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Morrisons Vegan Taste Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream500ml. 500ml. £2.85 57p per 100ml. Add to trolley. Other. Out of Stock. frozen. Morrisons V Taste Free From Vanilla. 500ml Introducing Heinz Vegan Salad Cream. You might not eat it on a salad, and no, it's definitely not made of cream. Fear not, this plant-based beauty still has that same deliciously zingy taste of Heinz Salad Cream we all know and love. So, use it as a salad dressing for your salads or dollop it onto your sandwich and sandwiches at your leisure Then I discovered Morrisons Vegan Salted Caramel Swirl Ice Cream. It contained no banned ingredients but I didn't expect it to be particularly good. I have been amazed. It is one of the best ice premium creams I have ever tasted and everyone I have given it to has loved it. Well done Morrisons. Please don't scrap this brilliant ice cream. Morrisons Indian Bengal Mango Chutney160g. 160g. £2.25 £1.41 per 100g. Buy 3 for £5. Add to trolley. Advertisement

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Morrison's Vegan Products. List of vegan products sold at Morrison's - search, browse, or filter by category. Highlights include own brand ginger sticky buns, vegan Magnum/Cornetto type ice creams, and lots different flavoured falafels/bites by Great Food. Showing 1-12 of 420 results For the first time ever, Morrisons is launching a fully vegan trifle with fruity strawberry sauce and boudoir biscuits layered with vanilla custard and topped with whipped vegan cream, hand finished with a golden shimmer Morrisons' V Taste Strawberry Ice Cream is free from dairy and contains soya instead. They're sold in 500ml tubs, too, making them perfect for a movie night snack or a quick midnight craving treat. If strawberry isn't your thing, that's fine! V Taste also comes in vanilla and chocolate flavours ayy babe guess what, Morrison's has loads of new vegan bits! i have a blog (do ppl still read those) - www.raelikesfroot.comfollow and like my pictures pls @..

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Morrisons is taking on luxury vegan ice-cream brands with its new own-label products. The UK retailer says customers can pick up the new ice-cream for 'a fraction of the cost of Ben & Jerry's'. Ben & Jerry's non-dairy tubs cost around £5.50 - almost double the price of Morrisons' offering, which retail at £2.85 for a 500ml tub The photos below don't cover all the vegan food products that Morrison's sell. For example, I haven't included fresh or pre-packed fruit or vegetables, nuts, tins of beans, juice, tea, coffee, jam, loaves of bread, as well as, other things. This is because they are either, obviously or generally, vegan. Vegan cereals in Morrisons Vegan caramel shortbread in the Free From section at Morrisons. There is at least one other widely available dairy-free caramel shortbread that we've reviewed - in the Lazy Day range of tray bakes. This one is distinctly different and isn't made by Lazy Days and repackaged. Have Morrisons managed to perfect that all important vegan caramel layer Morrisons is launching the first vegan trifle in UK supermarkets as part of its festive vegan range UK supermarket Morrisons is leading the way when it comes to vegan products having released a number of first-to-market plant-based products such as vegan 'pork' pies and mozzarella sticks Morrisons launches a new selection of vegan cheeses including a vegan roule Author: The Vegetarian Society Morrisons adds a new selection of three vegan cheeses to its vegan range including a roule and a soft cheese. Morrisons - Free From

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Find your nearest Morrisons supermarket and its opening times, address and phone number using our store locator, plus see what services are available. We use cookies to make this site work, tailor your experience and improve your journey. By continuing to use this site you are consenting to the use of cookies Morrisons now offers vegan food boxes to help people during the lockdown. The new Vegan Essentials Box—which weighs just under 15kg, costs £35, and can feed two for a week—contains everything from fruit and vegetables to dairy-free cheese and plant-based meat. It also includes staples such as bread, cereal, spread, and pasta

50pc plant 50pc cows milk releasing soon in the UK. Got an ad on Instagram for a survey on a plant based dairy drink The soy-free and gluten-free squirty cream is made by FoodHeaven. Tesco now offers canisters of vegan squirty whipped cream — ideal for cakes, pies, hot chocolates, or just spraying directly into your mouth. Made by FoodHeaven, Heavenly Whipped Spray Cream is free from gluten and soya. As well as Tesco, it's available from Asda and Morrisons A Morrisons supermarket in London is currently trialing a new vegan street food concept called Street Vegan. The concept is part of its takeaway store, Market Kitchen. Market Kitchen is located in Morrisons' new temporary location in Camden. The chain's larger store in Chalk Farm is closed for construction Best vegan suncream: Evole Climate Veil Tinted SPF20, £28. Best roll on sun cream for kids: Morrisons Spf50+ Kids Coloured Sun Lotion Roll On, £3. For kids that don't sit still, the roll on.

