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  1. Activities for Remote Creative Writing Classrooms. While remote instruction allows instruction to continue in situations where in-person meetings are impossible, some aspects of in-person instruction are difficult or impossible to replicate
  2. I hope that with these ten digital writing activities for distance learning, you can find some inspiration or materials with your online endeavors. We teachers can do anything; fun distance learning included. 1. Picture + Caption. Ask students to find an older item and give it a caption
  3. utes so you have the freedom to use them in the way that works best for your classroom
  4. Writing A-Z offers an engaging online writing environment on Kids A-Z where students log in to practice and refine their writing skills. Interactive student-writing activities include a Process Writing Workshop, Write Your Way quick-writing tool, and Build-a-Book portal
  5. 5. Hot or Not - In this virtual learning favorite, students use two pieces of paper and write Hot or Not and then as the teacher talks about ideas in content the kids decide whether this is Hot (good) or Not (not so good) and then defend their choices. One fun example would be on the topic of The Fall of the Roman Empire The idea could be higher taxes to help support the large Roman Military
  6. 100 remote learning activities, templates and tutorials. Remote learning activities can be fun AND promote quality learning. Here are lots of examples and templates to use! It's easy to feel anxious, overwhelmed and frustrated if you're asked to create elearning activities and teach remotely because of a school closure
  7. Teaching writing through distance learning can be hard. Mainly because they aren't right in front of you! But here are some ideas to keep your students writing and creating ideas even when they are on the other side of the screen! Daily Writing Digital Prompts. I have been sending my kiddos fun writing prompts to do on Google slides

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Creative Writing Activities To Explore. This terrific list of activities come from Marcus Roskilly in the UK: Free Writing —5 minutes to write on a spark word determined by the teacher. Then pair and share. Flying Balls —Bouncy Castle balls with an opening sentence written on each This activity gets kids writing, looking closely at letters, and learning some new words in any room of the house. Write Captivating Captions (K-2) Encourage children to connect words and pictures by having them write their own captions for family or magazine photos

Epic has a vast library of books, educational videos, and activities. Students love it! Teachers can search Epic for specific books and assign them to students. Having students respond to the book in writing is a good way to check for comprehension. Epic has many different genres and virtual comprehension activities to serve students of all ages A virtual Investigate the Teacher activity is an engaging, unique way to start the school year. 2: BACK TO SCHOOL LEARNING STATIONS. If you need a way to cover necessary back-to-school information and sneak in some extra get-to-know-you activities, then consider using learning stations Virtual End-of-Year Activities and Ideas. April 8, 2020. Elizabeth Taylor. Who knows what the end of the school year will bring. This year, some schools may end up going back to the classroom to finish the school year, and that would be awesome. However, for many, this school year is going to be completed from the safety of our students' homes

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25 virtual field trips for your class. 1. Hidden World of National Parks. Part of Google Arts and Culture, The Hidden Worlds of National Parks take participants on a journey through some of the worlds most amazing places. See the Kenai Fjords, Hawaii Volcanoes, Carlsbad Caverns, Bryce Canyon and the Dry Tortugas Jul 31, 2020 - Explore Bevine Parker's board Virtual Learning Ideas on Pinterest. See more ideas about writing center, choice time, invitation writing 1st grade Reading & Writing Online Games. First grade begins a whole new learning adventure, and our first grade reading and writing games will help your child build the skills they need to succeed! Strengthen spelling fluency with digraphs, long and short vowel sounds, and the silent E. Next, put it all together by exploring sight words, parts.

Even though many classrooms are learning virtually, we can still create a memorable 100th Day of School celebration that integrates each content area. Here is a list of no prep, virtual 100th Day of School activities that you can use for remote instruction or in-person learning! Virtual 100th Day of School Activities The Purdue Online Writing Lab offers one of the best virtual remedies for writer's block, including a comprehensive list of symptoms and possible cures to keep things flowing in the brain and on the paper. Share the list with your students and invite them to come up with their own solutions to the writing blues An Interactive Tour of Ellis Island: An Immigration Activity. GRADES. 4-8. COMPUTER LAB ACTIVITY. Emily Elizabeth Goes to School (in Spanish): A Clifford Interactive Storybook Activity. GRADES. PreK-1. WRITING ACTIVITY. Mystery Writing: A Writing With Writers Activity Two Stages of Learning for the Name Writing Activities. 1. Identifying and Sequencing Letters: This editable drag-and-drop PowerPoint activity gives you 24 pages of practice opportunities. Slides can be used during your virtual classroom with therapist support or by students as independent work. 2

