2.x => 1.3¶ Support kebab-case name for all directives .glossary:: Sphinx Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation. It was originally created for the Python documentation, and it has excellent facilities for the documentation of software projects in a range of languages

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The main Sphinx directive provided by the sphinx-automodapi package is the automodapidirective. As described in the Quick start guide, before you use the directive, you will need to make sure the following extension is included in the extensionsentry of your documentation's conf.pyfile: extensions=['sphinx_automodapi.automodapi' CHAPTER 2 Usage To enable the plugin, add the extension to the list of extensions in your Sphinx conf.py file: extensions=['sphinx_click'] Once enabled, sphinx-clickenables automatic documentation forclick-basedapplications by way of aSphinx directive What's new in Sphinx 1.3: Add convenience directives and roles to the C++ domain: directive ``cpp:var`` as alias for ``cpp:member``, role ``:cpp:var`` as alias for ``:cpp:member``, and role `any` for cross-reference to any C++ declaraction. The :confval:`source_suffix` config value can now be a list of multiple suffixes The raw directive allows reST text to be bypassed. The example below is the HTML code to open an external link in a separate window: Built with Sphinx using a theme provided by Read the Docs. Versions latest Downloads pdf html epub On Read the Docs Project Home Builds Free document hosting provided by Read the Docs.. If methods are not implemented, default image directive is a fallback. By default LightBox2 backends natively support only HTML (other outputs are supported by fallback-image-directive). override_image_directive (default: False) True or False. It overrides the default Sphinx image directive with the thumbnail directive provided by this.

2 Answers2. A solution is to use the :download: role (detailed in the sphinx documentation on roles ). Here is a short example assuming you have a file mypdf.pdf in a directory doc. The directory doc and your rst file must be in the same directory: Note that you mustn't put a blank space between :download: and the path to the file Note. Adding this theme as an extension is what enables localization of theme strings in your translated output. If these strings are not translated in your output, either we lack the localized strings for your locale, or you are using an old version of the theme

List Table Directive¶ You can add reStructured Text table syntax with. list-table:: directive. Each table has the number of columns and their associated relative widths indicated in a width tag. For proper formatting, the asterisk indicating each row must align vertically, and the hyphens indicating each column must also align This directive indicates that the dispatch object for the example server is defined in the example.server module in a variable named dispatch. Sphinx will import this module and access the dispatch object in order to learn what JSON-RPC methods are registered on it. Now we can start to document JSON-RPC methods registered with this dispatch object But the problem is that sphinx does not create a proper relative link to this file, but just copies the values as it is. What you want is the :download: text role. (as Mitar mentioned in his comment). External Relative Link in Sphinx toctree directive. 7 The extension provides a domain which allows user creates directive and roles to descibe, reference and index arbitrary object in documentation by writing reStructuredText templates. It is a bit like sphinx.application.Sphinx.add_object_type(), but more powerful

This directive uses the sphinx.ext.inheritance_diagram extension to create inheritance diagrams for classes. Forexample: 15. SphinxAutoAPIDocumentation,Release1.8.2 PythonMapperBase PythonPythonMapper PythonModule TopLevelPythonPythonMapper PythonPackag If you use the tikz directive inside of a table or a sidebar and you specify a caption then the LaTeX target built by the sphinx builder will not compile. This is because, as soon as you specify a caption, the tikzpicture environment is set inside a figure environment and hence it is a float and cannot live inside a table or another float A Docker image containing Sphinx and a number of extensions, including sphinx-jsonschema, can be found atEx-tended Sphinx. This Docker image is generated from the Dockerfile onGithub. 1.2Directive The extension adds a single directive to Sphinx: jsonschema. You provide it with either a file name, an HTTP(S) UR Directives. The lily directive. The lilyinclude directives. Configuration. Examples. Original paper size. Paper without Footer and Edge. Smallest Paper Size. Audio Preview. Transposing. Multiple Pages. Chang Log. 2020-06-26 1.0. 2020-12-27 1.0a2. 2020-12-26 1.0a1. 2020-12-06 1.0a Sphinx goes far beyond just enabling you to style text with predefined tags. It allows you to shape and automate your documentation by defining new roles and directives. A role is a single word element that usually is rendered inline in your documentation, while a directive can contain more complex content

