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There are 5240 taser and peper spray keychain for sale on Etsy, and they cost $24.18 on average. The most common taser and peper spray keychain material is silicone . The most popular color PEPPER SPRAY HAS A RANGE OF 10 FEET | This 3-in-1 pepper spray contains CS tear gas and UV marking dye. A trigger twist lock prevents accidental spraying. COMPACT AND EFFECTIVE | The retractable taser gun and pepper spray bundle are ideal self defense weapons for women because they're compact and fit in the smallest pocket or purse Included In The Kit Are: (1) High Volt Maximum Amperage USB Rechargeable Keychain Stun Gun With LED Flashlight, And (1) .5 oz Keychain Pepper Spray OC Max Strength Powerful Pocket Size 3-n-1 Tear Gas Self Defense Spray, Made From A Premium Police Formula SABRE RED Pepper Spray Keychain with Quick Release for Easy Access - Max Police Strength OC Spray, Finger Grip for Accurate Aim, 10-Foot (3M) Range 4.8 out of 5 stars 61,885 #1 Best Seller in Self Defense Pepper Spray Self Defense Keychain w/ Taser. $ 45.00. Items included on the keychain are as follows: • Taser w/flashlight. • Pepper Spray. • Defense Stick. • Rape Alarm w/flashlight. • Accessory. Select Color Black Grey Pink Red Purple Blue

Crochet Pepper Keychain, Italian Good Luck Gifts, Red Chilli Pepper Keyring, Hot Chili Pepper Charm, Cool Key Chain Decorations. Etilinki. 5 out of 5 stars. (223) $18.00 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites. Pepper spray first. Ask questions later. Keychain U-Guard Maximum Strength 1/2oz 3D pocket pepper spray keychain is made with OC law enforcement formula with 3 lines of defense. The first is Hot Red Pepper, CS military Tear Gas and UV Invisible Dye to help identify an attacker. The .5 oz pepper spray shoots a strait stream, for accuracy up to 12'

It can easily attach to your keychain or safely stashed away in your backpack, purse or pocket. A flip-top safety cap prevents accidents or misfires when stored in your pocket or bag. Image courtesy of Amazon. Buy: Mace Brand Self-Defense Pepper Spray $17.29. buy it. 7. Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm Slauson Ave$25.00. Slauson Ave. Slauson Ave Self Defense Keychain Specifications: Pepper Spray Puncture Tool Flashlight And Accessories. $25.00. Add to Cart. Sold Out. Unavailable

Find wholesale self defense & personal security products like pepper spray, flashlight stun gun, kubaton keychain, handcuffs, gun pouch and tonfa at DMA Inc. $150 MINIMUM IS REQUIRED FOR ALL WHOLESALE ORDERS, $250 FOR FIRST TIME ORDERS ACCUFIRE - Keychain Pepper Spray w/ Laser Sight. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. ( 1 customer review) The keychain pepper spray with laser sight is designed to go where you go. It offers fast and accurate operation under high-stress situations. No leakage - Offers precise protection when you need it most

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  1. Pepper spray effectively repels would-be attackers, non-lethal and easy to use. Key-chain pepper sprays attach to your house and or car keys assuring you always have personal protection with you whenever away from home. The options do vary including hard-case, soft case, the new Halo case with colors, sizes to meet anyone's needs. Filter
  2. About Keychain Pepper Spray. All of these Pepper Spray models include key case with handy built-in key ring.Low price guarantee! We offer the best price and largest selection of quality Pepper Spray including Fox Labs, Mace, Pepper Shot, Wildfire and new super hot Streetwise 17% Pepper Spray
  3. DPS Red Keychain Pepper Spray Hardshell. $13.95 $9.95. Compare. Add To Cart. DPS Tactical 3/4 oz Flip Top Pepper Spray With Clip. $19.95 $15.95. Compare. Add To Cart. Police Magnum 1/2 oz. Keychains