Interaction is key. Most of the virtual classroom sessions are web-based, and thus a two-way interaction is also made possible in real-time. Just as in an actual classroom, the teacher and the students can engage in question-answer sessions. Debates can be conducted, as can various other forms of interactive learning tools like role-playing PDF. This Personal Narrative Writing unit is perfect for your K-1 classroom. It provides 3 weeks of lesson plans, anchor charts, printables, activities, and templates for your writers workshop unit on personal narratives. Students will transition from learning about personal narratives, to storytelling, Subjects Top 21 Most FUN Virtual Team Building Activities. Here are our favorite virtual team building activities. Ranging from online games to online classes to icebreaker activities you can do over Zoom. Enjoy! 1. QuizBreaker. Participants: 3 - 1000+ Duration: 2 to 10 minutes per round. Instructions. Forgive us for putting our own game as the #1.

Reading & Writing Activities The following activities will help you in the development of your self- access learning as a strategy to enhance your academic experience and to strength your autonomous language learning.The first five activites are addressed for langauge beginners while the last five are addressed to intermediate students TRENDING // Virtual Classrooms // Prepare your school for a remote hybrid future. 10 distance learning writing lessons Sara VanderWel June 29, 2020 July 6, 2020 Early elementary school teacher Sara VanderWel shares online video lessons she created for her kindergarten class. Editor's. Alphabet Mats. Hands-on is the key in kindergarten. Using snap cubes, stickers, legos, pompoms, playdoh, cars and so much more, I have made practicing letters on the most engaging parts of my Daily 5 stations. By extending that learning and being able to offer a virtual option, I know that my students will not lose any of that valuable practice. Fortunately for you and your hair, here is a list of 30 fun activities you can use to teach writing. These can be used by parents at home, or by teachers who need to fill up their online assignment list for students. Grade levels are suggested for each, but most activities can have their difficulty levels adjusted up or down to fit whatever.

grades 3-5. Write and Perform. Write an original rap, song or spoken word poem with friends, family members or by yourself. Practice your performance. Activity. grades 3-5. Create a Family Movie Guide. Create a family movie guide that not only will be a lasting piece of memorabilia but will also help with writing skills Activity. Superhero Research Project. In this activity, your students will research a favorite superhero and discuss which of their powers are real and not real. Your students will be able to complete a simple research chart and graphic organizer. 4th grade. Reading & Writing. Activity. Rock Painting: Retell a Story Activity #15: Bead Writing . This activity can be done in a few different ways! A. Toddlers/Preschoolers . If you have a younger child just beginning to work on their handwriting skills, you can make letters out of Play-doh cut-outs. You can make the letters for them; then they can place the beads on the play-doh to form the letter Some schools call it distance or remote learning, or virtual teaching. And if you teach in the north, maybe you've been asked to create a blizzard bag for snow days. But whatever the term, you'll need some stand-alone lesson plans where your middle school students can learn and gain practice at home on their own Contact Us College of Education PO Box 117042 Gainesville, FL 32611-7044 (352) 392-072

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Activities integrated with classroom learning, like reflective or persuasive journal writing Relevant EdTech tools can also help students develop social emotional skills in different ways. Virtual or augmented reality tools can help stressed students control their emotion Re-creating classroom activities in a virtual training session - Brain Writing. Number 1 question that all trainers and facilitators have been getting in their mind while moving to virtual has been - how do I do x in the virtual session - where x is an activity they did using pen, paper, whiteboard, flipboard or some other tool in the classroom environment

Virtual First Day of School Activities. It will be a bit different, but you can still do fun first day of school activities virtually. Help students get to know each other by going around and introducing themselves. For younger students, consider calling each child's name, saying Welcome, ____! and having them wave More and more education is moving online. With it comes the need for resources and ideas that we can do online. Whether you are a teacher, community leader, or parent looking to do something fun with kids that are in different places, I've gathered up some ideas for your Virtual Activities But don't expect students to spend time learning new technologies while distance learning. Your focus should be getting content to them. Some art museums have opened their virtual doors to teachers, students, and parents. And you should absolutely take them up on these learning opportunities. Just don't make it required