If svg is set as output format for PlantUML, the tasks elements are linked to their related need.. Color is taken from needs_types configuration. This behavior can be deactivated by setting no_color.. needgantt supports the following relationship between tasks and milestones:. starts with: see starts_with_links. starts after: see starts_after_links. ends with: see ends_with_link more_autosummary ¶. Extensions to sphinx.ext.autosummary.. Provides an enhanced version of https://autodocsumm.readthedocs.io/ which respects the autodoc member-order option. This can be given for an individual directive, in the autodoc_member_order configuration value, or via autodocsumm_member_order. Also patches sphinx.ext.autosummary.Autosummary to fix an issue where the module name is. Version 1.16.4¶. Introduces the :lift_title: directive option suggested by ankostis.Ankostis also provided an example on how to extend the formatter to handle custom properties. Fixed a bug in rendering the items attribute of the array type reported by nijel Note: If a Solidity source file cannot be parsed by this package, a warning will be issued and the Sphinx build will continue trying to build the rest of the documentation. 3.2Autodoc Directives By Example All of the formatting directives admit corresponding autodocumentation directives accessible by prepending autoso

Before beginning, take a few minutes to download a good text editor for your computer if you do not already have one. I recommend Notepad++ or Sublime3 for Windows. TextEdit is okay, in windows, but does not have the nice formatting options of Notepad++ (The example is pretty abstract but it does the job). :type: and :rtype: directives are optional and can be omitted. 2 colons after Example is a general reST marker for the following pre-formatted code. Note the usage of :class: directive to reference another class (in this case an exception). Sphinx supports several directives for cross-referencing Python objects, but you need to enable. The Sphinx API documentation for VTR C/C++ projects is created using Doxygen and Breathe plugin. Doxygen is a standard tool for generating documentation from annotated code. It is used to generate XML output that can then be parsed by the Breathe plugin, which provides the RST directives used to embed the code comments into the Sphinx.

Warning directive, It might take a minute or so, it has quite a few things to download and install. sphinx-quickstart¶ sphinx-quickstart will set up the source directory for your documentation. It'll ask you a number of questions. Mostly you can just accept the defaults it offers, and some are just obvious, but there are some you will. Sphinx supports a set of autodoc directives to document your code: modules, functions, classes and so on. To document a module you need to include an automodule directive with necessary options into your reST document. Usually a separate reST document is created for each module. For example Also with sphinx.ext.autodoc, which I use in the demo, These are just a sample of the many reStructuredText Directives. For others, This long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long download link should be blue, normal weight text with a leading icon, and should wrap white-spaces. Next Previou Directive which adds a toctree to the sidebar containing links to the GitHub repository, PyPI project page etc. New in version 2.9.0. Enable sphinx_toolbox.sidebar_links by adding the following to the extensions variable in your conf.py (note) sphinx v1.[6-7] support for this extension is deprecated (note) xml-rpc support for this extension is deprecated. fixed issue when using hierarchy on sphinx 2.1+ (new citations domain) support the download directive. support the image/figure directives

(note: directive options class and name are ignored as they are not supported in a Confluence format document) Miscellaneous¶. This extension currently does not support the generation of indexed content (e.g. genindex or modindex). This extension does not include support for generating a Search document as Confluence provides its own advanced search capabilities Symbols. $.getJSON() ($ method)-a command line option-A name=value command line optio pip install sphinx-tabs. To enable the extension in Sphinx, add the following to your conf.py: extensions = ['sphinx_tabs.tabs'] If you are using Read The Docs for building your documentation, the extension must be added as a requirement. Please add sphinx-tabs to requirements.txt at the root of the project or in your docs folder Rendering with tabular. ¶. Tables that contain any kind of lists, such as object descriptions, blockquotes, or literal blocks are set by default with the tabular.In sphinx prior version 1.6 the :column: option for list table is not used for latex, and all columns are of the same size.. You can tailor the rendering by giving tabularcolumns directive which uses the p{width} column type

