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Geology Puns List. Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about geology that we're missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here's the list of geology puns The geologists are also very pleasant by nature. It is the nature of their subject that makes them grave-looking people. They also cut jokes and puns with their relatives and loved ones. Here, I am going to list a few best puns and jokes related to geology. You can enjoy sending them to your loved ones related to Geology. It will amuse them too Help: geology-themed puns needed. My sister teaches at a high school for children with learning and behavior disorders, and every year she hosts a skills summer camp. 2015 will be geology-themed, and we need help thinking of a fun name for the camp Rocks and geology aren't the first things that come to mind when you think of puns and jokes. Check out our collection of great jokes and funniest rock puns! Don't take them for granite

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16. You can never stop loving geology, it's ore or nothing! 17. It can get nerve-wracking telling rock puns, there's just so much pressure! 18. You must have really hit rock bottom if you're laughing at all of these puns. Geologist Puns . Puns about geologists can be pretty hilarious, and a great way to make your friends and family laugh As perhaps the funniest geology pun and the most well known the geology rocks pun is a long running short geology pun that becomes no less funny as time passes. As the study of rocks and all things about them, this top geology pun use the word rocks to mean both how great it is and also that it involves rocks Geology is the study of the Earth in terms of its materials, features, history, and natural processes that occur.. As older kids move further along in school, they discover and learn about geology: an enlightening subject which helps us see how the world has changed, as well as get to know the processes that brought (and still bring) about these changes

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Drinks are therefore much appreciated in the field of geology, but puns are a close second — especially when you need to stay productive. I'm also a big fan of puns Bask in the hilarity of geology, the great outdoors, and all things stony with these fun puns. Though if you want chemistry jokes or math jokes , we'll have to direct you elsewhere, as this is. Mar 16, 2018 - Explore Shanna Andrews Futral's board geology puns on Pinterest. See more ideas about geology, geology puns, geology humor Welcome to the Punpedia entry on rock puns! This entry has a lot in common with our mountain puns and geology puns entries, so head over there if you don't find the perfect pun here.. Rock Puns List. Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule

42. Why are geologists great dates? They can make your bedrock. 43. Did you hear about the geologist who got divorced? He was taking his wife for granite, so she left him. 44. Why is the world so diverse? Because it contains alkynes of people. 45. I really hate rock puns. My sediments exactly. 46. What did the gold say to the pyrite Whether you are a geologist or like a good joke, a geology pun will always come in handy. They appear witty yet amazing and will undoubtedly cause laughter. So here is a list of the best rock puns out there! Funny geology puns. A geology joke and pun can help you break the ice. Many of them can easily be transformed into hilarious jokes

A geologist, physicist and an economist are marooned on a desert island with nothing to eat. A can of soup washes ashore. They ponder how to open it. The geologist says, 'Let's smash it open with a rock.'. The physicist says, 'Let's heat it up and blow it open.'. The economist says, 'No, no. You guys will lose most of the soup Did you scroll all this way to get facts about geology puns? Well you're in luck, because here they come. There are 195 geology puns for sale on Etsy, and they cost $23.81 on average. The most common geology puns material is ceramic. The most popular color? You guessed it: black These 101 best funny puns are everything: bad puns, great puns, hilarious, stupid and just funny, short puns to get a good laugh! Geology rocks but Geography is where it's at A big list of geology jokes! 27 of them, in fact! Sourced from Reddit, Twitter, and beyond! Geology Jokes. Geology rocks... but geography is where its at. It turns out that it really would be a good idea to add Trump's face to mount Rushmore because of geology. There were so many great shales

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A: Every decline is a great Break Through Q: What happens when you look up geology jokes? A: You know you've hit rock bottom! Q: Why was the sedimentary rock extra cheap? A: Because it was on shale. Q: Why wasn't the geologist hungry? A: He lost his apatite. Q: Why shouldn't you lend a geologist money? A: They consider a million years ago to. A big list of geography jokes! 55 of them, in fact! Sourced from Reddit, Twitter, and beyond! Good job, Adolf, you'll do great on your test tomorrow. I dated a teacher once. At first there was chemistry between us. Geology rocks, but geography is where it's at.. And geometry's a cute one too 8. If you really want to create an impact in today's society, try donating for the crater good. 9. I once met a stoner who always complained about losing his apatite - that's a massive lode of schist is you ask me. 10. Haha, told you I knew a truck lode of rock puns. 11