Eat Fresh meals start at £2.50 per serving. Choose a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription, or simply opt for a single delivery. You can cancel your subscription at any time, or adjust the frequency of your orders to suit your lifestyle. Pick tasty, pre-portioned, expertly crafted meals, delivered directly to your door We'd love to send you tailored offers, coupons, and communications via email, at the till, through the post, online and in app. Tick the box if you'd like to receive exclusive offers and communications from Morrisons Wholesale Orders. Our Morrisons Food Boxes are now available to order in large quantities. Whether you're looking to provide essential food to support communities or you want to source a gift for a large number of recipients, for more information or to place an order please get in touch at: wholesale-foodboxes@morrisonsplc.co.uk Read all about this vegan product. Two new dairy free ice creams have joined the crowd in the freezers at Morrisons. Now you can get your hands on Strawberry and Chocolate & Nut cones at the major supermarket. The new cones cost £2 with four in a pack and they are gluten free. Hit the ice cream hashtag below to explore & discover other. Keep cool this summer with Naturli' vegan Ice Dream made from oats and coconut. The Denmark-based brand launched its range of dairy-free ice cream in the UK this year. The lineup features a six ice cream unique flavors: Salty Caramel With Roasted Almonds, Cocoa Orange, Hazelnut, Raspberry Chocolate, Liquorice Sweet Bites, and Strawberry Swirl

Magnum Vegan Classic Ice Cream 3 x 90 ml. 4.8 out of 5 stars 27. £2.00£2.00 (£0.74/100 ml) £3.90£3.90. FREE same-day delivery on orders over £40 with Prime This is The Best Vegan Cream Cheese! Thick and creamy with a slight tang, it's just like real cream cheese. Made with just 6 plant based ingredient, you can eat all the cream cheese bagels you want and use it in recipe that call for cream cheese Follow this easy vegan whipped cream recipe to learn how to whip up this dairy-free cream with just a tin of coconut milk. The secret is chilling the tin in advance, so perhaps stash a few tins in the fridge ready for whipping up a rich topping for cakes or for serving alongside puds whenever you fancy The guidance from Morrisons is that those with allergies should avoid due to cross contamination, so if you are a vegan that abstains from consuming products featuring this disclaimer these doughnuts aren't for you. I, on the other hand, have no such qualms. If I felt like that I'd never dine anywhere other than vegan restaurants and, in a.

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  1. Some recipes include whey powder, however, some supermarkets — like Asda and Morrisons — offer vegan versions of the iconic biscuit. Asda's take on the crunchy classic is actually called Cookies & Cream and takes a circular shape instead of the traditional rectangle. Morrisons, however, has kept the classic shape in its Free From version
  2. Therefore, Morrisons has made a comforting and nostalgic dessert that even vegans and those with allergies can enjoy. The Best Vegan Trifle tastes just like the retro classic, with layers of vegan vanilla custard, boudoir sponge, strawberry filling and whipped non-dairy cream
  3. Food Heaven Whipped Spray Cream Vegan 200Ml. 4.5 (36) Write a review. Click here to open zoom in to image. £ 2.00. £1.00/100ml. Add Food Heaven Whipped Spray Cream Vegan 200Ml add Food Heaven Whipped Spray Cream Vegan 200Ml to basket. Suitable for vegans
  4. Nothing symbolises the start of summer more than the start of Wimbledon (which is today, hooray!), and to celebrate, Morrisons is serving up the perfect tipple - a brand new strawberries and cream fizz.. Not only does this sound like all of our drink dreams come true, it's also vegan and purse-friendly at £5 a bottle
  5. Vegan Roast Vegetable Butternut Squash. To keep things simple in the kitchen this Christmas, we have some great options for ready made vegan starters. Try our award-winning Morrisons The Best Layered Vegetable Tarts, or browse our Food To Order options and pick up tasty favourites such as our Vegetable Tempura Nests with a Sweet Chilli Dip
  6. Other ice cream brands, such as Ben & Jerry's, also use pea protein in its vegan ice creams. It's also worth noting that while Magnum haven't intentionally added any dairy ingredients, its vegan ice creams carry a 'may contain milk' warning, so the ice creams might not be suitable for those with allergies