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  1. imal effort and is helpful in learning the names of many grocery items like types of bread, toiletries, spices, etc. Grab a pen and paper, and head to the kitchen pantry
  2. utes, and can focus on key questions and ideas or ask students to make predictions. These activities give students the opportunity to organize their own thoughts, or can be collected by the teacher to gain feedback from the students. Advantages include developing students' abilities to think holistically.
  3. These virtual learning read aloud and activities for elementary students will make learning so much fun and everyone really hungry! Today's theme is spaghetti. Begin with our online read aloud, Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola. After you have listened to the story, you can fill your day with oodles and oodles of noodle themed learning activities
  4. We don't have an easy solution for this one, but our roundup of the best virtual activities for kids should give parents a fighting chance. 1. Visit your local zoo or aquarium. Zoos and aquariums are go-to attractions when it comes to providing kids with amusement and learning alike
  5. Of course, it's not all about learning what your students like at school. You can't have first-day activities without getting to know your students' interests out of school too! This awesome Getting to Know You T-Shirt activity is just the creative lesson you need to get your students to share their interests
  6. g to an end, it's time to revamp some of our icebreakers for the beginning of school to make them ready for a virtual environment! 8 Virtual Ice Breaks for a Digital Back-to-School The icebreakers may look a little different, but they are even more important.

Virtual Learning Workshops. As a technology coach and STEM teacher, I helped lead my district in blended and virtual options. As a university professor, I have worked as a Digital Fluency Initiative mentor, provided professional development on course design, and helped professors transform their face-to-face courses into distance learning courses 4) Play Virtual Games. Games are highly interactive, which is why they work so well both in the classroom and online. Choose a new game for each meeting and use it to practice and review previously introduced skills. Traditional games such as Bingo, 20 questions, I Spy, and Categories all work very well with young children Organizing Learning Activities. Regularity without Ordinary. Students can get into a rhythm if we organize online learning to include some predictable elements. In college, I remember a couple different ways professors made our once a week meetings feel more regular

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  1. In this virtual first day back to school lesson plan, I break down the day with team building ideas, free science lessons, a character education read aloud, a writing prompt that emphasizes diversity and inclusion, a technology scavenger hunt to familiarize your students with the tools they will be using this year, and so much more
  2. Games like bingo, pictionary, trivia and charades are some of the most popular. Nothing can replace being together in person, but this is a creative way to get close to it again! 4. Play Social Video Games. If we are being realistic, we can't talk about virtual activities for kids without discussing video games
  3. e the effects of writing for digital storytelling on writing self-efficacy and on flow in the virtual reality learning environment known as Second Life. The researchers organized an activity for undergraduate students to create digital stories. Participants were divided into two groups
  4. On this post, I will share some free distance learning resources for 4th and 5th graders that are printable (and some now include digital versions). Writing Choice Boards. These writing choice boards make a great distance learning option because they are low prep, require very little copies, and offer student choice
  5. How to Plan a Virtual Classroom Lesson. Before starting to plan, take a second and try to define in two to three words what the goal of your lesson will be, i.e., what it is that your students should be able to do after the session is over (for example, identifying past perfect tense). Use this goal as the basis of your lesson plan and then.

A 4 Corners game is great for movement and easy to adapt for distance learning as well!. Play 3 Clues - give three clues about an object and have students guess.Switch roles after item is guessed. Easy to play as a virtual distance learning morning meeting activity game as well. Holiday of the Day is a fun activity for writing or in person or virtual morning meetings The concept of distance learning is far from new. In fact, in 1892, the University of Chicago offered correspondence education at off-campus sites. Since then, with the evolution of technology, distance learning has transformed as well. Education has since been acquired through radio, television, and, of course, online. Virtual learning has certainly grown in popularity over the past. Virtual Manipulatives. Free to use browser-based manipulatives. Our ad-free Virtual Manipulatives are a great way to enhance at-home learning. Simply drag the manipulatives into position to see math concepts come alive! Instructions: Here are simple instructions on how to use some of these Virtual Manipulatives. Access Here

Distance Learning Virtual Field Trips Set 1. Schools all over are closed for Covid19, but that doesn't mean field trips have to stop! Take your kids on virtual adventures simply by sharing a Google Slides link with your students/families. This makes distance learning a breeze! Field Trips Included:1 Discover fun reading and writing activities to do at home for preschool to grade 12. The audiobooks, writing prompts, and language games in this collection are great for practicing reading comprehension, creative writing and so much more Virtual Learning for Afterschool Providers. With the quick transition from in-person learning to virtual classrooms, school districts are having to quickly adapt or even create new policies and guidance on how educators and students should conduct themselves in this new virtual learning environment PBS Learning Media features activities and video resources to help students. Photo courtesy of PBS Media. Virtual Learning for Kids of All Ages 1. PBS Learning Media. These interactive lesson plans are curricular-aligned to meet standards from preschool all the way through high school. FRE