I created an extension for Sphinx. This is a Python file which adds a new directive globalindex to Sphinx. This directive can be used to explicitly insert the index in the SingleFileHTMLBuilder output. Instructions on how to use the extension are given below. The source code of the extension is shown at the bottom of the page That's a lot more powerful. It's a code fence (to use Markdown terms), but with something in curly braces and something else -- an argument-- after it.The stuff in the curly braces maps to a Sphinx/reST directive.Directives can take options, which you see in the Sphinx-style colon-colon syntax.Finally, you can put a blank line and then anything else is considered the directive body A thorough syntax guide for Restructured Text (reST) and how it is used within Sphinx can be found here.In short, the ===== underline is used to denote page titles (in this case we have two, since it is our index, but it is good practice to have one title per .rst file) and the. toctree:: directive is used to generate the directory tree (i.e. the Contents) of our documentation, which for now. Currently the left menu will build based upon any toctree directives defined in your source files. It outputs 4 levels of depth by default, to allow for quick navigation through topics. If no TOC trees are defined, Sphinx's default behavior is to use the page headings instead

Overview¶. Simple setup - one doxygen config value, one Sphinx config value and one directive and you'll be on your way.. High and low level directives - reference the whole project, just a class or just a function with different directives.. Support for multiple doxygen projects - set it up to be aware of different projects and reference them by name or path for each directive Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation. Sphinx is especially suitable for Python documentation, but it is a general-purpose tool that can be used to document anything generate() (sphinx.domains.Index method) get_data() (sphinx.websupport.storage.StorageBackend method) (sphinx.websupport.WebSupport method) get_document() (sphinx. Sphinx -- meaning RST -- has a more-powerful image directive with options beyond just alt. This directive is available in the Optional MyST Syntax, specifically the expanded image support. We'll see this in the next section. What, then, are directives? These are reStructuredText extensions that take optional parameters and return some content.

to include documentation for different constructs. For each of these commands the the following directives may be specified: project. Specifies which project, as defined in the breathe_projects config value, should be used for this directive. This overrides the default. path. Directly specifies the path to the folder with the doxygen output 4 Answers4. Active Oldest Votes. 2. You can use Sphinx's rst-class directive, as follows:. rst-class:: fa fa-fontawesome the font awsome flag will be attached to this paragraph. rst-class will set the class attribute for the next element as specified. The following code renders only the icon Symbols. $.getJSON() ($ method)-a sphinx-build command line option-A author sphinx-apidoc command line optio

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Welcome to the Sphinx 2.3.1 quickstart utility.Please enter values for the following settings (just press Enter to accept a default value, if one is given in brackets).Selected root path: . You have two options for placing the build directory for Sphinx output. Either, you use a directory _build within the root path, or you separate source and build directories within the root path. Create bibliography for all cited references. Citations in sphinx are resolved globally across all documents. Typically, you have a single bibliography directive across your entire project which collects all citations. Citation keys can also be explicitly listed under the directive; see Listing Citation Keys When set to a value N greater than 1, this directive will create up to N threads for every query, and schedule the specific searches within these threads. For example, if there are 7 local indexes to search and dist_threads is set to 2, then 2 parallel threads would be created: one that sequentially searches 4 indexes, and another one that. The figure directive supports captions, legends, numbering, and a figure class assignment, and is preferred to the image directive. Remote linking an image like this is allowed in rst in general, but produces a 'nonlocal image' warning in Sphinx Basic usage. This extension adds the argparse directive: The module, func and prog options are required. func is a function that returns an instance of the argparse.ArgumentParser class. Alternatively, one can use :ref: like this: In this case :ref: points directly to argument parser instance. For this directive to work, you should point.

Add caption to code-block directive in Sphinx. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets Read the Docs Sphinx Theme. This Sphinx theme was designed to provide a great reader experience for documentation users on both desktop and mobile devices. This theme is used primarily on Read the Docs but can work with any Sphinx project. You can find a working demo of the theme in the theme documentation The automodapi directive takes other options that are described in more detail in the User guide below.. If you are documenting a module which imports classes from other files, and you want to include an inheritance diagram for the classes, you may run into Sphinx warnings, because the class may be documented as e.g. astropy.table.Table but the class really lives at astropy.table.core.Table

