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On Dec 14, 2007, RonDEZone7a from Wilmington, DE (Zone 7a) wrote: 'Satyr Hill' is supposed to be faster growing than the typical Ilex opaca. Neutral. On Feb 10, 2007, claypa from West Pottsgrove, PA (Zone 6b) wrote: female; volunteer seedling selected and introduced by S. McLean March 1970. Iris The Satyr Hill Holly grows well from zone 5 to zone 9, thriving in hot and dry areas that the English holly (Ilex aquifolium) doesn't like. If the leaves drop in zone 5 during an exceptionally cold winter, don't cut off the bare branches, as they will soon leaf out again once spring comes

Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' Satyr Hill American Holly. Satyr Hill has bright red berries that mature in the fall and persist well through winter. Satyr Hill has large, round leaves and an upright-pyramidal habit. A very nice American Holly selection. Zone:5-9 Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' Fruit|Leaf ^Top of Page. Powered by Find a Plant Discover What's in Bloom Locate a Garden Feature Take a Tour: LONGWOOD GARDENS 1001 Longwood Road Kennett Square, PA 1934 The holly chosen for the 2003 Holly of the Year is Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill'. This fine American holly was found as a volunteer seedling and developed at McLean Nurseries in Towson, Maryland by Stewart McLean. 'Satyr Hill' was registered by the Holly Society in 1970, registration number 3-70, and was named for the road on which the nursery is. Noteworthy Characteristics. Ilex opaca, commonly called American holly, is an upright, pyramidal, evergreen tree that slowly matures to 15-30' in cultivation, but may reach 50' tall in the wild.It is native to the eastern and central U.S., most frequently found in moist woods, forest bottomlands and swamp peripheries plus some coastal dunes (e.g., Cape Cod down the Atlantic Coast) from.

American Holly. Ilex opaca. The American Holly is considered one of the most popular trees in the world. Due to extensive cultivation of the American Holly by nurseryman and gardeners alike, there are currently over 1000 different cultivars, with more being patented every year (Holly Society of America).The tree is ridiculously tough 'Satyr Hill is a good one, its leaf is wider than most I. opaca. My all time favorite is 'Old Heavy Berry'. It is in a class all by itself, large, dark green leaves. Berries are large and plentiful. Only found in collections since rooting percentages are low. Scott Arboretum in Swarthmore PA has exceptional Ilex collection Ilex opaca 'Miss Helen' Miss Helen American Holly: 3: Fall 2021 / Spring 2022: $13.00: Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' Satyr Hill American Holly: 7: Contract Grown : $35.00: Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' Satyr Hill American Holly: 3: Fall 2022: $13.00: Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' Satyr Hill American Holly: 15: Spring 2022: $75.00: Ilex vomitoria 'Pendula. Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' quantity. Add to cart. Description Additional information Description. Easily grown in average, consistently moist, acidic, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Leaves typically yellow in alkaline soils. Tolerates a broad range of soil conditions, but will not tolerate flooding or soils saturated with moisture

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Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' (Zone 5) Vigorous grower with a compact, pyramidal upright habit. Won 'Holly of the Year' in 2003 as awarded by the Holly Society of America Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' American Holly. 15G / 17 25G / 21 Lagerstroemia 'Pocomoke' Crape Myrtle. 10G / 17 Ligustrum japonicum 'Recurvifolium' Japanese Privet 'Recurvea', Wax Leaf Ligustrum, Wavy Leaf Ligustrum. 15G / 17 Ligustrum japonicum 'Rotundifolium

Ilex opaca - American Hollies. The aristocrat of evergreens, this very deer-resistant holly has been overshadowed in recent years, although the popularity of the plant remains strong. This pyramidal tree keeps its vibrant fruit through the winter when the red of the berries contrasts against the green foliage and is a striking specimen all year An excellent holly to plant is Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill,' winner of Holly Society of America's 2003 Holly of the Year, with large, dark olive-green leaves and bright red berries that last all winter to provide help for songbirds. Old Heavy Berry is noted for its berry production. For a holly that grows in conical form to 10 feet tall and is. - Vigorous evergreen with spiny, tortoise-shaped leaves. Large red berries are well distributed over the entire tree Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' Holly - American 'Satyr Hill' American Holly is considered by the American Holly Society to be one of the best female forms, for both foliage and fruit. The dark olive-green leaves are somewhat flatter than most opacas, and 'Satyr Hill' produces abundant red fruit from early October through the winter.. Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' American Holly. Summary; Additional Details » Grows 30-40' Tall and 15-25' Wide » Upright Conical, Pyramidal Habit » Red Fall Fruit Lasts Into Late Winter » Deer Resistant; Must Have any American Male Holly for best Berry Production Height 30-40 ft Spread 15-25 ft Zone 5-9 Color Whit