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  1. A guide to shopping for vegan products in UK supermarkets. Grab and go. If you have a wander around the fridge aisles of large supermarkets, you will usually find a meat-free section that will stock items like falafels, vegan sausages, vegan soups and ready meals for when you fancy something quick and easy
  2. Wicked Kitchen Ice Cream. The Wicked Kitchen range has been expanding in recent months to include more sweet treats, including a brand new range of vegan cream tubs. Made up of three flavours, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate and Vanilla, the new ice creams launched in Tesco at an affordable price of £2.00 per tub in November
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The Morrisons vegan Gingerbread Doughnuts come in packs of five and cost just 50p. They are available from 400 Morrisons stores nationwide now. Morrisons have a whole host of vegan-friendly products launching in the run up to Christmas this year, not just their new vegan gingerbread doughnuts Morrisons' vegan option isn't much to look at, but the freshness of the pastry is its biggest strength The flavour is pretty good, with a nice balance of herbs and savoury sausage-adjacent substitute, though it is pulled back a little bit by the fact it is very, very dry

Vegan donuts. Last month, Morrisons added vegan Christmas donuts to its plant-based offerings, priced at just 10p each. The gingerbread treats, which are already available in 400 stores nationwide, contain a 'rich and comforting ginger cream custard' made from spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, and star anise Morrisons have launched a new vegan ice cream and it's only 80p! Plant-based, Made from soya, Milk free, Suitable for vegans www.morrisons.co.uk. Posted in 2. Product Reviews-Tagged dairy free ice cream lolly, morrisons 4U Free from chocolate coated iced dessert, vegan choc ice. Tesco Vegan Choc Sticks. Aug04 2016 Written by maggie. Vegan Ice Cream Lolly. A pack of 3 dairy free chocolate coated ice cream lollies from Tesco free from range

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Vegan ice cream with best overall flavour. Despite conducting our taste test entirely blind, our tasters recognised this brand straight away. With a number of decadent flavour combinations in their dairy-free range, Ben & Jerry's are one of the only brands who have successfully replicated some of their original varieties in vegan form without. Instructions. Simply whip all the ingredients together for a couple of minutes until light and fluffy. Taste and adjust by adding more icing sugar, if desired. Serve right away or keep refrigerated in an air-tight container for up to 3 days The Morrisons Festive Sandwiches are all priced individually between £2.40 and £2.75, but are available as part of the £3 meal deal (Image: Morrisons). The popular supermarket has also launched. Morrisons. Vegan Gingerbread Doughnuts, from 16th November. Made by bakers in-store, hand-filled with festive gingerbread filling. Morrisons. The Best Morello Cherry Profiterole Bowl, from 21st December. Choux pastry buns filled with British cream and topped with Belgian chocolate sauce, on layers of chocolate mousse and morello cherry compote. Aldi Plant Menu Vegan Ice Cream £1.99 . Tried? liked? didn't like? 126 ratings Aldi Christmas Morrisons Naughty Vegan News . BirdsEye To Launch Vegan Chicken Burgers . What did you think? 13 ratings. Join thousands of people signing up to our free newsletter with exclusive vegan food news and never miss out on a vegan food launch again