CBD Oil BOTTLE - Shiny Silicone Mold / Novelty / Resin Crafts / Key Chain / PEPPER Spray / Key Fob MarysGlitterMagic 5 out of 5 stars (7,412) $ 4.75. Add to Favorites Carolina Reaper 100% Organic Capsicum Pepper Seeds World's Hottest Since 2013 MrOrganic 4.5 out of 5 stars (196. Exclusive Bulk Wholesale Discount Pricing: MSRP $418.80 Cost $209.40 Profits $209.40 ROI 50% Jolt Jack Stun Guns The next BIG thing in personal protection is actually a very small thing! Stun guns are a safe and effective means of self-defense and add pepper spray for complete personal protection package men and women This keychain combo gets you the Micro Rechargeable Key Chain Stun Gun and a DPS Pepper Spray Keychain. So you have the best of both worlds! You have DPS keychain that fires 15 feet to keep your distance from an attacker and you have a very powerful 16,000,000 volt mini stun gun if your attacker is up close and personal

Defense Divas® Pepper Shot 10% OC Rhinestone Bling Pepper Spray Self Defense. Sale price. $14.95. Quick view. Defense Divas® Streetwise 23% OC Super Strength Safari Fashion Model Pepper Sprays. Sale price. $16.95. Quick view Protects against multiple threats: Up to five times more spray than the competition - 25 one-second bursts! Personal Safety Alarms for College Students We have pepper spray and personal alarm kits that give you dual protection as well as personal alarms with a keychain or clip. Some models include an LED light too

Keychain Pepper Spray: Keeping your pepper spray in a place where it is easily accessible is the most important thing to remember for your self defense spray to be effective. That is why key chain pepper sprays are so popular. Pepper spray keychains are a perfect way to carry your pepper spray and are fully functional as a keyring as well. You almost always have your keys with you, so by. The U-Guard Mini Stun Gun, Pepper Spray Keychain delivers 20+m volts to get the job done. It also has a flashlight. It includes OC pepper spray and UV identifying dye. More gadgets like this ️ here. This pepper spray can shoot streams up to 12′ away. It measures 4″ long and 1.5″ wide Mini SMACK 20 Million Volt Keychain Stun Gun. Features: World's Smallest Keychain Stun Gun: Although the Mini S.M.A.C.K. is less than half the size of a normal stun gun, it has more power than most models on the market today. Just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop an attacker. Unique Slide and Stun Switch. Stun Guns and Pepper Spray. 1867 Caravan Trail #105. Jacksonville, FL 32216. Telephone: 800-859-5566 SABRE Mighty Discreet Pepper Spray, Ultra-Compact Design, 40 Percent Smaller Than Other Pepper Sprays, 16 Bursts, 12-Foot (4-Meter) Range, UV Marking Dye, Snap Clip, Key Chain 4.6 out of 5 stars 241 $9.99 $ 9 . 9

Shop Pepper Spray, Stun Guns & More From DICK'S Sporting Goods. Protect yourself wherever you go with self-defense gear from DICK'S. Choose from a great selection of concealable pepper sprays, stun guns and personal alarms to keep you safe. More About Pepper Spray. Pepper spray is an aerosol substance used for self-defense Exclusive Bulk Wholesale Discount Bundle Package Option: MSRP $227.40 Cost $110.70 Profits $116.70 ROI 51% Hard Case Keychain Pepper Spray w/ Laser Sight. Be the first to offer AccuFire pepper spray with a push-button laser pointer. This is a unique wholesale bulk priced offer with very little competition Features a quick-release detachable key chain that allows immediate access to your defense spray when you need it most. This hard case spray is our most popular selling key chain for women. Each canister contains .54 oz of pepper spray, enough to fire 25 shots. Fires a stream spray pattern to an effective range of up to 10 feet This 11 gram Fox Labs keychain pepper spray unit is ideal for carrying in a shirt pocket, boot, and vehicle or for hand held concealment for close-in encounters. It is easy to use more so than ever with its flip-top safety. Their size is small but the effects are big! This is available in a non-refillable hard-shell k Locking safety actuator to prevent accidental discharge. Fires 5-7 feet. Contains 7-9 one-second bursts. Contains 3/4 fl oz. Measures 4 1/4 x 3/4 x 3/4. 48 month shelf life. Made in USA. Arm yourself at all times with this super compact and portable ¾ oz pepper spray canister by Streetwise. Delivering the same powerful 180,000 SHU (Scoville.