Ilex Opaca Satyr Hill American Holly. 67427B. Product Photos. Hover on image to Zoom. Touch on image to Zoom. of Images & Videos. Share by Email. 67427B. Ilex Opaca Satyr Hill American Holly. 67427B. Pick-Up, Delivery, or Shipping. Select at Cart. Conveniently pick-up your items from your branch The American Holly Society is well aware of this standout and recognized it as the 2003 Gene Eisenbeiss Holly of the Year! More Information. Introduced by Broken Arrow Nursery. No. Latin Name. Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill'. Common Name. Satyr Hill Amercian Holly. Native

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  1. Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' « Previous Plant Ilex 'Satyr Hill' Overview. Height: 30-40 ft; Spread: 15-25 ft; Size Avail Price; 10G: 1: $120.00 Add to cart. 15G: 4: $202.50 Add to cart. B&B: 17: $307.50 Add to cart. Category: Trees. Description; Complete Characteristics List; Large, shiny rounded foliage; Nice red berries for fall/winter
  2. Ilex opaca 'Tinga' Tinga American Holly. This is a female selection and will need male pollinator for berry production. [ More Info] Zone: Height: Spread: 7-9 25 -30 ft 12 -15 ft Ilex verticillata 'Red Sprite' Red Sprite Winterberry. Dwarf winterberry that holds its berries long into the winter. [ More Info] Zone: Height
  3. Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill ' American Holly • To 30 feet tall. Pyramidal • Sun to part sun • Average, consistently moist acidic, well drained soil • Evergreen • 'Satyr Hill' is a female cultivar. Requires a male to set fruit • Red fruits mature in October and persist into winte
  4. Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' Satyr Hill American Holly. OUT OF STOCK Item added to cart! View Cart. Description Satyr Hill American Holly is a large compact upright native evergreen shrub with an open pyramidal habit and large spiny dark green foliage. If the inconspicuous flowers are pollinated they will give way to heavy clusters of bright red.

Satyr Hill Holly - (Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill') Shrubs Other Common Names: American Holly Family: Aquifoliaceae Genus: Ilex Species: opaca Cultivar: 'Satyr Hill' Save Print Email. Tweet One is Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill'. A mature specimen of this holly can be found in the Berry Garden at Ladew Topiary Gardens in Monkton, Maryland. 'Satyr Hill' has beautiful bold leaves and lots of large red berries. Another excellent holly is Ilex opaca 'Miss Helen' which also produces an abundance of berries Ilex opaca Satyr Hill 5' Holly, Satyr Hill 5' IOGHSH5FT Ilex opaca Satyr Hill 5' B-GRADE Holly, Satyr Hill 5' B-GRADE IOGHSHB5FT Ilex opaca Satyr Hill 6' Holly, Satyr Hill 6' IOSH6FT Ilex opaca Satyr Hill 7' Holly, Satyr Hill 7' IOSH7FT Ilex opaca Satyr Hill 8-10' Holly, Satyr Hill 8-10' IOSH810FT Ilex x attenuata Fosteri #2 5' Holly, Foster 5. Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' or Satyr Hill American holly - 95% Ilex crenata 'Convexa' or Convex leaf Japanese holly - 90% The following two hollies, though, performed very poorly as shown by their survival rates: Ilex x meserveae Blue Princess® - or Blue Princess holly - 40% Ilex aquifolium 'Monler' or Sparkler® English holly - 6

A 6 rooted cutting of Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' blooming in the greenhouse. Hollies are one of the only trees that will bloom and bear fruit on a less than one year old cutting. Sue Hunter HOLLY SOCIETY BERRY BULLETIN Published by the Holly Society of America, Inc., P.O. Box 803, Millville, NJ 08332-0803 hollysocam.or Photo of Ilex opaca Satyr Hill Holly bare root liner starter plant. Home Availability Bare Root Liner List Ordering Shipping About Photos Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' Bed Grown (BG) Back to Ilex. 838 S. College Street P.O. Box 62 Winchester, TN 37398. Email us at liners@schaefernursery.com  Phone 931-967. Ilex opaca 'Carnival' - Female American Holly $ 11.00 - $ 24.00; Ilex opaca 'Mary Holman' - Female American Holly - 1-Gallon $ 20.00; Ilex opaca 'Old Heavy Berry' - Female American Holly - 1-Quart $ 24.00; Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' - Female American Holly $ 15.00 - $ 29.00; Ilex opaca - Male American Holly $ 11.