Bristol's first fully vegan ice cream van which sells plant-based Mr Whippys is set to become a permanent fixture on the city's harbourside. Happy Cow, run by Chris Reed, who also owns popular. Vegan Choc Ice Lolly. Thanks to my readers for telling me that Morrison's do a version of a vegan ice cream lolly. Tesco do them too which I reviewed recently. The ice cream is vanilla creamy non dairy ice cream with a chocolate coating which is lovely, it cracks when you bite into it Vegan ice cream maker, 35, who turned down a £75,000 investment from Dragons' Den scoops a lucrative deal with Tesco too sell it in 600 stores nationwide. Cecily Mills, 35, is the founder of. Vegan Ice Cream Cornets. I found a strawberry/vanilla pack and a chocolate vanilla pack, not with the ice cream but in the special diets section of the freezer in Morrisons. (swedish glace is with the standard ice cream. so you have to send a search party to find them

Frozen Gluten Free Desserts & Ice Cream. shelf. Low Everyday Price. £ 2.25. £0.51/100ml. Add Tesco Free From Toffee & Vanilla Cones 4 X110ml add Tesco Free From Toffee & Vanilla Cones 4 X110ml to basket. Low Everyday Price. Showing 1-24 of 33 items. Show 48 per page Ice Cream and Lollies. List of vegan ice cream and lollies sold in UK supermarkets - search, browse, or filter by shop. Showing 1-12 of 102 results. Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low

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This year, as a variation of its gingerbread offerings, Morrisons supermarket has launched vegan gingerbread doughnuts. Read more: Morrisons launches family Christmas dinner box for just £50. A festive take on its classic filled doughnuts, the limited edition Gingerbread Doughnut is available from today (November 19) Morrisons V Taste Free From Soya Strawberry Ice Cream 500ml. 80p. Add to trolley. 16p per 100ml. Product details. (3) Reviews. Add To List. Product Description. Plant based, Made from soya, Milk free, Suitable for vegans Image: Morrisons. The food box priced at £3.09 will contain at least £10 worth of products such as fruit and veggies, bakery and deli items all of which have passed the best-before date but are still good to eat. Customers can avail this service in all 494 supermarkets nationwide from Tuesday, November 26th

Morrisons isn't the only supermarket chain catering to the growing demand for plant-based options. Tesco recently added 15 new vegan meal options to the shelves, plus dairy-free halloumi-style cheese. At the beginning of the year, The Co-Op launched a new vegan range, featuring 35 meals Tesco, Aldi, Morrisons and Asda go head to head. With protein being a key element in a balanced diet, the study analysed which own-brand vegan ranges contained the most protein per 100g Vegan ice-cream market is expected to grow at a rate of 10.30% in the forecast period 2020 to 2027. Increasing trends towards vegan lifestyle and rising health consciousness among the people are the factor for the vegan ice-cream market in the forecast period of 2020- 2027

Morrisons has launched a Bourbon and Custard Cream hybrid. A Morrisons supermarket sign on August 09, 2020 in Cardiff, Wales. Credit: Morrisons. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article If you are a vegan living in the UK, it may interest you to know that Morrisons, the UK's fourth largest supermarket has been expanding its free from range over the past nine months, and this includes many new vegan products.. In April last year, Morrisons launched the Fry's meat free range into many of their stores, although alas that hasn't reached my 3 most local branches, and Almond. I would say Morrisons are probably the best for cheap vegan frozen food. Unlike Tesco, their own brand vegetarian burgers and vegetarian sausages are both vegan (and clearly labelled). They are each £1.50 for a pack of 6, which is amazing value compared to more expensive brands like Quorn and Linda McCartney 47 ratings. autumn Frozen Morrisons. Morrisons 2 Big Vegan Burgers 260g. What did you think? 11 ratings. autumn Burgers Chilled

Vegan Whipped Cream Brands. 1. Soyatoo Soy Whip. Coming in a pressurized can or carton, Soyatoo's Soy Whip is a great alternative to dairy-based whipped creams. This vegan whipped cream tastes amazing while allowing vegans to make great desserts such as mousses or cakes Morrisons Free From Original Soft Cheese Alternative 170g Read more; Wicked Kitchen Smoked Carrot Sandwich Read more; Morrisons Free From Cheddar & Caramelised Onion Cheese 200g Read more; Morrisons Free From 9 Ginger Mini Bites 135g Read mor How to make vegan whipped cream. First you need to refrigerate a can of coconut cream overnight.Place it into the coldest part of your refrigerator and leave it there at least overnight. In fact, if you find a brand of coconut cream that works great for making vegan whipped cream, then just leave a few cans in the top of your fridge permanently