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  1. Our funny geology puns include rock puns, mountain puns, earth puns, planet puns, earthquake puns, lava puns, river puns, atmosphere puns, hydrosphere puns, biosphere puns, lithosphere puns and stone puns
  2. Jul 18, 2021 - Explore Alisha Vargas's board Science Humor, followed by 345 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about bones funny, geology humor, geology puns

Whether you just like a good joke or are studying geology, rock puns can come in handy. These rock puns and jokes can help you break the ice. Many of the puns can easily be transformed into new, unique jokes, so you can use this list to inspire your own rock puns. Rock Puns 1 35) Geologists are great athletescheck out the latest issue of Quartz Illustrated. 36) When a geologist dies, barium! 37) The world is so diverseit's made up of alkynes of people! 38) It's been a tuff day for me. 39) My feelings toward geology are strictly plutonic. 40) I wish I were a Richter ma

The Best 21 Geology Jokes. Following is our collection of funny Geology jokes. There are some geology geologist jokes no one knows ( to tell your friends) and to make you laugh out loud. Take your time to read those puns and riddles where you ask a question with answers, or where the setup is the punchline. We hope you will find these geology. Just some awesome geology jokes! They really rock! If you loved these, why not check out our silly science jokes? You'll get a great reaction out of these physics jokes and travel over to our hysterical geography jokes. And as always, there's loads more jokes on our jokes generator Geology rocks, but geography is where it's at. One time, I went on a trip to visit a company and consult. I hoped they might send a limo and driver to the airport to get me. I had a great pun lined up about cheddar, but it was way too cheesy. Did you hear the police found a misspelled message written in blood? Yeah, they suspect it was a.

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Because I did not want to break up the Fukushima interviews, I never announced the winner of the geology pun contest, but I am now: Best Geology Pun (made me laugh the most): I never got into geology. Seemed too crowded as so many geologists are out standing in the field.-sisyphusrocks. Congratulations to sisyphusrocks! You have won the book Geology rocks But geography is where it's at! Geology humor ? When some gravel hit my car and cracked a window, I said You little schist! Why can't you be gneiss? Geology Rocks Why was the geologist hungry? He lost his apatite. I really love rocks, they're gneiss. Sorry for the schist jokes We can learn a lot from studying humor, but science also makes a great subject for a lot of jokes. Here are 31 science-themed jokes and puns and their explanations. Warning: Some are so cheesy, it.

Huge List of Funny, Clever, Cheesy and Cute Technology Puns That You Will Love! Pun Generator About; Technology Puns. Rhymes theology biology apology chronology ecology geology psychology. Pun Geology of Georgia: Technology of Great Britain Tweet Geology of Great Britain: Amateur Technology Tweet Amateur geology: Technology of Iceland Tweet. This is great. hehe peak. 28. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 2 · 4m.tumblr.com. Your name sounds like the name of a redneck village by a lake with the most wonderful view of the Rockies. 8. Reply. I know, this post is a lustrous lode of geology puns. 17. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 1 · 4m High quality Cute Geology Puns inspired Mini Skirts by independent artists and designers from around the world. Available in a variety of sizes, mini skirts on Redbubble are slinky and stretchy with full prints across both the front and back. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours It has a great meaning and also opens doors to some great nicknames. My daughter is called Aimie and personally we only shorten her name to Ames. Have You Read These Yet? 40 Sheep Puns and Jokes to Make You Smile; 50 Hilarious Banana Puns and Jokes to Go Ape For! 60 Rock, Stone and Geology Puns; 60 Water and River Puns and Jokes Funny Earth Jokes for Kids. What's funnier than geology? Not much that's for sure. Check out our range of funny Earth jokes for kids. Find volcano jokes, rock jokes, geography jokes and more. Enjoy them with friends or in the comfort of your own home, add salt to taste