Ive planted 'Satyr Hill', and have 'Carnival', 'Canary', and 'winter sun' arriving tomorrow! ( Ilex Opaca) that has never been browsed by deer, and I planted it when it was about 8 inches tall, BUT, my Rhododendrons have been chewed on I had to put shelters on them in winter. BTW, the once 8 inch seedling is now about 4 feet. Information Sheet - American Holly (Ilex opaca) American Holly (Ilex opaca) is a medium-sized, broad-leaved evergreen tree that typically grows 20 to 30 feet tall and occasionally up to nearly 100 feet tall. This tree has a light grey trunk and leaves that are a shiny deep green on top and a dull lighter green on their undersides Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' Our grand old Far Barn elicits a multitude of emotions. It's impossible to imagine the Arboretum without this iconic rural structure; American flag flying overhead in the breeze. Though difficult to capture the feeling with mere words, perhaps the word beloved says it best. The Far Barn and the adjacent ground

View picture of American Holly 'Satyr Hill' (Ilex opaca) at Dave's Garden. All pictures are contributed by our community Welcome to the Saunders Brothers Online Catalog. Our catalog is ever evolving as we trial new plants and choose what to offer based on landscape performance and aesthetic appeal. Our online catalog allows us to keep you updated on our newest offerings, while also maintaining a library of everything we grow throughout the year Most of us are family with holly shrubs in the landscape and growing American holly trees (Ilex opaca) is a relatively easy endeavor.Read on to learn more about this holly species. American Holly Information. These attractive, broad-leaf evergreen trees grow 15-50' (4.6-15m.) tall

Fosteri #2. Foster Holly. This is a popular American Holly hybrid with narrow dark green lightly spined leaves. Young plants are of fairly narrow upright growth habit becoming broaderat the base witha ge. A very dependable berry-bearing plant. Sizes. 5 - 6'. 6 - 7'. 9 - 10' Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' Satyr Hill Amercian Holly. Ilex opaca 'Winter Sun' Winter Sun American Holly. Ilex opaca (Pride Male) Pride Male American Holly. Ilex pedunculosa 'Frosty Morn' ('Variegata') Frosty Morn Longstalk Holly. Ilex pedunculosa (female) Female Longstalk Holly Ilex Opaca Satyr Hill. Latin Name: Ilex Opaca Zone: 5 to 9 Height: 20.00 to 30.00 feet Width: 8.00 to 20.00 feet Light: Full sun to part shade Water: Average Soil: Well Drained . in Evergreen 0 comments. March 22, 2015 February 17, 2017 by DesignByLee Pinus Parvifl. Glauca Ilex Opaca Satyr Hill Broad, toothed foliage that is sprinkled with red berries in winter are highlights of the Satyr Hill American holly. This cultivar originated as a volunteer seedling selected by Stewart McLean in Towson, Maryland. This impressive tree develops a dense, upright pyramidal habit and boasts deep olive-green foliage with a. Ilex opaca 'Jersey Princess' Holly, American, Jersey Princess Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' Holly, American, Satyr Hill Ilex opaca Carolina #2 Holly, American, Carolina #

Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' American Holly. Field Grown. Field Grown. Field Grown. Ilex opeca 'Croonenburg' American Holly. Field Grown. Field Grown. Ilex vomitoria 'Roundleaf' Yaupon Holly. Field Grown. Field Grown. Field Grown. Ilex vomitoria 'Schillings' Yaupon Holly, Ilex vomitoria 'Stokes Dwarf' 3G / 10 3G / 1 Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' Ilex x aquipernyi 'Dragon Lady' Pyramidal, dark green-blue holly with large red berries Blue Horizon Nursery and Gardens 09721 59th St Grand Junction, Michigan 49056 269 998-816 Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill'. American Holly is one of the most statuesque native trees that we sell here at the nursery. Mature specimens are a sight to behold. If you have ever taken a walk through Squam Swamp, you have already walked past several beautiful examples. Young American hollies tend to be a little funny looking, with an uneven habit

Ilex opaca 'Jersey Princess' Add To My Wish List . Jersey Princess American Holly. Jersey Princess American Holly (Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder) Height: 35 feet. Spread: 25 feet. Sunlight: Hardiness Zone: 4b. Description: This broad pyramidal evergreen has spiny, glossy dark green leaves and showy red berries in winter; dense habit of. Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' A beautiful native holly for your garden. Magnolia grandiflora 'Bracken's Brown Beauty' Large fragrant white blooms on glossy green evergreen leaves with cinnamon backing. Chionanthus retusus 'Tokyo Tower' Chinese Fringetree is in bloom! Featured Plants. Perennial; Shrub