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Stun guns are legal in most states, but check your area for regulations before buying one. Pepper Spray: You can also protect yourself with a pepper spray keychain. Pepper spray is non-lethal, but it temporarily blinds your assailant so you can run to safety. Keychain pepper spray is great for runners Made in the USA, the Sabre Red Key Pepper Spray offers police strength protection while preventing accidental discharge thanks to its maximum stopping power and finger grip technology to enhance aim and product retention. Image courtesy of Amazon. Buy: Sabre Red Key Case Pepper Spray $9.99. buy it. 2 SABRE Pepper Spray Keychain 3-in-1 formula, starting at $10 Amazon The device not only has pepper spray inside, but also contains CS tear gas and dye detectable by ultraviolet light to stun and. Wholesale Keychain Pepper Spray - Select 2021 high quality Wholesale Keychain Pepper Spray products in best price from certified Chinese Black Pepper Spray manufacturers, Pepper Spray Gun suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China.co

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Most keychain canisters hold about a half ounce, while a one or two-ounce container gives you a good combination of portability and effectiveness. Anything larger than that is better suited to home defense. Pepper Spray with a stream pattern. Stun guns and pepper spray can give you a little extra security Stun Guns. Back; Stun Guns; Disguise Stun Guns; Disguise Knives; Air Pod Cases; Add Ons; Start Your Own Business . Pepper Spray. $14.00 Keychain Taser. $30.00 Steele Knuckles. $12.00 - $15.00 Personal Alarm. $12.00 Disguise Key Fob Mini Taser & Personal Alarm. POM pepper spray is manufactured with their proprietary formula, POM Clear, which is a natural water-based formula refined to remove residual color and impurities with 10% OC and 2 million SHU. The result is one of the strongest and safest OC formulations on the market with 1.40% major capsaicinoids, and legal for civilian use in all 50 states

Has a UV identifying dye to help aid in the identification of an attacker. Wildfire 1/2 oz. Pepper Spray has a range of 6-8 feet and comes with a leatherette holster. Each unit provides 6-10 one-second bursts and comes with a quick key release keychain, and safety lock. 4 ¼ x 1 ½ Featured Products. PepperBall - 20 Pack of Inert Dummy Rounds $ 21.99 $ 19.99. PepperBall Refill Kit w/CO2 Cartridges $ 82.95 $ 79.99. Pepperball Live SD (10ct) Rounds for LifeLite and TCP containing 2% PAVA $ 36.95 $ 34.99 DPS Keychain Pepper Spray 5 Pack. $35.00. Compare. Add To Cart. DPS Keychain Pepper Spray with Inert Training Unit. $10.95. Compare. Add To Cart. Police Magnum 1/2 oz. Keychains Pepper spray canisters can be effective from up to 18 feet away in some cases (most will reach at least 12 feet), and Tasers have prongs that shoot up to 15 feet. While both offer some distance, pepper spray can be wafted away by the wind to some extent, or back into your own face. In other words, you may want to get closer to be more effective Pepper Spray Keychain Primer. Keychain pepper sprays are often recommended as a self defense item. But what exactly is in one? We'll go over what's in pepper spray, what each of those things does, and more to give you a good idea of what exactly protected people are carrying with them.. Pepper spray has a few different names