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Then, highlight activities that you can do seamlessly with virtual learning. For the activities that may need some tweaks, jot down ideas for how you can make them work for virtual learning. You will be surprised to find that with a few adaptations, a lot of the activities can still be used Easily plan a fun and engaging Virtual 100th Day of School with these digital 100th Day of School activities! These virtual 100th Day of School activities are no prep, so they can be completed during remote instruction, as well as in-person learning.To help target academic skills, they integrate reading, writing and math.There is more than enough to last the whole day Working on writing today

Online summer camp and virtual activities for kids. Summer is that beautiful season when school's out, the days are long, and hearing I'm bored can make any parent or guardian cringe. It's natural to wonder if you now need to be a chef, summer camp counselor, and activities director—all while balancing work and other responsibilities A fun activity would be to have a scavenger hunt with your virtual learning students. This could be a bell-ringer type activity, just to get the day started on a light and fun note. Ask your students to find something green. Have them find something with rainbow colors. Tell them to go find a pot like the leprechaun uses for his gold So, encourage your current students to connect with them — through writing letters filled with jokes, encouragement, or insight into your institution. Perhaps you can set up email pen pals, host group video sessions, or arrange for current students to lead virtual tours for accepted students who are deciding whether or not to enroll A weekly collection of lesson plans, writing prompts and activities from The Learning Network, a site that helps educators and students teach and learn with The New York Times. Bring the high. Early Reading No-Print Bundle. $ 12.00. Your students can complete these activities in Google Slides on a computer or tablet - no printing necessary! The resource includes activities for rhyming, syllable counting, beginning sounds, and upper/lowercase matching. Buy Now

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  1. Writing letters. Third-grade students love writing letters and getting letters back. And writing friendly or request letters builds language skills. Power reading talk. Don't underestimate the power of talking to your child about what he is reading by asking questions and engaging in conversation. This activity helps to build reading skills
  2. This Scarecrow Fall Writing activity is designed to be used to help students assess their own writing conventions in a visual manner. It's perfect for conferring with students and ending a writing unit. Included: Teacher Directions p. 3; Scarecrow Example p. 4; Scarecrow Templates p. 5-13; Fall Writing Templates p. 14-17; Writing Rubric p. 1
  3. Virtual Learning - meaning. Virtual learning is a learning experience that is enhanced through utilizing computers and/or the internet both outside and inside the facilities of the educational organization. The instruction most commonly takes place in an online environment. The teaching activities are carried out online whereby the teacher.

Connect live with Microsoft Store associates for online training and solutions for working and learning from home. Get started with these 3 easy steps: 1. Choose your local Microsoft Store. To select a virtual workshop or training, you'll need to enter your city, state, or postal code below and select your local store Sentence Structure Games. After learning the alphabet, kids must next master the art of forming sentences. Online sentence games are a great way for students to practice speaking and writing in complete sentences and learn to communicate their thoughts clearly to others. Turtle Diary's sentence games are designed to teach valuable strategies. the writing process and suggest performing digital storytelling in virtual worlds with open-ended, edutainment elements. The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of digital storytelling on writing self-efficacy and flow in the virtual reality learning environment such as Second Life virtual world. Literature Revie Car Craft Activity for Kids: This simple car craft activity for kids provides the opportunity for so much fun and learning.Firstly, making a car craft can be used in imaginative play games and activities, it can also be completed to encourage the learning about the letter 'C', what sound it makes and that the words car and craft begin with this letter sound Yet, knowing a few tricks about virtual learning activities can change all that. Knowing what activities to use when, and where, can boost the virtual learning experience. It can be self-paced (asynchronous) or as live online teaching (synchronous). Activities 229

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Experiential learning activities can help students: Remain focused -- Students who are engaged and learning actively are less likely to become bored and disinterested. Learn differently -- When students are involved in the learning process they are more engaged emotionally, helping them experience learning in a dynamic, new way For this week's roundup of student comments on our writing prompts, we asked students how they have been coping with remote learning. They told us about all the things they miss about going to. These 7 ideas will help you plan your own virtual end-of-the-year activities with your class. 1. Digital Memory Books. These memory books will keep your students writing as the year winds down. Assign one page per day or have students work on the entire digital memory book at their own pace

Each 10-15 minute minilesson presents a concept and engages students in an activity. Minilessons are optimized to display on your interactive whiteboard, smart phone, or anything in between. Minilessons Writing Instructional Activities. The instructional activities found in the links below are designed to promote the development of strong foundational literacy skills. Which ones you select will be determined by the following factors: Your school's scope and sequence of skills. If your school doesn't have a scope and sequence, click here to.