All other options from code-block are available, see the Sphinx documentation for details. Customised. code-block:: directives which display an execution count to the left of the code block, similar to a Jupyter Notebook cell. New in version 2.6.0. The execution count of the cell sphinx-argparse is an extension for sphinx that allows for easy generation of documentation for command line tools using the python argparse library. Directives will render positional arguments, options and sub-commands. Sub-commands are limited to one level. But, you can always output help for subcommands separately:. Once Sphinx is installed, reStructuredText directives. toctree is a reStructuredText directive, a very versatile piece of markup. Directives can have arguments, options and content. (this needs access to the URL in order to download the list of valid targets)

Note. Usage of .rst extension is not recommended because:. RST files are human-readable text files. Most systems natively recognize the .txt extension and open these files with a text editor. This is a good choice. Some programs parse .rst with rst2html, which cannot interpret some Sphinx's directives such as code-block.So readers using such programs actually lose some content The name of a grammar token (used to create links between productionlist directives).:keyword:¶ The name of a keyword in Python. This creates a link to a reference label with that name, if it exists.:option:¶ A command-line option to an executable program. The leading hyphen(s) must be included. This generates a link to a option directive, if. Sphinx. Requires NuGet 1.0.0 or higher. For projects that support PackageReference, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package. The NuGet Team does not provide support for this client. Please contact its maintainers for support. #r directive can be used in F# Interactive, C# scripting and .NET Interactive

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options (Dict [str, Any]) - The options given to the directive: an object with attributes inherited_members, undoc_members, show_inheritance and noindex that are true if the flag option of same name was given to the auto directive. Return type. Optional [bool] setup (app) [source] ¶ Setup sphinx_toolbox.more_autodoc.typevars. Parameter VariableDocumenter (directive, name[, indent]). Specialized Documenter subclass for data items. TypedAttributeDocumenter (directive, name[, ]). Alternative version of sphinx.ext.autodoc.AttributeDocumenter with better type hint rendering.. InstanceAttributeDocumenter (directive, name). Alternative version of sphinx.ext.autodoc.InstanceAttributeDocumenter with better type hint rendering These are the actual defaults. libreoffice_binary <str>: path to the LibreOffice binary (soffice). LibreOffice binary path will be automatically determined by the extension

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Sphinx. Client 1.0.2. Open source .NET library which provides advanced client API to use Sphinx search server services, using Sphinx native binary protocol. It can be used from C#, VB.Net etc. For projects that support PackageReference, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package Take a look into our pytest example to see the complete result of all Sphinx tests (1154 test cases!). The objects created by Sphinx-Test-Reportsare based onSphinx-Needs. So all features for filtering, sorting and showing data is supported. As example, here is a shorten list of tests results from the Sphinx-pytest example: Also with sphinx.ext.autodoc, which I use in the demo, These are just a sample of the many reStructuredText Directives. This long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long download link should be blue, normal weight text with a leading icon, and should wrap white-spaces Sphinx uses interpreted text roles to insert semantic markup into documents. They are written as :rolename:`content`. The default role ( `content`) has no special meaning by default. You are free to use it for anything you like, e.g. variable names; use the default_role config value to set it to a known role Add this extension to your sphinx conf.py. List you fortran source files in the variable fortran_src of your conf.py. Generate their documentation in rst files using directives like:. f:automodule:: mymodule

Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation, written by Georg Brandl and licensed under the BSD license. It was originally created to translate the new Python documentation, and it has excellent support for the documentation of Python projects, but other documents can be written with it too download (image) indicates a document is to be downloaded. numref (Chart of Figure Caption (Fig. 1)) numbered figure, table or block code. numfig=True must be set. Optionally numfig-format and numfig_secnum_depth. envvar (PATH) enviroment variable set with an envvar directive. token (examplegrammar) references a token in a productionlist

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A basic attempt at extending Sphinx and autodoc to work with C files. The idea is to add support for similar directives that autodoc provides. i.e. A function in my_c_file.c: /** * A simple function that adds. * * @param a: The initial value * @param b: The value to add to `a` * * @returns The sum of `a` and `b`. * * int my_adding_function (int. One of the main concepts in Sphinx is that it allows multiple pages to be combined into a cohesive hierarchy. The toctree directive is a fundamental part of this structure. The above example will output a Table of Contents in the page where it occurs. The maxdepth argument tells Sphinx to include 2 levels of headers in it's output. It will.