One of our most popular brands of pepper spray comes in this 1/2 ounce size with a leather holster and includes a keychain attachment. Available in 4 colors: black, blue, red, pink. Wildfire Pepper Spray for your Keychain. WILDFIRE® PEPPER SPRAY is hot! Lab tests have shown this is the hottest self defense spray on the market today Best Pepper Sprays is pleased to offer you the best defense products that money can buy. Protect yourself with bear repellent and dog spray in the case of any emergency with quality Mace Oc sprays. We offer Wholesale and Retail Pepper Sprays at the best prices including Tasers and Stun Guns, Bear Repellent Sprays by a variety of vendors Streetwise Stun Gun The Ladies' Choice pink and white Streetwise 21 million volt stun gun has a beast inside that waits to be released. Buy Now Covert OTF Knife Behave so I don't have to punish you. These covert out-the-front (OTF) knifes are made to keep you safe and look stunning while doing it. Our [ Feb 24, 2019 - Explore Noor Soobrattee's board Pepper spray keychain on Pinterest. See more ideas about pepper spray, pepper spray keychain, self defense Pepper Spray: Pepper Sprays for women are easy to carry and easy to use. Available in many styles and colors at affordable prices. Never be caught unprepared! Pepper Spray has become very popular in recent years due to it's effectiveness and ease of use. Protect yourself now by selecting one of our many personal defense pepper sprays listed below. All of our pepper sprays, stun guns and self.

Disguised Pen 18% OC Pepper Spray Model#: PS-GDOC18-P. Description. Firing rang up to 12 feet. The Guard Dog 18% Pen pepper spray is designed to conceal the powerful pepper spray to appear like a real pen, yet hold the power and effectiveness of Guard Dog Security pepper spray 11. Pepper spray keychain for absent-minded persons — SABRE Red Kuros! Pepper Spray - Police Strength - with Durable Aqua Key Case, Finger Grip, Quick Release Key Ring, 25 Bursts (Up to 5x Other Brands) & 10-Foot (3M) Range. The very same spray from the same manufacturer, but hidden in a keychain Stun gun also has a flashlight and alarm. Pepper spray attaches to a key chain, can put the attacker down for 45 minutes. Free shipping on this great gift set. Stun gun also has a flashlight and alarm. Pepper spray attaches to a key chain, can put the attacker down for 45 minutes Thugbusters has free shipping on stun guns and Tasers to NY. Why Buy This Pepper Spray Device? Why do we only sell this style pepper spray device at Spartan Pepper Spray? After a lot of research and reviews, we found 84% of people that carry some form of personal protection (keychain pepper spray, taser, knife, gun, stick, keys) either have it knocked away in an attack, fumble for it and drop it, or can't find it in time

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U-Guard Security Products - Taser and pepper spray combo: 1 high volt / amperage multi-function mini stun gun flashlight kit with personal alarm keychain fob - 1 military grade defense spray keychain made from A Premium Police Law Enforcement Formula Of OC, CS Tear Gas & UV Dye - The Non Lethal Self Defense Weapons Included Are Popular And. Pepper Spray For over 25 years J & L has been selling defense spray to the general public. A lot has changed over the years with pepper spray formulas and heat intensity, but it still remains as one of the most effective self defense weapons a person can carry and it is legal in most places Keychain Pepper Sprays Pepper spray key chains continue to be one of the most popular self defense items that our customers buy over and over again. OC defense spray key chain products are small in size making them easier to carry in a pocket or purse and attach conveniently to any set of keys The American Security Institute recommends carrying the largest size pepper spray that is practical and legal for you. Most 2 ounce sprays are about 4″ long and 1″ in diameter- small enough to clip onto a purse or a belt. If you find this size inconvenient or impractical, carry a keychain spray The result is the Streetwise S.M.A.C.K. (Stun My Attacker Compact Keychain) 6,000,000 Stun Gun. This amazing self-defense tool is about the same size as a keychain pepper spray (measuring a mere 3.5 inches x 1.25 inches x .75 inches) and uses top quality components to give it more power than most of the stun guns on the market today