Geology: where subduction always leads to orogeny! 2. Shear Heaven 3. Hit and Miss - Shear Bliss 4. What a lode off my mind 5. What the hell do we do now? 6. Holy Schist, Batman...We made it! 7. What a lode of fuchsite 8. We Dig Mother Earth 9. My Psychologist told me that every decline is a great Break Through 10. Banbrytande genombrott 11 There are some biology chem jokes no one knows (to tell your friends) and to make you laugh out loud. Take your time to read those puns and riddles where you ask a question with answers, or where the setup is the punchline. We hope you will find these biology psychology puns funny enough to tell and make people laugh Jul 22, 2015 - I'm A Blast! volcano, blast, puns, punny, cute, lava, i lava you, magma, geology, mountain, hawaii, nature, cute cartoon, fun, friends, having a blast.

Aug 19, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Scott Bickers. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres A little humour aimed at Geology. Geology, n. the science of the Earth's crust -- to which, doubtless, will be added that of its interior whenever a man shall come up garrulous out of a well.The geological formations of the globe already noted are catalogued thus: The Primary, or lower one, consists of rocks, bones of mired mules, gas-pipes, miner's tools, antique statues minus the nose. Shop Geology Puns Gneiss Bumper Stickers from CafePress. Make a statement with tons unique designs or create your own custom bumper sticker with text and images. High quality printing on durable, weather resistant vinyl. Free Returns 100% Money Back Guarantee Fast Shippin That one about my geology teacher rocking out was pretty good! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Popular Posts. 50 Space Puns That Can Take You Space and moon puns are great - in fact, they're Absolutely hillarious flirty one-liners! The largest collection of flirty one-line jokes in the world. All sorted from the best by our visitors. See TOP 10 flirty one liners

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These 15 Corny Science Jokes Will Have Everyone Groaning. Chemistry cat FTW. Macrina Cooper-White, Former Associate Editor The Huffington Post. Why can't you trust an atom? Because they make up everything! Heisenberg is driving along when he gets pulled over by the police. The officer asks, Do you know how fast you were going, sir. Geology Quotes - BrainyQuote. Caves are whimsical things, and geology on a local scale is random and unpredictable. William Stone. Random Unpredictable Things. My only wish would be to have 10 more lives to live on this planet Jan 12, 2021 - Buy Under A Lot Of Pressure Science Pun - Funny Geology Humor Gift Art Print by yeoys. Worldwide shipping available at Society6.com. Just one of millions of high quality products available Buy Funny Geology Joke Schist Happens Metamorphically Speaking Sweatshirt: Shop top fashion brands Sweatshirts at Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchase

Everyone loves a good pun, and featured in this list is a pun lovers delight. Our staff has gathered the top pun riddles ever created and have even added some brilliant brainteasers that feature witty puns. The main aim of the puzzles featured in this selection is to add humor to your life. Seeing as a majority of the questions here aren't too. Put these so-bad-they're-good best dad jokes of all time to use as Father's Day captions and put a smile on your old man's face this year. Of course, if you'd like to take a more sentimental route, we have plenty of meaningful dad quotes to choose from too. Best Corny Dad Jokes I'm afraid for the calendar. Its days are numbered BS in Geology Degree Requirements: To get a BS degree in Geology, students must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours, among those 32 or 36 credit hours at least must be earned in courses of advanced levels (300- or 400- level). Also, you must earn a minimum 2.0 GPA in all the required courses, including major and the core courses

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Geology jokes; Google jokes ️️ Silly dragon jokes are great for schools and kids events, and short dragon jokes can be popular for their ease of remembering and the way they fit into conversation easily. Not only are they great for entertainment they can help people to find others who share their interest and what they do. They. Get the laughs started with our list of best Halloween puns, including hilarious puns and one-liners about Halloween monsters, candy, pumpkins, and more Gallery quality Giclée original art prints on natural white, matte archival paper with 1 border. Printed in the USA. Do I love geology? Of QUARTZ I love geology! Check out some gneiss schists and go over some faults with your colleges with this funny geology pun for every mineral & crystal lover out there who knows geology rocks. That science pun was a real gem, wasn't it But that's just Hawaii roll. ( Sandwich Jokes) My geometry teacher went to Hawaii. When he came back, he was a tan gent. ( Geometry Jokes & Math Jokes for Teachers) I knew I guy from Hawaii who had a weird laugh. Some describe it as a cackle, but I always thought it was more of a low ha Jun 1, 2020 - Explore Dp's board Geology memes on Pinterest. See more ideas about geology, geology humor, geology memes. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures