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  1. Maryland Chocolate Chip Sugar Free Cookies. Nairn's Biscuits - Dark Chocolate Chip Oat, Stem Ginger Oat, Mixed Berries Oat, Fruit & Spice Wheat Free. Crawford's Pink Wafers. McVitie's - Ginger Nuts, Fruit Shortcake, Fig Rolls, Hobnobs, Chocolate Chip Hobnobs. Mr Kipling - Apple & Blackcurrant Pies, Treacle Tart
  2. With 30 years' experience we're one of the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of dairy, lactose and gluten free vegan cheese products.Our Sheese range is award winning, and we're proud to say that all of our products are certified Vegan, and most are Kosher too!. Our production process is also completely animal free in our dedicated Free From Factory on the idyllic Isle of Bute.
  3. Investigation: Morrisons Pigs. Pig Breeding Facility Closes Following Viva! Investigation. One year after our shocking investigation into Winterbrook Farm Partners, Calvesley Farm has been ordered to cease operations and is in the process of being demolished. The farm was a breeding unit, home to hundreds of female pigs who were routinely.
  4. Now Morrisons has announced the Tommy Afternoon Tea Box, costing just £20 and available to get delivered straight to your door. The box is designed to celebrate VE day and is supporting the Royal British Legion, a charity that works to support vulnerable veterans and their families. With every purchase of the box made between the 29th of April.
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Morrisons Savers Potato Salad (per 100g) - 2 SYNS. Low Syn Crisps/Crackers. Morrisons Cheese & Onion Crisps (25g bag) - 6.5 SYNS Morrisons Cream Crackers, Reduced Fat (each) - 1.5 SYNS Morrisons Eat Smart Counted Apple Crisps (20g bag) - 3 SYNS Morrisons Eat Smart Counted Beetroot Crisps (20g bag) - 2.5 SYN Kebab Spice 280g. Oumph! Smoky Bits 180g. Oumph! Balls 280g. Enjoy delicious vegan food from Iceland. From vegan ready meals to vegan pizza, we've got all your favourites in our frozen vegan range. Browse our extensive selection of vegan meat alternatives - from veggie burgers and steaks to meat-free fillets and nuggets - as well as a vibrant. Morrisons V Taste sweet chilli chickpea, purple sweet potato and green pea popped snacks, 85g. Morrisons vegan savoury stock pots, 4 x 28g. Morrisons jackfruit in sweet & smoky barbecue sauce.

The ice cream sticks feature layers of chocolate accompanied by delicious-tasting flavoured ice cream. Better yet, each bar only contains 87 calories (or less). They come in a five-pack and cost. Well done Morrisons for making such an amazing vegan ice-cream! Read more. 2 people found this helpful. Helpful. Report abuse. N. 4.0 out of 5 stars Tastes great. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 November 2020. Verified Purchase. What an incredibly low price for a vegan ice cream! Doesn't have any of the bells and whistles of Ben and. Mcvities Crawford Thin Arrowroot Biscuits 200g. Read more. Lotus Biscoff 250g. Rated 4.00 out of 5. Read more. Fox's Party Fairytales 130g. Read more. Oreo Vanilla 154G. Rated 5.00 out of 5

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  1. iscent of Halo Top, the.
  2. Morrisons Market St Brownie Mini Bites 24 Pk. Morrisons' BBQ Food Box will set you back £40 (that's including next day delivery), and is available online now! Mollie Clarke, Food Box Specialist.
  3. , Nicotinic Acid, Calcium Carbonate), Vegetable Oils (Rapeseed, Palm), Water, Concentrated Beetroot Juice, Humectant (Glycerol), Dried Glucose Syrup, Coconut, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Raising Agents (Potassium Carbonates, Diphosphates, Calcium Phosphates), Cider.
  4. Vegan Party Food. Vegan Dairy Alternatives. Vegan Ready Meals & Pies. Vegan Pizza, Pasta & Soup. Vegan Deli. Vegan Sausages & Burgers. Vegan Meat Substitutes & Ingredients. Vegan Tofu. Vegan Prepared Vegetables & Salads
  5. Related products. Mcvitie's Hobnobs 300g Read more; Mcvitie Light Digestive 400g Read more; Linda Mccartney 6 Vegetarian Red Onion And Rosemary Sausages 300
  6. Low-calorie ice-cream brand Oppo Brothers have just launched a low-calorie vegan range - including Simply the Zest and Very Almondberry. You can buy the ice cream from Ocado. They cost £4.50 a tub
  7. Morrisons. Morrisons has a great selection of non-dairy cheese on offer, including its well-loved vegan mozzarella sticks. These are just as you would want them to be: breaded on the outside and full of soft, meltable cheese on the inside. Bonus: If you want even more cheesy dippers, check out Marks & Spencer's Plant Kitchen range

