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r/afghanistan: News and discussion related to Afghanistan. TTP claims 5 attacks in 24 hrs in Pakistan. Looks like Pakistan's good taliban/ bad taliban narrative has come full circle The UN says a 'humanitarian catastrophe' is unfolding in #Afghanistan. In Kunduz city, capital of Kunduz province, besieged by the Taliban, 35000 displaced have arrived in just 4 weeks. They've been through unimaginable horrors The U.S hasn't affected my personal life one bit at all, i rarely saw them in our city perhaps they were out in the other worse province's, i liked the U.S Army and i always felt the country would have been worse without them because the taliban would have had way more power over Afghanistan and it would have been just like North korea in a way China's interest in Afghanistan is mostly related to the security of its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It would be easy enough for the Chinese government to circumvent Afghanistan while building the infrastructure for the commerce routes it envisions as part of the BRI, but the country is wedged between two major thoroughfares for China's trade westward and southwestward - Central Asia. Treat Afghanistan in 2001 almost like Japan in 1945. Give up on the plans to adopt a local democratic government ASAP (as this would lead to the election of the powerful but corrupt warlords) and commit to running Afghanistan for at least 10 years with a blend of Afghan and foreign technocrats with absolutely zero tolerance for corruption

Also, most of the Taliban leadership got airlifted out of Afghanistan infront of the Americans by Pakistan. Initially, US had the element of surprise, in the sense that they were advancing into the heart of the country at a far quicker rate than expected and the Taliban leadership severely underestimated the time there would be available to leave the country There is a lot more improv than the textbook reactions in hollywood. One thing that really stands out to me in movies is how fast combat moves, in my experience it was more calculated. We would take our time to manuever and sometimes had a lull of 5-10 minutes of trying to slowly gain ground on the enemy I deployed to a little valley in northeast Afghanistan in 2010. Valley runs east to west and had 4 American bases stretched along 40 km or so of the one road that went through the area. Our base held a company of Americans and Afghans plus some lo..

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  1. The Taliban have quickly rolled back Afghan forces in the north and near Kabul, raising doubts about how long the government can last when U.S. troops are gone
  2. And people like me who kept saying that there's no military solution, who know the history of Afghanistan, we were called - people like me were called anti-American. I was called Taliban Khan.
  3. The fast-evolving situation in Afghanistan is likely to be one of the main areas of discussions between Blinken and Indian leaders as his visit comes amid a massive spike in violence in that.
  4. BERLIN - Former President George W. Bush criticized the Western withdrawal from Afghanistan in an interview with a German broadcaster released Wednesday, saying he fears Afghan women and girls.
  5. Opinion: Why the United States needs to stay in Afghanistan. A year ago, the US struck a deal with the Taliban — but it wasn't about Afghanistan. It was about Donald Trump and America First.
  6. Mr Khan said that Pakistan had nothing to do with why 150,000 NATO troops did not succeed in Afghanistan. It''s exactly like what the Americans did in Vietnam. When they failed in Vietnam, they.

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  1. Gen. Austin Scott Miller, commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan since August 2018, has stepped down, marking the symbolic end of the U.S. mission
  2. Afghanistan would become a pariah state if the Taliban take control by force, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, as a top-level delegation from the insurgent group visited China to assure.
  3. Two top Pentagon leaders said Thursday that an extremist group like Al-Qaida could regenerate in Afghanistan within two years following U.S. military withdrawal, which President Joe Biden announce

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Masked gunmen killed 10 people working for the HALO Trust mine-clearing organisation in northern Afghanistan in an attack the government blamed on the Taliban Wednesday, but the UK-based charity. Withdrawing from Afghanistan makes sense, but Biden's execution is a disaster I nearly burned to death in Afghanistan. Biden's hasty withdraw is a blatant disregard of our sacrifices Like Russia and Iran, China initially welcomed the U.S. intervention in 2001 against an Afghanistan that was at the time mostly controlled by the Taliban, with other groups such as Al-Qaeda and.

An Afghan woman walks past a U.S. soldier keeping watch outside Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan in February 2009. Twenty years of U.S. involvement in the country should bring with it moral. As U.S. and Western forces gear up to depart from Afghanistan, the country's more than 40-year war enters its next phase. This is nothing new for the Afghan people. In the course of a century. As the last foreign troops depart Afghanistan, the United States is counting on its old foe, the Taliban, to keep the new threat posed by the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) at bay as the.