Download python3-sphinx-1.7.6-2.el8.noarch.rpm for CentOS 8 from CentOS PowerTools repository Sphinx-copybutton was designed to work with the default Sphinx theme,Alabaster. If you use a theme that doesn't play nicely with sphinx-copybutton's CSS, you can always add your own CSS rules! 3.1Customize the CSS To customize the display of the copy button, you can add your own CSS files that overwrite the CSS in thesphinx-copybutton CSS. In detail¶. This directive will produce an autosummary-style table for public attributes of a specified module. See the sphinx.ext.autosummary extension for details on this process. The main difference from the autosummary directive is that autosummary requires manually inputting all attributes that appear in the table, while this captures the entries automatically It contains examples of some of the syntax made available by the Sphinx RST language. Analysts will maintain RST files documenting the pipeline, using Sphinx directives to generate diagrams. The source of the below demonstrates some of the syntax. It includes code inline, and as a block

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Sphinx's quick start program will give you an option to make Makefile and a Windows .bat file. Personally, I find it easier just to call sphinx-build directly. html directive. For example, the download link for the pdf does not make sense to be in the pdf itself, so you use::download:. Customize the logo, title, and favicon¶. You can customize the logo, title, and favicon of your site with the following Sphinx configuration in conf.py: html_title = Your title html_logo = path/to/logo.png html_favicon = path/to/favicon.ico. These will be placed in the top-left of your page. To remove the site title below the logo, add. Sphinx Themes Gallery. Alabaster default click image to see more. Read the Docs click image to see more. Furo click image to see more. Book click image to see more. PyData click image to see more. Press click image to see more. Celery click image to see more. Insegel click image to see more Sphinx needs a series of files that can be automatically generated by running Terminal sphinx-quickstart and answering the questions. Specify a directory name as rooth path for the documentation, say api, give the documentation a title, author, and version number. Make sure the extension of sphinx files is .txt and not .rst. If yo

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An other directive todolist is replaced by a list of all todo directives in the whole documentation.. These blocks are by default excluded but can be included by setting to True the configuration variable todo_include_todos. You can either set it in the conf.py file or trigger it by adding the option to sphinx-build. An easy way is through the Make process by doing Exceltable¶. Module sphinxcontrib.exceltable is an extension for Sphinx, that adds support for including spreadsheets, or part of them, into Sphinx document.It has been tested to run on both Python 2.7 and 3.4. This is document describes how to install, use and contribute to the development of the sphinxcontrib.exceltable module

The second method use the ref role as follows: With the first method, the link appears as rst_tutorial, whereas the second method use the first title's name found after the link. Here, the second method would appear as Restructured Text (reST) and Sphinx CheatSheet. Note that the second method is compulsary if the link is to be found in an. Sphinx's doctest module has more interesting options. You can do things that look more like normal unit tests, as well as specific doctest-style testing. Go in and re-write one of the existing tests to use the testcode directive instead of the doctest directive sphinx-apidoc command line option. -D setting=value. sphinx-build command line option. -d 路径. sphinx-build command line option. -E. sphinx-build command line option. -f, --force. sphinx-apidoc command line option sphinx-argparse¶. sphinx-argparse is an extension for sphinx that allows for easy generation of documentation for command line tools using the python argparse library Callable can be a function or a class which returns an instance of a backend to render images. The first argument is Sphinx's app instance. Go to LightBox2 backend to see how to implement that. Each backend should implement rendering image_node on specific outputs. If methods are not implemented, default image directive is a fallback

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Configuration Options ¶. Configuration Options. Paths (relative or absolute) to the source code that you wish to generate your API documentation from. The paths are searched recursively for files matching autoapi_file_patterns . Relative paths should be relative to the source directory of your documentation The :rtype: directive is added if and only if no existing :rtype: is found. Compatibility with sphinx.ext.napoleon. To use sphinx.ext.napoleon with sphinx-autodoc-typehints, make sure you load sphinx.ext.napoleon first, before sphinx-autodoc-typehints. See Issue 15 on the issue tracker for more information