For pudding, Morrisons has added a Chocolate Sponge Pudding, priced at £2, which can be served with vegan ice cream. These additions are on top of what they already offer. You can also choose from a Sweet Potato and Chickpea Korma (£5.50) or a Butternut Squash and Lentil Lasagne (£5.50) from the main menu Morrisons has launched the ultimate Tennis Treats box just in time to enjoy the Wimbledon final, with everything from strawberries and cream to Pimms! Morrisons have an incredible range of food boxes to choose from, from special occasion boxes to bundles for nights in The Happy Cow, Bristol's first-ever fully vegan ice cream van is set to have a permanent spot at Narrow Quay on the harbourside. It's the only van in Bristol to sell only vegan ice cream including plant-based Mr Whippys, made from plant-based milk and coconut oil, available in waffle cones or in tubs with a spoon, both of which are fully compostable MORRISONS will be reopening its cafés in England and Wales for indoor dining from tomorrow. The supermarket will welcome back customers with brand new menu items and updated coronavirus measures. Morrisons vegan offering also includes Vegan Sausage Rolls, which will cost £1 each or available as part of a 2 for £1.50 offer. coconut milk cream and cornflakes, all fried until it's.

Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and M&S recall food products due to Hepatitis and allergy fears MAJOR UK supermarkets have all recalled various products this week due to allergy fears, including Hepatitis A The Food Standards Agency has also issued warnings on vegan pies, ice cream cones and sandwiches from other major retailers. Morrisons is recalling Nutella Ferrero B-ready (6 Pack The offer is valid at Morrisons cafés nationwide throughout the summer holidays to help parents save money on breakfast, lunch and dinner. Adult menu items include a Full English Breakfast with vegetarian and vegan options, tasty salads, and café classics such as fish and chips, lasagne, and chicken tikka masala. While the children's menu features everything from beans on toast to chicken.

The Vegilantes Southern Fried Wings | Vegan Food UKThis Isn’t Bacon – Plant-Based Rashers | Vegan Food UKCadbury Bounville Hot Chocolate Cocoa Powder 250G | VeganThis Isn’t Chicken Plant Based Tikka Pieces | Vegan Food UKSainsbury’s Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps, Taste The Difference

sweet treats · Sandwiches · BBQ · Ice cream · Alcohol · Great for lunch · Big flavours · small prices · Drinks · pizza · Healthy options · Family favourites · Featured · Domino's Pizza · Featured Restaurants · Cook From Home · Only on Deliveroo · Grocery · Festive Menus · Vegan Friendly Grocery · Local 20% Off · Local 20% Off 2 · Pepsico Euro Morrisons launches £15 Valentine's Day meal deal for two including vegan options The romantic feast includes starters, mains, two sides, a drink and dessert options. dailyrecor Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and M&S urge shoppers to return frozen pies and ice cream. The Chartered Trading Standard's Institute (CTSI) have published information on items that have been recalled. ULTIMATE Vegan ice cream thread - posted in Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw Food Diets: So this is for everyone who wants to talk about, think about, brag about all the vegan ice creams weve come across. I have a vested interest in this because on Friday I break my sugar-free fast and I am NOT ashamed of wanting to do it with ALL the plant-based vegan ice cream tubs In the latest pastry wars one-upmanship, Morrisons has gone all out with a gargantuan roll that could feed an entire vegan family. Weighing in at a whopping 466g, the gigantic vegan roll is double.