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Pepper Shot 1.2% MC ½ oz pepper spray hard case belt clip and quick release keychain black. Pepper Shot Pepper Spray is made with 1.2% Major Capsaicinoids. The Major Capsaicinoids are the true heat measure and Pepper Shot 1.2% MC is more effective than of most other pepper sprays The pepper spray keychain comes in a snakeskin look, classic black leather look, pink pepper spray, and even a cheetah skin print. Then there is the hard case classic spray bottle that comes in various colors and is easy to carry in your pockets TASERs and Stun Guns are the same thing. Fact: TASERs and stun guns are completely different devices. The word TASER represents a brand, just like Mace does in regards to pepper spray. It is an electronic control device (ECD), relying on neuromuscular incapacitation vs. pain compliance. Myth #5. Stun guns don't work. Fact Women should choose a pepper spray which looks like cosmetics or keychain. They can put it into the handbag and use immediately in a dangerous situation. For children you may buy a small pepper spray. Do not worry about security, because every spray has a fuse. Men can choose pepper spray more from 75 milliliters

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Pepper Spray. 5 reviews. 5 reviews. $14.00. or 4 interest-free payments on orders over $35 with. QuadPay - Pay in 4 installments, no interest. Description. Additional Information Stun Guns and Pepper Spray 1867 Caravan Trail #105 Jacksonville, FL 32216. Telephone: 800-859-556

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The SABRE pepper spray keychain was designed with you in mind! If your key is already in the car ignition, use the quick release to separate the spray from the keyring. It has a 10-foot range, so you can protect yourself at a distance, without having to leave the safety of your car. That is how the quick release keyring works The all new DPS 1/2 oz. Flip Top key-chain is now available! The new flip top design makes this unit the easiest-to-use keychain yet. The flip top allows you to fire with your thumb or your index finger easily which makes for fast and easy deployment when needed. The spring loaded flip top is the safety that prevents accidental firing, so there. Features Pepper Spray Key Chain Features: 1.20% Major Capsaicinoids (MC) - the only true, third-party measurement of pepper spray effectiveness (see why). FREE water-based training spray when you buy 2 pepper keychain spray Non-lethal spray inflicts temporary, but disabling pain/swelling to the eyes/nose/mouth of an attacker with lab confirmed hotness. Small ½ oz canister easily fits in a.

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SABRE also manufactures pepper spray in some of the smallest containers available, which can be conveniently attached to your keychain for easy access at a moment's notice. Purchase Today Pepper sprays and other self-defense products can be the difference between protecting your personal safety and being vulnerable to harm This Keychains Comes With: (1) Wrislet (1) Fur Ball (1) Chapstick & Lip Gloss Holder (1) Pepper Spray (1) Personal Alarm (1) Key Knife (1) Safety Whistle (1) Lip Gloss (1) Hand Sanitizer Keychain Taser. $30.00 Lipstick Taser. $22.00 - $25.00 Diamond Defense Full Size Stun Gun. $25.00 Disguise Key Fob Mini Taser & Personal Alarm. The Original ~ Wild Kats & Dogs - HARD POLYMER - Self Defense Key-Chains ~ 22 Colors to Choose. $2.73 - $3.34. -. Quantity. +. Maximum quantity is 5. Select options View in Cart. ADD TO FAVORITES. - 9 %

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If you are inclined towards accessibility, the keychain stun guns will conveniently attach to your keys or lanyard. A great choice to diversify your self defense options is the Olympian 3 in 1 Stun Gun Pepper Spray Combo. View those and many more options below. The best stun gun is the one you feel confident using DPS Hot Pink Keychain Pepper Spray. $13.95 $9.95. Compare. Add To Cart. Metal Wild Kat Self Defense Keychain. $14.99 $10.49. Compare. Choose Options. DPS 3/4 oz. Keyring Unit