Original art in a wrap-around print on 11 and 15 ounce Mugs. Both dishwasher and microwave safe. Printed in the USA. Do I love geology? Of QUARTZ I love geology! Check out some gneiss schists and go over some faults with your colleges with this funny geology pun for every mineral & crystal lover out there who knows geology rocks. That science pun was a real gem, wasn't it Medical Jokes in 2021. The practice of medicine covers many types of jobs and treatments. Medical jokes can cover any area of the medical profession form equipment to doctors, problems and cures, rules and procedures. There is no end to the number of fully medical jokes that can be made. Patient: Doctor, I get heartburn every time I eat. 50 Short, Clean Jokes And Puns That Will Get You A Laugh Every Time. From the jokers over at AskReddit. 1. What did the Buddhist ask the hot dog vendor? Make me one with everything.. 2. You know why you never see elephants hiding up in trees? Because they're really good at it. 3

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138 votes, 13 comments. 106k members in the geology community. The scientific study of the origin, history, and structure of the Earth The top Republican in the US House of Representatives faced calls to apologize or resign Sunday after joking about hitting speaker Nancy Pelosi in the head with a gavel. It was the latest round in a nasty spat between the Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy and Pelosi, the chamber's top. There's only so many times you can tell people to turn if off and back on again before you need a giggle. Check out our top 21 jokes that the average Joe won't get

Be Unique. Shop geology t-shirts created by independent artists from around the globe. We print the highest quality geology t-shirts on the internet | Page Geology Rock Collector Gifts & Tees Rocks Funny Geologist Paleontology Retro Geology Throw Pillow, 18x18, Multicolor. Geology Rock Collector Gifts & Tees $21.99 $21.9 Be Unique. Shop geology puns t-shirts created by independent artists from around the globe. We print the highest quality geology puns t-shirts on the interne Nature Puns. Our collection of the best nature related puns for people who enjoy the outdoors. These funny nature puns revolve around the environment, trees, forests and mother nature. We have selected only the best nature puns for this article, if you have a suggestion feel free to send us a pun about nature via our submission form

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39 Funny rock Puns ranked in order of popularity and relevancy. At coolpun.com find thousands of puns categorized into thousands of categories Looking for lapidary jokes or a bit of rockhound humour? You've come to the right place! Once, in a galaxy far, far away before I had children, I was an editor of a magazine called Pointer which was produced by the Victorian Gem Clubs Association (VGCA). Club members used to love reading the jokes and it was hard to find rock and gem related ones online, so I invented a few May 31, 2016 - Explore Sara Fakhry's board Geology on Pinterest. See more ideas about geology, geology humor, science humor I suppose so, yeah. Carl smiled as he looked up from the geology book that he was reading (or read at least 4 times before). I sit with the other kids. You know, Jessie, Penny, Leon and Nita, them. He slightly tilted his head. I don't speak that much, but their company is great nonetheless Everyone loves a great pun. Our collection of funny puns give everyone all the feels

Here's 40 of the Best/Worst Superhero Puns, and I'm Not Sorry At All Emily Wenstrom Dec 24, 2019 Superheroes are great for a lot of things, but no matter how much they brood, they can't seem to stay too serious for too long, which is why superhero puns are so so great Absolutely hillarious sarcastic one-liners! The largest collection of sarcastic one-line jokes in the world. All sorted from the best by our visitors. See TOP 10 sarcastic one liners sturti/Getty Images. Where there are bathrooms, there's bathroom humor.And to go along with the poop jokes, we've wrangled up some plumber jokes.Most people think plumbing is a fairly new invention. After all, many of us still remember our grandparents' or great-grandparents' stories of mid-winter outhouse excursions. However, the world's need for a plumber actually goes back centuries