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  1. As the Taliban make significant territorial gains in northern Afghanistan, the U.S. military said Tuesday its exit from the country is more than 90 percent complete. The U.S. Central Command in a.
  2. Chinese President Xi Jinping says that China must be prepared for a struggle as the U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan. In this July 8, 2021, photo, a visitor poses at an exhibition celebrating the.
  3. House spending panel frets over future in Afghanistan As the U.S. withdraws troops, House panel members cite security and spending concerns, as well as threats to the lives of Afghan

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in India on a two-day visit with an extensive agenda featuring the rapidly evolving security situation in Afghanistan, boosting Indo-Pacific engagement and. Opinion: A Colorado veteran on why the true cost of war is not worth paying in Afghanistan anymore. America should be at war only when it serves a vital national interest and when there are clear military goals. Nation building in Afghanistan doesn't fit either of those criteria Deployed - An Inside Look at a Soldier's Life in Afghanistan. Chris Nachtwey , 7 years ago. Many people will enjoy parades, barbecues, and fireworks on this Fourth of July weekend here in the United States. All too often, though, we can forget the personal sacrifices servicemen and women give to our country. Sacrifices that allow you to eat. Afghanistan is undoubtedly a man\'s world, but that doesn\'t mean that all female travelers should stay away. Here\'s what it was like to travel as a woman in Afghanistan, based on 3 weeks of backpacking there in 2016. The title alone probably has some of you scratching your heads. But Alex, Afghanistan is literally one of the worst places in the world to be a woman KABUL, AFGHANISTAN -- The U.S.'s top general in Afghanistan on Tuesday gave a sobering assessment of the country's deteriorating security situation as America winds down its so-called forever war

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Why staying in Afghanistan is the least bad choice for Biden. In a Washington Post op-ed, Madiha Afzal and Michael O'Hanlon write, We believe that the correct answer is to stay. As difficult as. Afghanistan supplies 80 percent of the world's heroin. In a report last year, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction described counternarcotics efforts as a failure. Another reason is the false premise that a weak, ungoverned Afghanistan will be a haven for terrorists who will then assemble and attack us like al-Qaida did on 9/11 KABUL, AFGHANISTAN—In what officials said was the only way to move on from what has become a sad and unpleasant situation, all 100,000 U.S. military and intelligence personnel crept out of their barracks in the dead of night Sunday [July 17 2011] and quietly slipped out of Afghanistan Rare Earth: Afghanistan Sits on $1 Trillion in Minerals. Afghanistan may be sitting on one of the richest troves of minerals in the world, valued at nearly $1 trillion, scientists say. This.

I Knew the War in Afghanistan Was a Lie. Danny Sjursen. Nightmares still haunt me. Sometimes it's the standard stuff associated with classic post-traumatic stress disorder: flashbacks of. The war-torn country of Afghanistan may be sitting on one of the richest treasure troves of minerals in the world, valued at nearly $1 trillion and maybe much more Marine veteran Matthew W. McElhinney holds the rifle round that hit him in Afghanistan in 2010. His written account of the day he was shot has gone viral on the Web site Reddit. (YouTube screen. Trump, like Obama before him, would not risk a withdrawal that might someday make him vulnerable to the charge of willingly unlocking the terrorist threat. And so yet another chance to end the war slipped away. The notion that the United States should have just left Afghanistan presumes that a U.S. president was free to pull the plug as he pleased

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Trump, like many Americans, has frequently called into question U.S. involvement in the Middle Eastern country. Violence in Afghanistan has risen dramatically since the phased withdrawal of allied. The Ancient Method That Keeps Afghanistan's Grapes Fresh All Winter Copy Link Facebook Twitter Reddit Flipboard Pocket. whose seal keeps out air and moisture like a Tupperware or ziplock. What it's like to be a soldier in Afghanistan. We hear about it, have heard about it for what seems a long time now - but it's hard to get a good picture of it in our minds: what it's like. Long hours and low pay had recently driven another surgeon at the hospital to quit — a common occurrence. This has left Ghafori in the middle of a 72-hour shift and, on this morning, the only surgeon available at a hospital that — like so many in Afghanistan — faces chronic shortfalls of personnel, beds, and even standard medical equipment The U.S. Army's elite 75th Ranger Regiment has released a rare set of photos from inside an armory for its personnel in Afghanistan. Rotating contingents of Army Rangers have served for years as.

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Aid is a particularly useful tool as the Taliban does not want to economically ruin Afghanistan like it did in the 1990s, when it purposefully destroyed the remnants of the war-ravaged economy and. Well, a few drone pilots currently stationed in Afghanistan spoke out against that notion in a question-and-answer session on the popular Internet content-aggregation website Reddit The Trump administration intends to announce the withdrawal of about 4,000 U.S. troops from Afghanistan, which would leave between 8,000 and 9,000 there A French Soldier's View of US Soldiers in Afghanistan. By Wes O'Donnell, Army & Air Force Veteran 1997-2007, Speaker, Journalist, and Documentary Filmmaker. Reach out to Wes on LinkedIn. What follows is an account from a French ISAF soldier that was stationed with American Warfighters in Afghanistan sometime in the past 6 years While critics like Frum did begrudgingly admit that the Soviet fiasco in Afghanistan might have had just a teensy-weensy something or other to do with the implosion of the Soviet Union in 1991.