American Holly Tree Ilex opaca . 33. Evergreen Trees. The American Holly is popular as a long privacy hedge. In fall American Hollies produce berries that last until spring. In it's natural shape this mature American Holly is a dense beautiful dark sage green shrub. * Images shown are of mature plants. Siz Most hollies, whether evergreen or bare in winter, require a male holly to provide pollen to insure fruit set. In some cases it doesn't have to be pollen from the same species. Though a couple of hollies set fruit in the absence of a male, the resulting berries have sterile seeds. The accompanying chart gives holly pollination basics You can find TDH Nurseries tucked away in beautiful scenic Phoenix, Maryland, located in Northern Baltimore County. We are a grower and supplier that sells wholesale to the trade only, specializing in growing unique, rare and hard to find plant material. A few of our specialties are Japanese maples, American holly and columnar evergreens. Along with field grown material, we offer premium grade. Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill', American Holly Click on the plant listing below to view the nursery information. Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' American Holly . State Nursery Container Description / Features / Specs Price; PA Heartwood Nursery, Inc. Felton, PA. Liners.

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  1. 10040 Perkins Hill Road. Chestertown, MD 21620. Office: 410-778-5787. 2021 Tideland Gardens, Inc
  2. Ilex Opaca 'Greenleaf' Ilex Opaca 'Satyr Hill' Ilex X 'Christmas Jewel'® (PP14417) Ilex X 'Conaf'™ (PP9487) Ilex X 'Conty'™ (PP12009) Ilex X 'Fosteri' Ilex X 'Mary Nell' Ilex X 'Nellie R. Stevens' Ilex X 'Oakland'™ (PP14417) Ilex X 'Robin'™ (PP9486) Ilex X Aquipernyi 'Dragon Lady
  3. Ilex opaca 'Miss Helen' 16' 3 $1,800.00 Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' 6' 15 $225.00 7' 25 $315.00 8' 31 $400.00 10' 16 $750.00 12' 1 $950.00 14' 3 $1,245.00 Ilex x aquipernyi 'Dragon Lady' Several have multiple leaders but nice. 10-12' 20 $750.00 12-14' 38 $950.00 14-16' 8 $1,245.00 Ilex x 'Centennial Dragon' 7' 1 $285.00 8' 5 $385.00 10' 3 $485.00.

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Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' - This is a female variety of American Holly with a compact pyramidal habit. It likes Sun to part Sun and will get 20-30' tall by 15-20' wide. It has large red berries that appear in October and will generally last until Spring Evergreen Trees. The American Holly is popular as a long privacy hedge. In fall American Hollies produce berries that last until spring. In it's natural shape this mature American Holly is a dense beautiful dark sage green shrub. * Images shown are of mature plants. Size. Regular price. $69.95. Call 866-982-0431 for Availability and Pricing

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One of my favorites for its handsome pyramidal habit is Satyr Hill holly (Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill'). The variegated English holly (Ilex aquifolium 'Argentea Marginata') can also be shaped into a spiral or conical habit easily for winter interest. Hollies are also a great choice for mixed evergreen hedges Satyr Hill Holly, an Ilex opaca, was developed at McLean from a volunteer seedling and named Holly of the Year in 2003 by The Holly Society of America, Inc. Sprays of holly ready to go to a new home for decorating A table of winterberries, a deciduous holl