It's time to experiment with your humor, and like careful scientists, we've done the research. These jokes are scientifically proven to leave your audience laughing for hours. The best part is they're kid-friendly and mom-approved. One of these 160+ nerdy and smart jokes is sure to make your little mad scientist smile Ideas for the top 101 geography jokes were taken from the following sources. [1] Ducksters - Geography Joke [2] Jokes 4 Us - Geography Joke [3] Fun Kids Jokes - Geography Joke [4] My Town Tutors - Geography Jokes: Top Geography Joke [5] The Geography Site - The Geography Joke Page [6] Puzzle Prime - Geography Jok Very funny puns. The double meaning jokes here may at first show a little discrepuncy. Do not be alarmed though. The pun is intended. They are a hilarious play on words

great geology puns. great geology puns. Posted by on April 24, 2021 with 0 Comment. These Jokes Were Hand Picked/Created By The Editors What did the hip fossil scientist call his little helpers? Paleopeeps! What do you call a paleontologist who never gets any work done? Lazy Bones! Why are there old dinosaur bones in the museum? Because they can't afford new ones! Why didn't the clam move? Because it needed fossil fuel

Puns. I make a lot of puns on Facebook. This page is an archive of those puns, going back to about 2010 and updated three times a year. Recently, I've begun also posting these puns on my Twitter. I hope you enjoy them! The O. Henry Pun-Off, an annual pun competition held in Austin, TX When kids want to laugh, they don't generally turn to their math homework for jokes.But if you're a math teacher or a parent in the throes of math homework, you know a good laugh is exactly what the doctor ordered. These math jokes and puns are proof (get it?) that math can be a great source of humor — and humor, it turns out, might even help with those math skills What sets these jokes for teens apart? They're more mature than your average knock-knock joke, but still fall within the scope of family-friendly humor.Good jokes for teens make your teen laugh by acknowledging their maturity and intelligence — without getting dirty.Because clean jokes can be hilarious too if done correctly. Pull these legitimately funny jokes for teens out during dinner. The Best Short Math Jokes and Puns. Parallel lines have so much in common... it's a shame they'll never meet! Q: How can you make seven an even number? A: Take the 's' out! An unending parade of an infinite number of mathematicians walks into a bar. The first one orders a beer, the second orders half a beer, and the third orders a third of.

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Science Fun For Everyone! 111 James Jackson Ave, #131 Cary, NC 2751 If your mood is sunk and you could use a laugh, don't worry! We've casted about for the funniest fishing jokes, puns, and one-liners out there, and we've found some whoppers. You'll be a.

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  1. Get your mandatory geology pun groans out with funny geology pun blanket. Maybe if you're friends gneiss enough they wont call you out on your schists! This design is the perfect gift for scientists stuck in the lab all day, science lovers, and geologist out in the field
  2. Dig Into Geology with us for more great science fun! Top Ten Signs You Might Be a Geologist You have ever had to respond yes to the question, What have you got in here, rocks? Geology Puns Cartoon T Shirts Rock Legends Ancient Artifacts Tshirt Colors Rocks Funny Quotes Cartoons Cricu
  3. Shop for the perfect geology pun gift from our wide selection of designs, or create your own personalized gifts
  4. Boss/worker jokes are always funny. This is even more true when you add cash to the mix. That's why Alberta Venture includes this tale as one of its top office-approved jokes. Sam walks into his boss's office and says 'Sir, I'll be straight with you, I know the economy isn't great, but I have over three companies after me, and I would like to respectfully ask for a raise.
  5. Chemists have a terrific sense of humor, but some chemistry jokes might be confusing to a non-scientist. Here are some of the top chemistry jokes, riddles, and puns with explanations.If you want chemistry pick-up lines, we have those too

Win a Geology Book Contest: Best Geology Pun Posted by Evelyn Mervine A few weeks ago a publishing company contacted me (and many other geobloggers, I think) about reviewing a book by Gillian Turner called North Pole South Pole: The Epic Quest to Solve the Great Mystery of Earth's Magnetism Yo Mama Jokes for Kids. 58. Yo Mama so small her best friend is an ant. 59. Yo Mama so old God signed her yearbook. 60. Yo Mama so short she has to hold a sign up that says, Don't spit, I can. Cool Science Jokes. Cool Astronomy Jokes. 4/21/2020 6 Comments Grade School. The rotation of the Earth makes my day! Have you heard about the new restaurant on the moon? The food is good, but there's just no atmosphere. Q: Why is a moon rock tastier than an Earth rock Geology.com is one of the world's leading portals to geology and Earth science news and information for rocks, minerals, gemstones, energy, volcanoes, earthquakes, careers, geologic hazards, and more