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Donald Trump's unconditional retreat from Afghanistan leaves Joe Biden little choice Our View: U.S. troop withdrawal was supposed to depend on progress in Taliban reconciliation with Kabul Chaos has gripped Afghanistan amid the withdrawal of NATO troops from the war-torn country. Authorities in Islamabad hope it won't spill over to Pakistan, but experts say they might not be able to. The secret shame of Afghanistan's bacha bazi 'dancing boys' who are made to dress like little girls, then abused by paedophiles. Bacha bazi, meaning 'boy play', is a tradition found across.

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The U.S. military said on Tuesday that it completed approximately more than 90% of its withdrawal from Afghanistan. In a statement, U.S. Central Command said that United States had officially handed over seven facilities to the Afghan ministry of defense ATTLEBORO (CBS) - U.S. Army Captain AJ Ferraro wrapped up his tour in Afghanistan two months earlier than expected. I didn't tell a soul, and it was quite its own military operation to keep. The United States should have been out of Afghanistan 20 years ago, and now, we should just cut our losses and get out, former White House Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland said on Newsmax Friday. The Taliban was always going to take over and we were always going to lose this war, McFarland told Newsmax's Wake Up America. I know that this really rankles a lot of.

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A Golden BB Downs a U.S. Helicopter in Afghanistan, Killing 38. The downed chopper was a CH-47 like this. A deadly golden BB apparently found its target over Afghanistan early Saturday, killing 31 U.S. special operations troops and seven Afghan along for the mission to learn from the best. The golden BB is the combat aviator's. KABUL, Afghanistan — The paper coins, or pogs, that troops have used at stores and collected as souvenirs on overseas bases for the last 20 years are being phased out as the U.S. military leaves. Kerry Kraker, who is a part of the Wall Street Silver Reddit community and regularly invests in silver with his weekly savings, displays a 10-ounce silver bar while posing for a portrait at his. The Moto G10 Power is a new big-battery smartphone from Motorola, priced just on the cusp of Rs. 10,000. Smartphones at this price are usually a bit underpowered and not very feature-rich, however Motorola wants to change that perception Afghanistan: 13 districts fall to Taliban in 24 hours, the highest number of areas falling to the group in a day View Reddit by green_flash - View Sourc

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I think you mean Central Asian/Mongoloid. Some Afghans such as Uzbeks, Turkmens and Hazaras are Central Asian by origin. But as an entire country Afghanistan is in Asia, so by definition all Afghans are Asian US woman kidnapped in Afghanistan says husband's abuse was just like captors' This article is more than 2 years old Caitlan Coleman says her Canadian husband, Joshua Boyle, was violent towards her. President Joe Biden's promise to remove US troops from Afghanistan by September 11 is his effort -- each of the last four presidents has had one -- to end America's longest war In 2002 a U. S. patrol had gone missing in a very remote area of Afghanistan. Another patrol was dispatched on a search and rescue mission, and one soldier on that patrol described what he saw after coming around the side of a mountain: As we bent around this corner you could see the opening of [ Muslim Shopkeepers in Afghanistan My Compatriots in the Wakhan The Many Faces Of Islam. Just like the many different branches of Christianity, there are many different branches of Islam, all with their own beliefs and values. Many people living in Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor are Ismaili Muslims, who practice a moderate form of Islam

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The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan relinquished his position at a ceremony in the capital Kabul on Monday, taking the United States a step closer to ending its 20-year war. The move came as. Truth be told, I, like the crew over at Quincy, think the U.S. ought to have ditched the Afghan debacle decades ago, and that a more rapid — immediate, even — comprehensive withdrawal is in. Reddit Tweet Share Pinterest More; By J.P. LAWRENCE | STARS AND STRIPES Published: November 20, 2020. KABUL, Afghanistan — For soldiers who deployed to Afghanistan this year, 2020 was tumultuous. The Soviet War in Afghanistan, 1979 - 1989. Alan Taylor. August 4, 2014. 41 Photos. In Focus. Nearly twenty-five years ago, the Soviet Union pulled its last troops out of Afghanistan, ending more. National security adviser Jake Sullivan said Sunday he can't make any guarantees that terrorist groups like al-Qaida and ISIS won't see a resurge once U.S. forces withdraw from Afghanistan in. With the [Afghanistan-Pakistan] strategy there was a present under the Christmas tree for everyone, an unidentified U.S. official told government interviewers in 2015, according to the Post