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  1. 1 102 Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' American Holly 0232-R 1 103 Ilex opaca 'Dougreen' American Holly 0233-R 1 104 Ilex opaca 'Mt. Hood' American Holly 0234-R 1 105 Ilex opaca 'Hoagland' American Holly 0042-1946 1 106 Ilex opaca 'Judge Brown' American Holly 0032-1945*B 1 107 Ilex opaca 'Jersey Knight' American Holly 0050-1965*B 1 108 Ilex opaca 'Judge.
  2. Ilex opaca 'McGrew Church Cem.' Ilex opaca 'Merry Christmas' Ilex opaca 'Miss Courtney' Ilex opaca Miss Helen' Ilex opaca 'Miss Robb' Ilex opaca Morgan Gold' Ilex opaca 'Sandwood Scarlet' Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' Ilex opaca 'St. Mary' Ilex opaca 'Steward's Silver Crown' Ilex opaca 'Susan Gregory' Ilex opaca 'Virginia Giant' Ilex opaca 'Virginia.
  3. The American Holly has wide leaves and it's berries appear in autumn. In it's unpruned mature shape it is a mass of evergreen beauty. * Images shown are of mature plants. American Holly Tree Ilex opaca. Size. Regular price. $69.99. Call 877-345-0146 for Availability and Pricing. Sale price
  4. Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' American Holly. 15G / 17 25G / 21 Ilex verticillata 'Red Sprite' Winterberry Holly. 5G / 12 Ilex verticillata 'Sparkleberry' Winterberry Holly. 3G / 10 Ilex vomitoria 'Condeaux' Bordeaux® Holly. 3G / 10 7G / 14 Ilex vomitoria 'Nana' Dwarf Yaupon Holly. 5G / 12 Illicium hyb 'NCIH1'.
  5. Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' 8-10' 43 Satyr Hill American Holly 10-12' 2 Ilex verticillata Winter Red® 4-5' 70 Winter Red® Winterberry 5-6' 50 5-6' 5 Espalier Form 6-7' 24 6-7' 3 Espalier Form Ilex x koe. 'Yule Brite' 8-10' 30 Yule Brite Holly Ilex x aquipernyi 'Meschick' 8-10' 13 Dragon Lady® Holly. VARIETY SIZE AVAILABLE PRICE ORDER COMMENT
  6. Satyr Hill is indeed a Maryland daughter, from the McLean Nurseries in Parkville, acclaimed as one of the best all-time hollies for vigor and big red berry abundance. (Ilex opaca) is dioecious.

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The nursery is at 9010 Satyr Hill Road, phone 322-6714. Membership in HSA is $15 a year, which includes an initial thick packet of informational material and a quarterly publication. To join, send. Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill'- Satyr Hill American Holly. Chamaecyparis obtusa - Hinoki Cypress with frost on it's needles. Mini Evergreens. Cupressocyparis x leylandii - Leyland Cypress foliage. Chamaecyparis nootkatensis 'Pendula' - Weeping Alaskan Cedar Ilex opaca and a few of the best female hollies producing colorful red berries are Ilex opaca 'Miss Helen', 'Satyr Hill', 'Jersey Princess', 'Dan Fenton', 'Old Heavy Berry', and 'Goldie' (large yellow berries). A good Ilex opaca male pollinator with rich, lustrous, dark green foliage is 'Jersey Knight'

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Ilex Opaca Jersey Princess; Ilex Opaca Satyr Hill; Ilex X Acadiana; Ilex X Adonis Upright Holly; Ilex X Aspire; Ilex X Christmas Jewel; Ilex X Festive; Ilex X Latifolia; Ilex X Liberty; Ilex X Oak Leaf; Ilex X Oakland; Ilex X Patriot; Ilex X Red Beauty; Ilex X Robin; Illicium Fl. Florida Sunshine; Illicium Fl. Halley's Come American holly is a large shrub or tree, generally pyramidal, with alternating spiny, evergreen leaves. In October, female plants produce red berry-like fruit that persists into winter. A nearby male pollinator is necessary for fruit production. This native species is cold hardy (USDA zones 5 to 9), tolerant of pollution, drought, and moderately wet sites, and is resistant to deer browsing Tree Inventory at Chattooga Gardens. trees. from Apple to Willow, we carry a wide selection of trees including some very rare and unique species. View the tree list. View the tree list. View the tree list. This tree inventory listing is alphabetically by Botanical Name by default, use the heading to sort as you wish Family Aquifoliaceae †Holly & WinterberryAmerican holly is widely cultivated as an ornamental and for Christmas decorations. Red or yellow winter-persistent fruit are attractive to many types of wildlife. Custom Search Satyr Hill Shannon Chiles English Holly Canary Holly When the Pilgrims landed the week before Christmas in 1620 on the coast of what is [ Mature Size: 40' x 20 ' USDA Hardiness Zone: 5-9 (View Hardiness Zone Map) Root Pruned: No Outstanding Characteristics: This native plant American Holly cultivar is outstanding for its dark green color and heavy berry set. Notes: Tolerant of a wide range of habitat and soils. Will maintain best density and produce more fruit in full su GroWild is a wholesale nursery offering native plants to customers in the mid-South. We have over 950 species and cultivars of native perennials, wildflowers, trees, shrubs, vines, and grasses. Contact us for current availabilities or with your list of needs. Download Current Plant Availability List. * indicates limited quantities available. All