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From games, to activities to hands-on printables, there are so many ways to make learning letters a fun experience for your kids! These activities are all fun, engaging and hands-on ways for kids to learn letters. And many of them require very few supplies. So let's get started! Learning Letters in Preschool and Kindergarten. 1 Active learning requires students to participate in class, as opposed to sitting and listening quietly. Strategies include, but are not limited to, brief question-and-answer sessions, discussion integrated into the lecture, impromptu writing assignments, hands-on activities, and experiential learning events. As you think of integrating active. Learning Resources is proud to support parents and teachers by providing activities that keep your students learning and growing amidst all the changes they're encountering. We offer a wide selection of free online activities, from printable worksheets and craft ideas to DIY projects, activity kits, and educational games

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Synchronous. In a synchronous approach, which more closely models direct instruction in the classroom, students experience learning activities at the same time. Examples of virtual synchronous learning might include a video conference for a morning meeting, a live science demonstration that all students watch together, or the use of tools where content is presented by a teacher and students. A virtual classroom environment can help students maintain the momentum of learning while they are unable to be physically present. This momentum can make the transition back into the classroom easier for students and teachers alike End of the Year Idea #3: Enjoy Your Virtual Time Together. Most importantly, try to spend some meaningful time together by simply having fun! Play games and participate in some virtual activities that your students enjoy! For example, theme days are loads of fun, especially in video chat! Plan a week of theme days 4. Reading/writing learners. How to recognize reading/writing learners in your class: According to the VARK Modalities theory developed by Fleming and Mills in 1992, reading/writing learners prefer to learn through written words. While there is some overlap with visual learning, these types of learners are drawn to expression through writing.

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Information and Communication Technologies, interactive activities, second language, self-study, virtual learning environment, writing skills. Internet Resources: Optimization of Second Language Writing Skills Mastering during COVID-19 Pandemic. Vira Svyrydjuk, Marharyta Kuzmytska, Tetiana Bogdanova & Olena Yanchuk. Virtual learning offers a good substitute to classroom learning in the time of emergency but it cannot replace the classroom. Classroom learning still remains the main option as discipline can be. 90+ Free Social Emotional Learning Activities. Welcome to our Social Emotional Learning Activities page. Below you will find free resources - lessons, activities, and printables - in the following skill areas: Communication, Cooperation, Emotion Regulation, Empathy, Impulse Control, and Social Initiation. These resources are age-appropriate for elementary and middle school students and are.

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Learning to advocate for yourself is a skill that all scientists should acquire. We will discuss how to set boundaries, communicate expectations, and assert yourself in research groups. Strategies and Tools for Dealing with Stress during the Coronavirus Pandemic (4-14-20) Laurie Chaikind McNulty, LCSW-C, Wellness Advisor, OITE, NI Sparx Maths virtual classroom - 2000+ learning objectives for KS3 and GCSE - Free during the school closures; Parallel - Weekly 15 minute maths challenges - interesting, fun and challenging material that goes beyond school maths; Matific - Free trial - Primary - 2000 maths activities; Economics for kids - Fun learning games for business. Use of interactive e-books and games that facilitate learning of letters, letter sounds, and numbers are additional ways children can use computers to meet learning goals. Refer to the Safety lesson for information on internet safety. Toy and games: Games allow children and youth to develop important thinking, social, and fine-motor skills.

Jan 10, 2016 - Strategies for helping children with b/d confusion. See more ideas about letter reversals, teaching reading, kindergarten literacy Activity Hero, a database of free virtual classes and camps for kids with a wide variety of activities including cooking, coding, sports, and mindfulness Amazon's original kids' series will be available for free (with or without a Prime account) (Amazon Video Thanks for letting us be part of your remote learning journey! For supporting children's continuous learning at home and for back-to-school plans, we've got you covered with virtual learning materials

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