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  1. A collection of +1000 dad jokes that will make you laugh out loudly. You can also submit your own jokes. Jokes Login Submit Joke. The best dad jokes and puns on the internet. REVEAL ANSWER. 0. Geology rocks REVEAL ANSWER. 2. I taught my daughter what the word bargain meant... REVEAL ANSWER. 2. I heard this guy whispering a lot of.
  2. The Germans drink a great deal of lagers and eat heaps of hotdogs and fats and endure less respiratory failures than the British or Americans. End. Eat and drink what you like. Communicating in English is clearly what executes you. Well, know you why we need smart jokes? Here are some more smart jokes for you to read and share
  3. ology and jargon is ripe for puns and intellectual humor. Below is a collection of chemistry jokes, puns.
  4. A great teacher first and foremost is an exemplary role model. Natalie is, at her core, an amazing role model for students. Her enthusiasm, energy, and drive are readily apparent to her students. I love geology, I love making geology jokes, integrating geology and/or geology jokes into non-geological conversations, explaining the geology of.
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Jokes and Riddles for Kids at EnchantedLearning.com: Incredibly funny and corny at the same time! You probably haven't heard these jokes since you were in second grade Top 100 Funny Jokes New Jokes Hilarious Jokes Clean Jokes Funny Sayings Black Humor One-Liners Funny Riddles Dad Jokes Best Puns Fun Facts Kids Jokes More Awesome Jokes Dark Humor Evil, mean, morbid and sarcastic jokes, quite tasteless and lacking class Geology rock hammers, roughly 16 oz. handheld hammers featuring traditional metal faces and a picked head, are typically used by geologists to break open rocks to study their composition I Lava You Cute Volcano Geology Pun is a piece of digital artwork by Jonathan Golding which was uploaded on May 20th, 2019. The digital art may be purchased as wall art, home decor, apparel, phone cases, greeting cards, and more. All products are produced on-demand and shipped worldwide within 2 - 3 business days

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  1. Cleveland's MLB team is now the Guardians and fans made so many 'Guardians of the Galaxy' jokes. Share this article 658 shares share tweet Cleveland Rocks — the Guardians is a great name
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  3. Best Short Jokes Ever. Some of the best short jokes ever, in the unanimous opinion of the Head Lafologist here at JokeQuote. Hopefully you'll laugh your shorts off, or short circuit your brain. In a good way. Out of thousands of very funny jokes, these made the top picks. Best Short Jokes Ever: Courtroom Dram
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30+ Facts Awesome About Plains You Can't Afford to Miss. A Plain landform is a broad area of flat sweeping landmass that generally does not change much in elevation. It is relatively flat and does not change much in elevation within a common area. This type of landform is generally lower than the surrounding landmass and may be found along an inland or coast Geology Word of the Week: A is for Amygdale 3 Comments. Cassandra says: November 4, 2012 at 10:08 pm. Just happened upon your website, love the Geology words of the week! I've just begun studying it in college and it's great to learn more about topics we're going over in class as well as some new ones. Keep up the good work! How Does The Earth Work: Physical Geology and the Process of Science by Pun, Aurora,Smith, Gary A. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com Gemstones, Minerals, Rocks, & Crystals. June 17 at 1:03 AM ·. Can someone help Luke? ‎. Luke Duncan. to. Gemstones, Minerals, Rocks, & Crystals. June 16 at 5:18 PM. Hey guys just chasing some information about these rocks I have picked up, what they are and things like that any help is greatly appreciated By Lisa Richwine LOS ANGELES (R) - In Walt Disney Co's new Jungle Cruise movie, Emily Blunt plays a determined explorer on a mission to find an ancient tree that offers great potential to cur Shop Volcano Puns Are Puns Of Great Magma-Tude Volcano T-Shirt created by ziemannquvg34. Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is! Cool Volcano saying. Are you Geology Lover, Lava Enthusiast or National Park? Then this Volcano design is exactly for you! Awesome gift idea for Christmas, birthday or any other present giving occasion.