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Self Defense Keychain With Pepper Spray And Taser Wholesale products Wholesale Supply at the world's best price Here is another affordable self defense tool that buys you time, so you can escape dangerous situations. The Pepper Defense 4-in-1 Keychain Pepper Spray has a range of 15 feet. It has a finger grip holster for better aiming Key-Chain Option: Attach house and or car keys to ensure you never leave home without self defense protection. Contents: Black 1/2 oz. Streetwise 18 Pepper Spray Pink 1/2 oz. Streetwise 18 Pepper Spray Blue 1/2 oz. Streetwise 18 Pepper Spray Yellow 1/2 oz. Streetwise 18 Pepper Spray Red 1/2 oz. Streetwise 18 Pepper Spray Purple 1/2 oz Jun 28, 2021 - Items included on the keychain are as follows: • Taser w/flashlight • Pepper Spray • Defense Stick • Rape Alarm w/flashlight • Accessor

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Offering the best self defense products for your personal protection. Free training course with purchase of any pepper spray, stun gun, TASER, expandable baton or self-defense keychain NY Stun Guns and TASERs (70) Specials- Stun Guns, TASERs and More (20) 3 FOR $99 (5) 4 FOR $99 (6) TASER Black Friday Special (0) Flash weekend sale January 23-24 (0) Clearance (2) Pepper Spray on sale! (1) Safety Combos (3) New Products (31) NJ Stun Guns and TASERs (71) Michigan Stun Guns and TASERs (66) Massachusetts Stun Guns and TASERs (66. Personal Protection You Can Trust: SABRE is the #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police & consumers & a leader in the personal safety category Attention-Grabbing Alarm : An ear-piercing 120dB siren helps to scare off a would-be attacker and is audible up to 1,240 feet (378 meters), attracting the attention of those nearby, helping you to escape. Home-Pepper Spray Pepper Spray Guard Dog Security offers a wide selection of pepper sprays. From pepper spray keychain options to our patented design Accufire, there is a solution available for all preferences.All products listed contain a maximum strength OC spray formula BLINGSTING is on a mission to reinvent personal protection as stylish, multi-functional, on-trend accessories that women love to wear and carry. Fearlessly cute. We're the most-loved, most-gifted, have-to-have Women's safety and security brand in America! Shop Pepper Spray. So Cute It Hurts

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In our never-ending pursuit to build the perfect mini key-chain stun gun we are proud to introduce the USB Secure 22,000,000 key-chain Stun Gun Flashlight, the next level in full-powered small-scale stun guns. We have improved on the design and function of our key-chain stun gun. Now the white button in the center About the Defense Pepper Spray Key Chain Product: Stock# : PS-1A The Pepper Shot Key Chain Pepper Spray is a 1/2 oz canister, cased in a stylish high-impact plastic holster with key ring and quick release. Don't let its size fool you; it packs a whallop, disabling the attacker for 20-to-30 minutes, without causing permanent damage Stun guns have been around since the 1980's and the technological advances of these devices has increased considerably. Pepper spray is the go to choice for anyone, especially ladies who may not want to carry a gun. Nearly 66% of all burglaries are residential, and of those, 62% occur during the daytime

Security and Self Defense. Includes Pepper Spray. Mini Size For Keychain Carry. Boot Knives. Made From Aluminum Aircraft Case. Blade Addict Co. specializes in a wide variety of pocket knives, hunting knives, fixed blades, swords, machetes, camping tools and so on Attach your personal safety alarm to keys or a bag using the keychain for protection on-the-go. Family owned and operated for more than 45 years, SABRE is the #1 brand trusted by consumers worldwide for pepper spray and is a leader in developing safety programs and safety videos to maximize end users' safety Product Title SABRE RED Pepper Spray, Police Strength, Home & Away Protection Kit (Most Popular Key Chain & Home Pepper Spray) Average Rating: ( 4.1 ) out of 5 stars 38 ratings , based on 38 reviews Current Price $15.99 $ 15 . 99 List Price $21.99 $ 21 . 9 What SABRE Can Do For You. SABRE self-defense products are unmatched. We have been in this business for a long time—more than four decades—and we know what works. SABRE's maximum-strength, state-of-the-art stun guns include the industry's highest pain-inducing model designed to help fend off and escape an attacker. SABRE offers tactical stun guns as well as compact and concealable models.